Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Upper Deck Ball Park Quad Jersey card

As baseball season comes to an end..we need to post more baseball cards

New Pickups! PC also!

Won these cards from another blog! Shout out is deserved to Sports Card Blog! And we all by now have seen the top card being posted everywhere!

Actually, won the bottom two cards and the top one the blogger threw in as a bonus!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random Card Of The Day: Homer Bailey 2005 Topps Prospect Card

Item image 
Congrats to Homer Bailey who no hit the Pittsburgh Pirates for the 7th no no this year and the 15th in Reds History

Friday, September 28, 2012

Recent Findings: Our Sport Card Finds

Last week, we were given 2 boxes of random cards from a relative. The boxes contained opened and unopened cards mostly non-sport from a variety of years. We thought we would break down our findings and share them with our fans!!

We are almost to the end of our recent finds segment. One more after this one..and we saved what we believe was the best find for last!

Shaq's Mcdonalds rookie

Alonzo Mourning Rookie

2001 Topps baseball and gallery of cards with it

Tino Martinez Topps Gold Label

The infamous "Fat Toad" Hideki Irabu Topps Gold Label rookie
 Really liked the Mcdonalds set find...there was actually 2 of them. The Topps packs were still in there wrappers and opened. We were hoping for a Ichiro find but none was found. There were only four packs also.

What do you guys think?

Sport Card Collectors Player Of The Day Main Page

Welcome!! If you are reading this...that means you are about to enter Sport Card Collectors Panini Player Of The Day Promo!

First off, I will tell you the purpose of the Panini promotion which is to help get collectors into their local card shops. If you’d like to find our more about how the Panini promotion works, follow this link to the POD site and the rules from Panini are there. To find out if your LCS (Local Card Shop) or another nearby LCS in  your area is participating or not...we will link you there as well: just type in your states abbreviation and like magic all of the participating stores will pop up!

Panini is always doing a great job with their promos and are always looking our for LCS' and their fans.

We announced part one which is a weekly contest...but here is something else we are going to do. A part two!! Everyday until this promo ends on November 2nd we will be posting a card like so:

Panini America 2012 NFL POD 1
This is just an example. This is not a Player Of The Day entry. Check back in for those! This is just an information page
We are calling this Sport Card Collectors Player Of The Day. And we want to see what kind of Panini cards that you might have of the player for the day!!

Here is how the point system will go. You will send us a pic or a link to photobucket at,  or another place you have the card stored as a pic.

1 point for linking us to a Panini card. Such places as eBay, The Knights Lance Blog, Forums, etc.

2 points for leaving a comment on one of our Panini reviews (use the search box on the blog to find them and mention which one you commented on in your comments)

3 points if you own a base or insert card of the player posted for the day. Just one card per day. Send us pics please to the above email.

5 points for buying packs (at least 2) whether retail or hobby (stickers included) per day (Send us pics please to the above email.) or for owning a jersey or autographed card of the player. Send us pics please to the above email.

10 points for a pic of you with your favorite Panini card per day. Send us pics please to the above email.

15 points per blaster box Send us pics please to the above email

*If you can take a picture of yourself in front of a Participating NFL Player Of The Day Shop (you can find it by clicking onto this link) with the Panini poster or banner in the background you can earn 50 points! And if you go inside and make a purchase from the shop with the pic you can gain 100 points with proof of purchase of course (just show us a pic of your cards inside the LCS and make sure somewhere in that pic the Panini Player Of The Day poster, banner or something like that is in the pic)! Send us pics please to the above email.

Now onto the best part! What you can win! The contest is daily, your points are added up daily and updated the next day in the standings link so you can see where you stand.The prizes are for this contest are coming straight from us!

Here is the new setup of this part of the promotion!

For the First Place Division,  3 auto/jersey cards: 1 winner

1. Amy Solorio                                                        


Second Place Division: 1 Auto card. It is numbered to 49: 1 winner

1. Jamie B                                                                


Third Place Division: 1 Jersey Card numbered to 99 1 winner

1. tkdkid1        
1. Sports Card Blog   

2. Anthony Edwards                                         

2. 24cavs   

3. Ryan Glaser                                                           

4. Harold Tourjee                                                       

5.Scott Bennett                                                          

5. Raylene Hlavaty                                                    

5. David Hlavaty                                               

5. Eric                                                                         

NOTE: You can move up a division. Also, new players are always welcomed and we will add you to the third division to start out with.

If any of this is confusing, please comment below with any questions! Or you can email us at And thanks for playing in our promotion!

We would also like to remind you to not only participate in our promo but participate in Panini's Player Of The Day promo as well!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recent Findings: Wheaties Boxes

Last week, we were given 2 boxes of random cards from a relative. The boxes contained opened and unopened cards mostly non-sport from a variety of years. We thought we would break down our findings and share them with our fans!!

Wheaties boxes are always fun..didn't know they made such a thing as Jeter Flakes..great additons.

We used to collect them with Ken Griffey Jr. on the front and they were always kept sealed. These were flat but are in great shape and we plan on using them to frame and display.

Do any of you collect boxes?

Sport Card Collectors Week 4 NFL Picks

Well, here they are..week four. I don't know about the rest of you, but its been a weekly struggle with getting picks right. Last week had a horrible week going 6-10. Hopefully this week will be much improved!


Browns @ Ravens:  Plain and simple...the Ravens are the better team and will win but this game will be closer than most think..Ravens 28-16


Carolina @ Atlanta: Been wanting to pick this game as an upset but Hotlanta is playing so well and Cam looked lost last Thursday against the Giants...Falcons 28-17

New England @ Buffalo: I want to pick Buffalo..but the last two weeks have been heartbreakers for the Pats. And I can't at all see them starting out their season 1-3. For some reason I think this may turn into a possible blowout by the Pats...35-21

Minnesota @ Detroit: The Lions come in after a high scoring affair with the Titans. We know they can score points, but can they stop anyone. Adrian Peterson seems to like to show up when the Lions are around and this team was impressive against the 49ers...but I still think the Lions are a better team...Lions 31-14

San Diego @ Kansas City: Phillip Rivers and the Chargers did not show up last week against Atlanta. Kansas City pulled out a road comeback against the Saints. I wanna say San Diego..but I am going with the upset here...Kansas City 27-24

Seattle @ St.Louis: Another start for rookie Wilson of the Seahawks but this time on the road in St. Louis where another top pick lost already there this year. St. Louis has been a tough out for some teams such as Detroit and Chicago..I am thinking Rams here...St.Louis 24-17

San Fran @ NYJ: The 49ers stay on the road after a dismal performance against the Vikings but they are facing a team with some injuries and a lack of offense. I think the 49ers get it done on the road and the Jets should start thinking about more Tebow Time...49ers 27-10

Tennessee @ Houston: The Titans come in after a great week by QB Jake Locker but still another bad game for CJ2K. Where did he go??? The Texans are the best team in the NFL..thats right...I said it and should be able to beat a one sided offense in Tennessee.. Houston 30-13

Miami @ Arizona: Miami should be 2-1 going into this game against 3-0 Arizona but a missed FG cost them a game against the Jets. Tannehill is getting better with each start but so isn't Kolb..Arizona heading to 4-0 with a 20-13 win.

Cincy @ Jacksonville: The Jags showed heart and Gabbert made a nice throw in their comeback against the Colts but the Bengals are looking good on offense as they are firing on all cylinders. The Jags might keep is close if MJD can have another big game but I think Cincy wins on the road...Bengals 21-10

Oakland @ Denver: Peyton still searching for win number two for the Broncos while the Raiders go to Denver a place they have success in on a huge high beating the Steelers. I think Denver is underachieving. This is almost a must win for them and I think they will get it barely...Broncos 27-24

New Orleans @ Green Bay: This matchup is much different than the last. Green Bay is impressive. New Orleans is not. After 3 straight disappointing defeats and now a team that is much better than them..I expect a Packer win 35-17

Washington @ Tampa Bay: RG3 continues to impress, especially me, but Washington now has lost two straight like Tampa Bay who looked much better against Dallas than they did in NY. Tampa's got a tough coach and a good D. Washington has big time injuries on defense and it showed last week. I expect this to come down to the fourth quarter and a late TD gives Tampa Bay a boost with a 21-17 win.


NY Giants @ Philadelphia: We see what the Giants can do when turnovers come their way and thats what Philly does best..turn the ball over. This is a NFC beast of a matchup and will be close throughout. If Philly can cut down on the turnovers and block the Giants from getting to Vick they will win. For some reason, after seeing that team not improve on those parts for the last three weeks I expect the Giants to squeak out a big road division win..Giants 23-17


Chicago @ Dallas: The Cowboys stay home after a not impressive win over the Bucs last week. Chicago has looked good at times and bad at others. I think both are equal in talent but will give the home team the slight advantage...Cowboys 24-21

Random Card Of The Day: Andrew Luck Panini Pepsi Rookie Of The Week Card Week 3 (Elite Design)


The voting from us went Andrew Luck for Pepsi Rookie Of The Week for Week 3. You too can vote by following the link below!

Favorite Panini Cards And Panini Pickups!

Here is a gallery of our fans with their favorite Panini Cards and Panini pickups:

Amy Solorio with her favorite card her Austin Collie Momentum Football Printing Plate



 Amy with another favorite Panini card and some more Panini pack purchases!

Amy picked up two blasters for her daughter who is getting into collecting.

  Dan,'s RG3 card from Prestige is his favorite card because its of a local town guy! He also had to stop on the way home to pickup some much needed Panini football card fix.

 Dan with a favorite card of his that we would easily take off from his hands. Pulled from the box he bought above of Rookies and Stars.

Dan with his favorite card, a Titus Young Absolute Memorabilia jersey card.

Lisa,, with her favorite Aaron Rodgers card

mr and mrsblu's after work pickups..each had to get their own..hope they had good LUCK!

Dan's Favorite card of the day, and a sweet hit at that, was pulled from his box purchase at a participating Player Of The Day LCS! A Knute Rockne Prime Elite Back To The Future card # to 49.

One of my personal favorite products that Dan picked up while there.

Lisa's favorite card of the day..she is sticking with her Packers theme.

A very sick card that tkdkid1 owns..a Dirk auto!! His favorite Card of The Day!

Despite my computer not loading this pic well, we can all see Lisa is pretty happy to be a Packers and a Panini fan.

Another nice card by Dan. Acetate autos rock!

Amy's favorite card this time is her favorite because it was her daughters first jersey card pull! And probably the start of many to come!

A proud Packers fan showing how happy they are we chose Eli Manning as player of the day.

Always great to have a Cowboys fan show off their Giants pride :) Dan's Eli Manning card

Jamie B with one awesome Brandon Weedon card. Hopefully for him and this cards sake Weedon continues to play well...just not this weekend against the Giants.

Dan with his favorite AJ Green card.

Amy's daughter showing off some of her favorite cards.

Amy's Panini pickups for the day..hope she had some good luck!

Dan with his favorite RG3 cards

Jamie B is all smiles with his very nice RG3 jersey card as one of his favorite cards!

Some great choices in packs...still haven't tried the Momentum Football did you do Dan?

Amy's purchases from her LCS..Contenders which is a great product and an Americana product that looks great but I have yet to try.

Amy's nice on-card auto pull of Nick Toon from one of the Prestige packs below

Some luck was found in here...just look at the pull Amy got above!

Dan's pull from his Momentum Football pack as his favorite Panini card.

Jamie B's non football favorite card..can't go wrong with D-Wade.

Jamie B's purchase may seem small but has a huge reward....

And here it is...BAM!!  an RG3 auto/jersey rookie card from Rookies And Stars! Which is also his favorite card of the day!

Amy's favorite cards of the day..nice pulls from Panini Americana 2012

Amy's purchase of Americana from her LCS

More Amy Purchases

And more pickups by Amy

Dan shows off his Rookies and stars Longevity insert.

tkdkid1's favorite card!

Amy's recent purchases. She always has luck...wonder if she did this time??

Jamie B showing off his Panini Father's Day card of Joe Montana as his favorite card!

Amy's favorite card of the day..a sweet Lamar Miller Slideshow auto!

Dan's showing off his Isiah Pead rookie auto for his favorite card!

tkdkid1's favorite card!

Amy's Rookie and Stars blaster pickup!

Prominence still looking good..Amy got some nice looking cards..especially that Phil Simms...

Anthony Edwards with his 2009 Playoff Prestige James Laurinaitis Prestigious Picks Jersey.  # 18/25. Pretty sweet swatch!

mrblu showing off some Cowboy love with his favorite card of  Ware.

mrsblu showing off her Matt Schaub as her favorite card.

tkdkid1's is Peyton Tracy Hackler would appreciate that!

tkdkid1's Tim Tebow...Tracy Hackler would be digging this!

Brian Hartline was Dan's favorite card of the Day.

Jamie B shows off his Lebron as his favorite card of the day.

mrsblu showing off her favorite panini card.

Amy trying to...SCORE..with these boxes and packs!

Dan shows off his favorite card of the Day Jordy Nelson

tkdkid1's Frank Gore is his favorite card of the day!

Dan's Coby Fleener is his Favorite card for the day!

tkdkid1's Tom Brady is his favorite card of the day!

Dan chose a great favorite card with his Prime Numbers insert. One of my favorites!

tkdkid1's favorite card is of running back Davin Meggett. 

Always great to see a Cowboys fan attempting to go to the good side :) Dan knows I am picking :)

Dan shows off Doug Martin for his favorite card of the day

Glad to see a Packers fan holding a Giants card!

tkdkid1's Charles Woodson is his favorite card.

tkdkid1's Jason Witten is another one of his favorites.

Jamie B and his sweet patch of Brent Celek as his favorite card of the Day

tkkid1's Kerrigan is his favorite card of the day

Some recent Luck for Dan;

Jamie B showing off his Bear pride.

Huge Luck from his LCS participating in the Player Of The Day promo! Sick Luck autograph!

Anthony Edwards shows of his Amare as his favorite card of the day!

Dan shows off his favorite card pulled from some recent packs

Matt Forte is Jamie B's favorite card of the day

Tkkid1 shows off his Ray Lewis card as his favorite

Anthony Edwards pulled this as his favorite card 

Anthony Edwards purchases

Dan picked up a couple of blasters after work.

Dan's favorite card of the day!! Wow. What a pull!