Overall Want List


Here are a list of cards I would love to add and NEED to my collection someday:

ANY Vintage Baseball Card 1933 Or Older
Wayne Gretzky rookie card
1976 Topps Walter Payton Rookie Card
1980 Topps Rickey Henderson Rookie Card
1983 Wade Boggs Rookie
1983 Darryl Strawberry rookie
1986-1987 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie Card (I mean who doesn't want one?)
1988 Salt Lake Trappers Bill Murray
1988 Georgia McDag #16 Rodney Hampton
1989 Georgia Police #7 Rodney Hampton 7
1992 Bowman Mariano Rivera Rookie Card
1992 Upper Deck Mr.Baseball Sp4 Tom Selleck
1993 Bowman Mark Brunell
1993 Sp Derek Jeter Rookie Card
1995 Pinnacle Clear Shots football cards (ANY, I WANT THE SET)
1995 Stadium Club Clear Cut Ken Griffey Jr.
1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP #1
1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP #2
1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP #3
1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP #4
1996 Skybox Brett Favre MVP #5 Leather
1996 Spx Baseball Set
1996 Spx Racing Set
1996 Spx Holofame Cards
1996-1997 Spx Basketball set
1996-1997 Skybox Ex Black Gold Kobe Bryant Rookie Card
1996 Zenith Z-Team Emmitt Smith (NOT THE PROMO)
1996 Action Packed Studs Of (NO PROMOS. THESE ARE /1500):
1997 Ex2000 Essential Credentials NY Giants (any player)
1997 Spx baseball set
1997-1998 Spx basketball set
1997 Pinnacle Xpress Metal Works. Any player!!
1997 Pinnacle Mint Football Box to bust (ebay has them)
1997 Score Board 23K Gold Gems of the NFL(ALL)
1997 Totally Certified Gold Robert Smith (need to finish the rainbow)
1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Ken Griffey Jr.
1997 Upper Deck Game Jersey Tony Gwynn
1997 Ultra David Ortiz (Arias) Rookie Card
1998 Flair Football Film Cell (any and all!!)
2000 Jimmy Johnson (NASCAR) Rookie Card
2001 Fleer Ex Turf Team Ron Dayne (actually any will work but prefer Giants)
2001 Topps Super Bowl Bunting Jason Sehorn
2001 Topps Super Bowl Bunting Ron Dayne
2001 Topps Super Bowl Bunting Ike Hilliard
2001 Topps Super Bowl Bunting Kerry Collins
2011 Mike Trout Topps Update Rookie
2013 Score Leon Sandcastle
2013 Prestige Leon Sandcastle

2014 UD Conference Greats Black Parallel Rodney Hampton
2015 Score Odell Beckham "The Catch" Photo Varitation  (parallels too)
2015 Panini Cooperstown Etched In Cooperstown Jewels (any)
2016 Leaf Chevy Chase autograph card
2016 Leaf Draft Roger Lewis Jr  Base Card
2016 Leaf Draft Roger Lewis Jr Gold Card
2016 Leaf Draft Roger Lewis Jr Autographed Card
2016 Panini Black Gold Rookie Auto Jersey Paul Perkins
2016 Panini Black Gold Sizeable Signatures Paul Perkins
2016 Panini Black Gold Rookie Auto Jersey Sterling Shepard
2016 Panini Black Gold Sizeable Signatures Sterling Shepard
2016 Black Gold NY Giants Cards, ANY!!!
2016 Panini The National Tools Of The Trade Sterling Shepard
2016 Panini The National Tools Of The Trade AUTO/MEM Sterling Shepard
2016 Contenders Roger Lewis Jr Autographed Card
2017 Topps 1987 Ken Griffey Jr refractor
2017 Evan Engram Auto Card
2017 Davis Webb Auto Card
2017 Wayne Gallman Auto Card
2017 Aaron Judge Topps Heritage Rookie Card
2017 Aaron Judge Topps Gypsy Queen Rookie Card

Top Griffey Jr Wants Right Now
1995 Select Certified Gold Team
1995 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team
1996 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team Sample And Regular
1996 Zenith Diamond Club
1996 Zenith Diamond Club w/diamond
1997 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team
1998 Pinnacle Zenith Z-Team
1997 Pinnacle Dress For Success
1997 Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works
1997 Spx Bound For Glory
1997 Totally Certified (any)
1997 Flair Showcase Row 0
1998 Epix Orange (all and any other color)
1998 Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
1998 Team Pinnacle
1997 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
1998 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
1999 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
2000 Topps Gallery Of Heroes
1999 Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
2000 Pacific Revolution Foul Pole
2001 Upper Deck Sluggers Choice
2001 Upper Deck Leather Bound

Top Rodney Hampton Wants Right Now

ANY Brand Or Year For These:NOT looking for TTM versions however, ONLY AUTHENTIC
Mike Trout Auto card
Kris Bryant Auto Card
Cal Ripken Jr Auto card
Tony Gwynn Auto card
Sammy Sosa Auto Card
Tino Martinez Auto Card (Yanks only)
Bernie Williams Auto Card
Mariano Rivera Auto Card
Blake Rutherford Auto Card
Roger Clemens Auto Card
Frank Thomas Auto Card (regret trading the one I had)
Aaron Judge auto card
Clint Frazier Auto Card

Steve Young Auto card
Jerry Rice Auto Card
Barry Sanders Auto Card
Brett Favre Auto Card
John Elway Auto Card
Tom Brady Auto Card
Michael Strahan Auto Card
Lawrence Taylor Auto Card
Tiki Barber Auto Card
Mark Brunell Auto Card
Adrian Peterson Auto Card

Kobe Bryant Auto Card

Wayne Gretzky Auto Card
Sidney Crosby Auto Card
Mario Lemiex Auto Card

Printing Plates of anyone
ANY CELEB AUTOGRAPHS OR WARDROBE CARDS!!!! Especially Chevy Chase, Stan Lee and Dan Ackroyd Auto Cards.

I like unique pieces on cards like jewels, stadium seats, pylons, nets, tickets, bases, buttons, cleats, soles, and anything else cool that's not the usual jersey or pant swatch.

On top of wanting cards, I would be really stoked to find these in my mail days as well as I am a very nostalgic person and having childhood toy pieces would be exciting.
TMNT Figures from 1989,1990,1991
Real Ghostbusters Figures
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Flip Heads
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lord Zedd
Mighty Max Playset(any)
Toxic Crusaders any and all
Batman The Animated Series Figures
Darkwing Duck Figures (not the cereal box ones)


  1. I have two i will give you for free

  2. hit me up on twitter @toppssincebirth or COMC.com username Mark Daniels no spaces all one word I've got a SHITLOAD OF THOSE CARDS

  3. kzehnder2003@yahoo.comMarch 23, 2016 at 6:46 PM

    I have a Hall of Fame set of 1989-90 Runnin' Rebels cards, 14 cards, complete set. Mint condition I believe. Where might I go to price them ?

  4. I am in possesion of a 1986 topps Steve Young RC and a John Elway auto card. Email me if interested. Thank you!

  5. I have an entire collection left by my father to me, its full of most listed...brands..he was a collector from 60's till he passed in 2005...There are 25 binders and 3 bins full..plus extra sleeves I am looking to sell the entire lot to someone who has the same passion for collecting my father had...He passed away on memorial day so I am out here looking to connect with someone soon. If you get this email me on messenger..https://www.facebook.com/anais.parvis

  6. i have a 1916 babe ruth rookie card while pitcher of red sox grandfather who was born in 1902 gave it to me before a few years before his passing. I n fair condition,original and ready to see what offers will be made .contact mike at 803 374-7988