Thursday, March 31, 2022

Last Post

Today's post has been a long time coming and some of you may have been expecting it but most of you may not have.

I have always been someone who never likes to take risks or roll the die as many may say. I have always been a "if it's working, go with the flow" person. Well, that can't always continue, can it?

Ten times the last three years I have typed this exact post up and deleted it. I couldn't pull the trigger for whatever reason and kept making excuses for myself and continued on because it was working.

Well, today is finally the day I hit that publish button. As of today, this is the final post on Sport Card Collectors. 

This isn't even all of the news yet.....hope you are sitting down.

Not only am I retiring this blog, but I am also retiring Cards Over Coffee and Big Blue Cardboard.

By now, I expect you to be shocked.

I have many reasons for doing this.
  1. My schedule has changed a lot and will more this summer. It is too hard to keep up with content on three blogs, not to mention daily content on this one. I can't just stop daily posts on here as that is what Sport Card Collectors strived and is known for.
  2. The content on here isn't what it used to be and I don't want it to continue to decline. I also can't stand that it has fallen so far.
  3. I have mentioned for years on here wanting to start over with a new blog with new fresh ideas but never could quit what I started so I could start over.
  4. Why get rid of all three and not keep one of those? The fresh start I want. My nephew posted today, if you do not step forward, you will remain in the same place. Exactly.
For those of you who enjoyed the content on all or one of the blogs, don't worry. I am not retiring from blogging. I will soon be working on a new blog and that is where I will be putting posts going forward. I will also be taking some of your favorites from each blog with me along with some fresh stuff. This blog will be a "post when I can" blog. Some weeks it could be every day, others it could be a couple of posts, and sometimes it may be a while in-between posts. It's going to be based on whatever time I have to do so. I just don't want to throw content up just to have a post, which is what this blog turned into. I want good content which is also why I am in no hurry to start up the new blog. I want to make sure I have everything in place first and I could use a short break.

I don't look at today as a sad day, I look at it as a fresh start celebration which is what I have been wanting and finally getting to do now that I am taking a risk. Also, I know these three blogs will always be here in case I ever decide to revive them.

In comments today, I ask you guys for a couple of things. One, I want you to throw a name out there you think the new blog should be called based on what you know about my content and collecting. I may or may not take one of your choices. Two, I want to know what kind of content you hope to see on the new blog. And three, I know I said a couple of things, but I also wanted to mention I don't want any kind of negativity or questioning over my decision. 

Thank you everyone for the past 10 years on here and for the couple of years on the other two blogs. I hope I see you follow the new blog. An announcement on that blog will be made at some point when it is ready to go.

(By the way, the first post on here was called first post so found it only right to call this one final post)

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