Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Flying High Cardboard

Before I get onto the main mail day of today's post, wanted to show off a steal I got for my 1995 Summit Rookie Summit set. Snagged this for .99 and .50 shipping. Anything to add to this set. Still have a little ways to go but chipping away at it.

Now onto a trade I made.

I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw someone had "liked" @Mosley_Mark, IDrawBaseballCards,tweet and saw he was looking for mini cards from Ginter, Goodwin, etc. And he posted some cards he had FT in exchange for them. I jumped on one that caught my eye immediately and we made a trade. Was as easy as it got.

First I will show off the two great prints he sent along of his work. Really good stuff in my opinion.
Cool additions for the PC.

And now the card I spotted. As everyone knows, I dig the non sport stuff from Ginter and when I saw this relic, it called my name.

Very cool! Also a used swatch.

Thanks goes out to Mark for the trade and the prints. If you haven't yet, go give him a follow on Twitter and check out his amazing work. And maybe start a trade yourself if you have any mini's just laying around on your desk like I did.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Well, it was quite the finale of a mail day of my trade with @card_a_holic. He not only finished up the trade with great 90's inserts, something I am planning on posting another way, he piled up the extras. And I mean piled.

Today's pile is of my favorite left handed QB, sorry Steve Young you're second, in Mark Brunell. He helped pad my side PC of Brunell with 54 cards. Most of which I am holding out on posting as I am working on a new idea of posting 90's cards.

But I will show off a few of the newer samplings here,
Mark will always be a Jag to me. It's how I will always picture him.

Some solid cards in the mix and that's just a minor sampling. There were other newer ones to, but a few were Redskins and it just didn't seem right posting them on here.

This is just the beginning of our finale, another player who I side PC came in with even more cards and you will see that one later this week!

As for the rest of the Brunell's, stay tuned on how I plan to post those!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Rodney's Cardboard:2019 Panini Legacy Yellow Parallel


We are tuning in to another new Rodney's Cardboard episode!

This time I am showing off one of 20 cards in Panini Legacy I needed to chase. This one is the yellow parallel.

These are numbered to 165.

The back is no different than the base.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019 Topps Compete Hobby Set

With both Topps Series 1 and Series 2 released, it's time again for the Topps Complete Boxed sets.

These sets are great for collectors who don't want to spend the time or money building their own. I know if I collected newer sets this would be the way to go. Only problem, you don't get to open packs or find hits. However, you get the complete set along with a bonus usually.

Today I am ripping open a hobby version of the complete set.

Here is the outside of the box. Usually go for $60. There are actually 701 cards in the box as the Vlad Guerrero Jr card is included in the set. That's good since I didn't pull one from Series 2.

Open it up, and you find all of the cards from the set along with a special pack of five parallel cards each numbered to 162.

Here's who I found in my parallel pack break.
Shane Bieber

Rich Hill. think I pulled him last year as well from this break.

Austin Romine

Willson Contreras

SF Giants team card

There are other variations of the set to find as well with their own special bonuses.

2019 Topps Baseball Complete Set Target Factory Box Break (Green)

5 Rookie Image Variations
1 Chrome Rookie Image Variation
701-Card Base Set

2019 Topps Baseball Complete Set Target Factory Box Break (Orange)

5 Rookie Image Variations
5 Chrome Greatest Card Reprints
701-Card Base Set

2019 Topps Baseball Complete Set Retail Factory Box Break (Blue)
5 Rookie Image Variations
701-Card Base Set

2019 Topps Baseball Complete Set All-Star Game Factory Break (ASG)

5 MLB All-Star Game Cards
701-Card Base Set (with ASG Stamp)

Many great options when you are buying. I guess it depends on which version interests you the most. To me, that orange box has some great stuff in it and the word chrome is mentioned so that alone has my attention.

Let me know in comment which set you would choose and why or do you just complete your own by hand?

Have a great day!

Breakers don't break this stuff, but if you do want to be in a box break for other products,  I suggest Midwest Box Breaks as they pull fire!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the giveaway on Twitter I am hosting. Please follow me there to enter @SportCardCollec. Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Wes Is At It Again!

Raise your hand if you are guilty of sending pure heat to mail boxes.....I thought so.

Once again the great Wes formally from the JBF blog, has made his presence again as I have seen him hit up a few mail boxes with some amazing mail days. Amazing isn't really the word to use here. Fire, heat, throwing pizzas, over the top, mind blowing, etc, etc, etc.

What I am showcasing today, is only the literal top of the ice berg. Just the small tip of it. The Titanic would survive through this part, but as I go on when the whole iceberg is revealed, good luck. I haven't quite figured out how I will showcase the rest or when, but it will be shown. I just wanted to give the introduction tour first.

Let's look at some Griffey's to start this off,

 Upper Deck KG

 Jr is swinging away here back with the Mariners after a long hiatous

I always liked this photo. Gotta be the bubble or the color photo on top of the sepia.

 Shiny spectrum. Upper Deck baseball is severely missed in the hobby

 I always like oddball adds to my PC for Junior

 I haven't ever see this card before. Brand new add for my Junior PC

King Felix dominant first year card

 A-Rod. My only A-Rod card now. I traded all of mine away a couple of months ago.

 Another addition for my Gleyber PC

 90's PC love!! Totally digging this addition

 Willie Money Mays!

 Burrell TTM auto

1986-1987 Fleer Bill Walto. This design to me is one of those iconic ones.

 Great looking Harry Carson TTM or IP auto. He has a well defined signaure.

Ernest Borgnine was the infamous gap toothed smile and voice as the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland but also was a voice actor and actor in many of TV and film as well. He also lived til he was 95 years old. I must have watched Alice in Wonderland a hundred times when I was younger.

Shiny Bonds.

Back in the 90's when the WNBA first started to exist, I collected the cards and seeing these in Wes' package just brought me back to then. I still have what I collected then and now will add these to it.

Thanks goes out to Wes for only the begging of what I have to show off from this mail day. I have a few new ideas I may implement to show them off but it will be a little while before I can do so as I am backed up with other things I must show off first. So keep this as a note of what is to come!

UPDATE: I am showing the rest of the mail day off on my Snagging Cardboard blog. I have decided to revive it after a year off. Add it to your blogroll and check it out HERE so you won't miss the rest of this mail day!! Card Number 1 already up!

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 11

Let's talk about sets baby
Let's talk about it with me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sets (1995)
Let's talk about sets (lots of it)
Let's talk about sets (Uh huh)
Let's talk about sets....

1991 song by Salt-N-Pepa was about a much different topic than I am turning it into. You see, I am staying on topic with cards. Not,well, what they were talking about. This newest segment about the 90's will focus on my set chases (the ones I have already used for a Origins Post or don't plan on using) and new additions to them along with updates on how far I have gotten.

It's time for us to sit down and have that discussion between your parents and you that you tried to avoid. You know, that conversation you have with them about the Flairs and the Pinnacles. Kids, it's time to Talk About Sets.

Today's sets talk is from my trade with @card_a_holic who I said caught my attention from having set needs for me.

So let's check out the sauciness today.

Three Red Siege cards. Two I needed, thought I needed all three but I have a good home for my dupes now.

Ground Zero baby! Both new. One of an underrated WR in Bruce and Westbrook who was supposed to be the next Jerry Rice. Didn't quite pan out that way.

I hit Paydirt right here!!!! Biggest player I needed left for my set. Only two more to go! Just need Natrone Means and Deion Sanders.

And Ground Attack. There's another player on the back, but I put key focus on John Elway for this post.

Plenty more to show off from this trade for set help. Tune in for the next part and take a trip back in time.

Friday, July 26, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019 Topps Allen And Ginter

It's here folks! It's here! The wait is over and the anticipation of the latest Allen And Ginter release has arrived.

Allen and Ginter has been a fan favorite of not only mine, but many, many other collectors who like to rip on in to a box or some retail packs.

My success with Allen and Ginter hasn't been great in terms of hits, but it's still one of my favorite rips of the year so let's check it out.

In each box of 2019 Topps Allen and Ginter baseball, you will find yourself having fun with 24 packs of 8 cards. Each box comes with three hits that can be autograph cards, relic cards, rip cards, printing plates and booklets. Boxes currently run roughly $95-$100. Not really a bad price.

 Each box also comes with a box topper that can be just a regular one, a rip card, autograph, etc.

Mine was a base one. Looks great in terms of design. Toughest part was the nick on the side of it.

The base set design sticks to the basics as always. Nice clean surface with a focus on the player or non sport add ins. The 300 card base set is made up of rookies, players from the past such as this great photo of my boy Griffey Jr, and some non sport additions which for some reason or another collectors have been complaining about this year.

 I don't get it. Allen and Ginter has always been this way, same format, same ole same ole. If you liked it in the past , you will again. Just go into a box with an open mind knowing not everything you find will be baseball related. That's what makes this product more fun.

Here is a gallery of some of the base cards,

Before continuing on with my review, I should also mention that there are no base card numbers 301-350, however there are Sp's in the base set from cards 351-400. Not sure why there is a gap, but there is.

Now onto the minis that you will find one of in every pack.
Base Mini's

 Black border that falls 1:10 packs

Allen and Ginter back that falls 1:5 packs

An un-announced SSP of Thomas Fish of Blowout cards doing his best Honus. The fun of Ginter!This card isn't in the main base set. He does have autographs in the set as well.

Overall look at the mini cards:
Base Mini
  • Base Mini fall 1 per pack
  • Allen & Ginter fall 1:5 packs
  • Black Bordered fall 1:10 packs
  • No Number are limited to 50
  • Brooklyn Back numbered to/25
  • Wood are 1/1
  • Glossy are 1/1
Mini SP
  • Base Mini falls 1:13 packs
  • Allen & Ginter falls 1:65 packs
  • Black Bordered falls 1:30 packs
  • No Number is numbered to 50
  • Brooklyn Back numbered to/25
  • Wood numbered  1/1
  • Glossy numbered 1/1
Now time to take a look at the full sized inserts.

 Baseball Star Signs with 50 to collect in the set

Ginter Greats with 50 cards in the set to collect

 Incredible Equipment with 20 cards to collect

 The History Of Flight with full blown color, really like these, with 15 cards to collect

 Mares and Stallions with 15 cards to seek out

Now some mini inserts as well
 Lost Languages with 10 cards to find

 Look Out Below with 15 cards to collect

Collectible Canines with 25 cards to collect

Other mini inserts include,
New To The Zoo
In Bloom
In Bloom Plant Me Variation where you actually plant the card, How cool?!!
Dreams Of Blue Ribbons
Chugging Along

Now onto the hits. I kinda wished there was a guaranteed auto in every box, that would be nice. Hitting three relics, ugh. And for the second straight year thats exactly what happened to me.

Mike Oz. This is a neat pull for me. I have followed Mike a long time on Twitter and enjoy his series of ripping Old Baseball Cards with players. You can check them out HERE. You're living the dream MIke to be in a pack of cards. Top bucket list item is for me to make it in this product. Enjoy!

 Trea Turner bat relic

Mini Framed jersey of Jose Altuve.

Other hits you can find include,
  • Non-Baseball Full-Size Autographs (wanted the Harrison Ford bad)
  • Non-Baseball Dual Autographs
  • Baseball Framed Mini Autographs
  • Full-Size Autographs
  • Topps Employee Mini Framed Autographs
  • Autograph Relic Book Set
  • Dual Autograph Relic Book Set
  • Cut Signatures (so, so many of these I want!!!)
  • Arrowhead Full-Size Relics
  • DNA Framed Mini Relics (something else I have always wanted to pull)
  • Have Ball, Will Travel Token Framed Mini Relic
  • Incredible Equipment Mythical Memorabilia Relics
  • Presidential Pieces Framed Mini Relics
  • A&G Framed Originals Buybacks
  • Rip Card (another card I wished to ever pull)
  • Double Rip Card
  • Artist Originals
Many great hits to find out there folks!

OVERALL THOUGHTS: Pulling three relics in this box for $100 was a bummer, other than that, I was happy once again with Allen and Ginter. Being both a sports and non sports collector this product has a lot to offer. You just have to be lucky and pull them.

There are many great names on the checklist to pull for autographs for both baseball and non sport.


Don't want to pay full price for a box, I suggest Midwest Box Breaks for box breaking needs as they pull fire!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the giveaway on Twitter I am hosting. Please follow me there to enter @SportCardCollec. Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.