Sunday, June 26, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard: 2021 Panini Illusions /10

Hello! And welcome back to the latest Rodney's Cardboard.

Last week's newest addition didn't view too well, so I guess I will post another just like it haha!

Last week I showed off the /25 Illusions card and today I am tackling one that is a bit tougher to find, the /10. Which is actually an eBay 1/1 with a 10/10.

There isn't much to these cards when it comes to telling them apart as it's only the background shine that really changes. This one looks like a sunburst.

The card back remains the same.

Once again, here are the ones that I know exist and I will cross off the ones I have with every post. The ones that are offered are, /35, /25, /10, /5 and 1/1. If there is any others outside of those, that information would be new to me.

Thanks to my buddy Shane for the assist on landing this card.

Thoughts on today's card and the Illusions parallels welcomed in comments.

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