Hi! My name is Matt and I run this blog.

Sport Card Collectors blog was established on March 1st of 2012 on a whim. I wanted to expand my collecting to the world of social media and found this to be a great outlet. I started sport card collecting in 1994 and have been growing more into the hobby ever since.

I sometimes regret the name I chose for the blog as it's plural and the blog is run by one person, however, I look at the hobby as a group and to me we all are sport card collectors. #OneHobby as I always say. If we aren't doing this together, then why bother.

This blog covers all areas from the 80's, 90's to today in pack and box breaks. I wished I could cover more vintage, but my knowledge doesn't run that far back and my collection doesn't either. I mainly focus on posting my collection of NY Giants, Non-Sports, Hall Of Fame autographs, 90's inserts and my sub PC's of players. Sometimes I may post some other sport pickups.

I also love to help out collectors whenever possible, so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will give you my honest opinion. Also, I am always looking for sponsors!

You can contact my email at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com.

I would also like to make note of some picture problems the blog came upon in 2017. Please read the following,

You will notice on Sport Card Collectors that some photographs are missing from some of the older articles from 2012-2014. I apologize for this.

As you may have heard, Photobucket changed the rules on how they share photos with 3rd parties. Now if you don't pay for their once free program, you lose out on using the site and any photos you have once shared. You can read more of my rant here,

Thanks Photobucket, But Not Thanks

 Here is what those photos look like thanks to Photobucket

Instead of sitting down and wasting time deleting posts or trying to re-put pictures into posts, I thought giving you an apology and warning on why some pictures are missing was my easiest option.

Thanks for the understanding.

This blog has earned a few awards since it's inauguration in 2012. Here they are,

2nd Place For Best Blog Of The Year In The:

2012 and 2013 Co-Winner


Recipient Of A HUGE 2014 Upper Deck #UDRAK For Being A Generous Blogger

2nd Place In The #HasAVote #BestBlogger Hobby All-Star Award On CollectorSaurus Site


2017 Best Sports Collecting Blog as voted on by fans in the GoGTS and Fatpacks in their award ceremony.


I don't plan on blog-tiring anytime soon, so please FOLLOW the blog or sign up by email to read future posts. I have changed the blog a lot over time and always add in some new fun ideas by the new year.

Everything written on here is by me and all opinions are mine and mine only. The ones in comments are by those who comment.

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  1. psa jsa and beckett grading service need to do a better job in the hobby they artificially raise the price and there authentication of autographs is questionable should have one price for grading cards no matter there value

    1. That's just you don't have a keen eye about spotting cards that you should and should NOT GRADE NEWBIE

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  3. I agree that JSA authentication is questionable. They charge outrageous fees and haven't become so strict they turn down everything. They have an office here in Fort Lauderdale. I took some of the autographs that I have personally obtained. I saw them being signed in front of me. They told me they were all fakes and charged me $230. I will not be using JSA again.