My name is Matt and I write Sport Card Collectors blog. Over the years this blog has been changed names- shifted-and been remade, but one thing that has always remained the same is my passion for the hobby of collecting sport and non sport cards. To get this out there, I don't invest, flip, or sell as this is purely a hobby to me.

The biggest change I have made on this blog took place on September 1st 2021 where I basically started over (deleted all of the old posts) and brought in new content. Sometimes a fresh look and fresh feel can bring in new readers which is my hope. This does not change the fact that this blog has still been around since 2012, despite there not being many posts to show for it.

Along with this blog, I also run two other blogs, an Instagram account, three Twitter accounts and four Facebook pages. As you can tell, I am really into the hobby and making it a positive place. I hope to link all of those on here soon so you can find me there.

As for what I collect, I collect NY Giants, Non Sport Cards and 90's inserts to sum me up along with my Super Collection of Rodney Hampton. These things you will see a lot of on here.

All of the content on here is mine and mine alone so don't steal it! Opinions are also mine and not paid for. I also host giveaways on my Twitter account from some of the card breaks I do on here and you can find that account @collec_sport.

Thank you for taking a minute out to check out my blog today. I always appreciate others sharing my blog and content whenever they feel like it's good enough to do so.

Have a great day and God Bless,

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