Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top 12 Card Pulls Of 2015

Another year has come to a close. One thing I have never done is a Top list for my pulls or pickups of the year. It was a tough decsion on which way to go, but I decided a Top 12 card pull list would be fun.

It wasn't my best year in pulling cards, 2014 topped this, but I still managed to get excited a few times. These cards I did put in order of how I felt they ranked. 1 being the lowest of the best, 12 being the best of the best.

So let's take a gander.
  1. Not the most valuable of the group, but the toughest to pull. How often do you hit something 1:23,000??
  2. It's Lebron, it's cool, that's all.
  3. My first auto plate. Both things I enjoy.
  4. Still a great QB in my mind.
  5. This guy has been impressive for a non household name.
  6. Finally going to see where this guy stands in the league after pulling his autograph 4 times.
  7. yes, MJ and inserts still matter!
  8. Auto silhouette that's low numbered and of the great Ronnie Milsap. Yup.
  9. To me this guy has been the shock of 2015. I didn't expect him to turn it on after being injured in college and missing the first two games of this year. Not to mention, playing for the Rams.
  10. Cool looking card all around. Tough pull too.
  11. Teddy ripped apart my Giants and has the Vikings in the playoffs. Still one of the great players from a great rookie class.
  12. Yes, I ranked this the highest. Rachael is not an easy pull and you won't find too many around. This is also the most valuable on here.
Not too shabby I will say. Here's hoping my pulls and yours are epic in 2016.

Thoughts on my list and what your top pull of 2015 was in comments are welcomed!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Upper Deck CFL HOT BOX+GIVEAWAY!!!!

If you are like me, you miss buying Upper Deck NFL and NCAA cards. But, don't fret, you may or may not know this, they are still putting out a couple of football products and one of those is UD CFL cards.

In every box of 2015 Upper Deck CFL cards, you get 24 Packs that also have 6 Cards per pack. Boxes will run you in the $75-$80. You will get two UD Game Jersey cards per box as well.

The interesting, but cool set up for the base set features game-action photos broken down into Offense, Defense/Special Teams (1:2), All-Stars (1:4), and Star Rookies (1:4). There are 200 cards to collect in the base set!

The base set design reminds me of the designs that UD used for their First Edition set in the late 90's, a border with full bleed action-packed photos. The photography is spot on as usual and the slight border they use doesn't distract from it.

The checklist is loaded with players from all teams and is full of stars as well. It's fun seeing some of those names from the NFL that transpired to the CFL. I was wondering what had happened to Austin Collie...

STAR ROOKIES!! These are the Young Guns of hockey! They fall 1:4 packs which makes collecting the base set challenging, but fun. This is why I love UD football. 

All-Star set subset. These also fall 1:4 which makes the base set even more challenging. It may take you a few boxes to fill or for you to pick up singles. But it helps keep the base set valuable and makes the chase more fun.

Inserts, yep, CFL has them too. They are retro themed O-Pee-Chee inserts, falling 1 in 3 packs! Find all 50 cards in the set! Very bold colors.
As for memorabilia cards, Upper Deck sticks with its roots, why change I say, and includes the popular UD Game Jersey that are inserted 1:12 packs or two per box. There are also a UD Game Patch Parallel that are #’d to 15.

And those patch cards I spoke of, yeah, I pulled one  in my last pack. Boy are they sharp too! 

It wouldn't be a product in today's world if some form of autographs weren't included. In my box, which I consider a "hot box", I pulled an autograph as well. These are not easy finds.

Base Set Offense Autograph Parallel – inserted 1:96

Base Set Defense/Special Teams Autograph Parallel – inserted 1:256. Boom! Here ya go! Nice signature as well.

Other highlights from the product that I didn't pull are....
  • Rare autographs in the CFL Marks insert! Falling at 1:384
  • Rare CFL Heroes chase cards featuring the legendary Michael “Pinball” Clemons! Falling 1:768! Signed variations limited to just 25 serial #’d copies!
  • O-Pee-Chee Team Logo Patches return with an all-new installment of 20 stunning patches! Falling 1:128 packs!
  • Rare 2014 Grey Cup Highlights Inserts! - 1:384 packs!
Overall, this was a really great break on many levels and I am not even a CFL fan per say. I still had a blast opening this. My only down point may be the price per box for only two game used. This may scare collectors away who are not big CFL fans, but the value, design and rare pulls may bring you in anyways.

I must note though, if you look at this like the NHL Series 1 and 2 products with the tougher to pull rookie cards and the rare hit finds like the autographs. The price point is the same as well and look at how popular that product is.

Now onto the giveaway portion of this post. First, I would ask for you to thank UPPER DECK for allowing me to do this review and giveaway. #CollectTheBest.

Second, follow these instructions.
  1. AS ALWAYS, MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT OR HAVE A U.S. ADDRESS TO ENTER. Sorry, no way around this. I can't afford shipping outside the U.S. I think it would also be fun to share the CFL experience with U.S. fans that may not have experienced this before.
  2. In comments, tell me if you have or will in the future break a UD CFL product. Comments on the product as well.
  3. There will be THREE RANDOM WINNERS!!!
  4. You will have until January 6th 2016 to get entered. Winners will be announced in a separate post on January 7th 2016..
  5. A random will be done 7 times for the three winners. The top three in the random will win.
  6. These cards WILL be shipped PWE. Sport Card Collectors, Upper Deck, and the owner of this blog WILL NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged cards that are mailed. It's up to the USPS to make sure these arrive safely.
  7. Failure to follow any of the rules will eliminate you from winning.
You are entering to win....

 1st place, top of random

2nd place, 2nd on random

3rd place, 3rd on Random
A mix of Star Rookies and All-Star and O-Pee-Chee 

GOOD LUCK to those that enter! Some great cards up for grabs!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I had a BREAKDOWN Over This Mail Day

The blogoshpere has a bunch of great and generous collectors and without argument the likes of Jaybarkerfan's blog and the featured blogger in today's post in Baseball Card Breakdown may be at the top of that list.

Yesterday, I received a surprise PWE mail day from Baseball Card Breakdown that contained many goodies.

First up, some Giants love. I still wished the Giants had given Jernigan more time. He showed in spots that he had potential. But, none-the-less, this goes in my mini PC of him.

Up next, my guy Rueben Randle. Another guy who could be on the cusp of his final season in a blue uniform. I still think the Giants need to give him time as well. He has had some big games in his career and I think he would make a great threat next season alongside Odell and a hopeful healthy Cruz. 

El Duque+shiny+Gold Label, complete winner here!

Now we are going into some unique items I know not everyone has. Custom cards. First up an ornament for my tree next year. Love the creativity and use of the card. This is more valuable to me than the plain Hoyt version.

Now onto something even more cool. Custom cards done by Baseball Card Breakdown. The guy does incredible work simply said. These customs he makes are something that the card companies should take note of. 

Up first, one of my all-time favorite Yankees, Tino Martinez. 

The backs of these are really sharp as well. All of these are limited print run to 1 as well so every piece is unique.

And to top off the mail day, my boy Griffey. Other than the magnets that he made, this is one of the other coolest items in my Griffey PC.....

Especially since I am mentioned on the back of the card.

If you would like to see more of these awesome customs, he posted them HERE on his blog.

I like the fact he is considering doing a blogger set. That would be sweet!

A big thanks goes out to Baseball Card Breakdown for this surprise mail day. Now that I have found your addy again, watch your mail box sometime again :)

P.S. BONUS!!!!

While I have your attention. I would like to mention that I have changed my mind again, yes, this happens often. I am going to keep Random Card On My Desk as a segment despite not being a big fan of them. But turnout for these posts was better than expected. This WILL NOT be a very often segment, but once in awhile. So the end of the Random Card On My Desk bonanza ended this morning. I know many of you will be relieved. Back to regular posts again tomorrow.

Also, if you haven't voted yet on a blog name for this blog, please do so. On the right of the home page. If you are using a mobile device, please use the web version to see the poll.

Random Card On My Desk: 1990 Upper Deck Andres Galarraga

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Random Card On My Desk:1999 Crown Royale Franchise Glory Kurt Warner

Random Card On My Desk:1995 Pinnacle Joey Galloway (RC)

Random Card On My Desk:1998 Pacific Aurora Championship Fever RED Robert Edwards

Random Card On My Desk:1997 Pinnacle Xpress Jerry Rice

Random Card On My Desk:1998 UD Choice Starquest Green Jerry Rice/Randy Moss



Random Card On My Desk:1995 Pro Line Classic Game Breaker Preview Insert Barry Sanders

Random Card On My Desk:1995 Upper Deck A Cut Above The Marino Years Dan Marino

Random Card On My Desk:1996 Fleer Ultra Sensations Blue Marcus Allen

Random Card On My Desk:1996 Collectors Choice Crash The Game Steve Young

Random Card On My Desk:1998-1999 Stadium Club "Transactions" Antonio Daniels

Random Card On My Desk:1994-1995 Sports Stars Heath Shuler