Saturday, January 15, 2022

Dennis Sends Greatness Again

When you see a mail day from Dennis from Too Many Verlanders blog, you never know what to expect other than that it will be something good.

This year I received two packages of goodies from Dennis and I enjoyed both dearly. One of the packages though you will have to check out Cards Over Coffee to see. When I get a package now-a-days, I must decide where I want to post the mail day. Some I will show off strictly on Twitter, others I will show off on here and the other ones I know I can go deeper with and post on Cards Over Coffee.

As the year goes on, who knows how I will approach this.

Today's mail day features a great mix from multiple PC's.

We have some 90's


Some Giants

Some Yankees


Some Kerry

Some Griffey

Some big oddball items

And some hits.

Now if this wasn't an excellent mail day, I am not sure what is!!! As I said above, this isn't even all of it. There is more to show off on Cards Over Coffee. That is CARDS....OVER......COFFEE in case you missed it and don't want to miss out on the finale of this mail day.

Thanks again Dennis for the mail day. I hope to have your next envelope out soon or may already did before this published.

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