Sunday, June 30, 2019

Cardboard Review:2018-2019 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League

A new UEFA release has arrived! Lots more autograph and shiny things to collect from your favorite players in the world!

And with anything Topps Chrome, it's going to be great.

So let's check it out.

In 2018-2019 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions league, there are 18 packs of 4 cards each. You will find one autograph per box just like other Chrome releases and boxes run around $60.

The base set for UEFA is 100 cards with most if not all of the stars including Christian Pulisic. The base card design goes from the flagship one.

Base card backs.

There are also 5 base card variation Sp's to find that I didn't. Glad to see they are tougher pulls and not something you find in every box.

Now onto my favorite part, the parallels!!

Base refractors fall 1:3 packs. Pulled a good on in Ronaldo. Remember my Finest break with his auto, yeah, I don't think I will forget about that one.

Okay, before I continue on with the rest of the refractors, my photos don't do these justice. They look amazing in person.

time to carry on

Purple refractor /250

Blue /150

Green /99

Blue Wave /75

Other parallels to find include,
  • Gold /50
  • Orange /25
  • Red /10
  • Red Wave /10
  • SuperFractor 1/1
Now onto the inserts which have the following parallels,  Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /10, and SuperFractor 1/1.
Superstar Sensations which we have seen in other releases. There are 20 cards to collect

And Future Stars with 15 cards to collect. This design always looks stunning.

Now onto my autograph pull. An autograph pull, well, that is odd in the signature.
David Neres was my find but look at that autograph. That has to be the worst auto of all time, if not at the very least ranks in the Top 3. But for me in person, this was the worst I have seen.

Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours include,
  • Champions League Debut Autograph
  • Future Stars Autograph
  • Superstar Sensations Autograph
OVERALL THOUGHTS:My pull wasn't the best, but it's Topps Chrome and I don't want put that down. I love my Chrome too much. It was a sad auto to see but from my research all of his signatures look like that.

It's not too much of a gamble at it's price and if you are a fan of UEFA I think this is a great starter product. Lot's to love about chrome. Small base set, shiny stuff up the ying yang and a shot at some great autographs.

I don't think any breakers do UEFA, but if you want to mention it to one and find a breaker to do so with, I suggest Midwest Box Breaks as they pull fire!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the giveaway on Twitter I am hosting. Please follow me there to enter @SportCardCollec. Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well. 

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 9

Let's talk about sets baby
Let's talk about it with me
Let's talk about all the good things
And the bad things that may be
Let's talk about sets (1995)
Let's talk about sets (Paydirt)
Let's talk about sets (Uh huh)
Let's talk about sets....

1991 song by Salt-N-Pepa was about a much different topic than I am turning it into. You see, I am staying on topic with cards. Not,well, what they were talking about. This newest segment about the 90's will focus on my set chases (the ones I have already used for a Origins Post or don't plan on using) and new additions to them along with updates on how far I have gotten.

It's time for us to sit down and have that discussion between your parents and you that you tried to avoid. You know, that conversation you have with them about the Flairs and the Pinnacles. Kids, it's time to Talk About Sets.

Last time I told you how great sets will be this time, well, I wasn't kidding. In that order along with the two Sportflix Man2Man I picked up, I also was able to narrow down my 1995 Skybox Premium Paydirt insert chase.

The Paydirt inserts were some of the first inserts I remember pulling in my youth of collecting. I have been wanting this set for nearly 24 years now.

Here were my latest adds to it,

Rod Woodson (what a great defensive player)

Jerome "the bus" Bettis still plowing over opponents

Chris Warren who was underrated

Cris Carter was a great WR for the Vikes

Herman Moore was always under the radar on the Lions when you played with Barry Sanders

One of the greatest Left Handed QB's I ever saw play

Errict Rhett rocking the old Buc's uni

I, at the point of writing this, remain three cards behind on this set. Three!!!

There is plenty more sets on the way. Next time we may take a tumble to the ground again and get physically dirty.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Cardboard Review:2019 Topps MLB Sticker Collection


Change can be taken in many ways all depending on how you look at the situation. Some may like what has changed to a certain thing and others may not.

In this years 2019 Topps Sticker collection there are some new changes and from my perspective, they are positive and good ones.

Let's check them out and see what your thoughts are.

The sticker box is the start of the changes. There are now only 50 packs of 4 stickers per as opposed to the 50 packs of 8 last year. Price point for the sticker book and album stay the same at roughtly $45.

 There are 236 stickers to collect this year and lots of new fun subset ones to as well.

 Here's what the team pages look like. Five players per team.

 The sticker freebies page and Betts celebration on the inside cover

 Guys who can hit the long ball.

 Rookies and Rising Stars.

This years album is full of bright, bold colorful pages.

Here is the packs packaging. Notice anything different about it? Well, now it's trading card size packs that also means the stickers are too.

Here are the four sticker/cards I found.

 Stickers have full bleed photographs and a solid design.

In addition to the fronts of the stickers, the backs are now collectible and you don't need to throw them away like the old days. The backs of each, represented by the same order as I posted above, have players to that you could save and collect as cards. I really like this idea and it saves on so much waste from these.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The Topps MLB Sticker collection has always been fun for old and young collectors and I think this years brings it to another whole level. The themes and pages are fun and now with the stickers having added collectible backs it adds a whole new level of collecting to this. I say go have fun with it!

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Cardboard Review:2019 Topps Pro Debut Baseball

Some people choose Bowman to do their prospecting with for baseball rookies. Some like to choose Topps Heritage Minors as an option. To me, I like to use Panini EEE or today's product review in Topps Pro Debut.

I will tell you why when we dig deeper.

Every box of 2019 Topps Pro Debut baseball comes with 24 packs of 8 cards. Each box comes with two autographs and two relic card hits per. Boxes currently run roughly $75.

The base card design uses the flagship one as it usually does and includes many if not most of the
studs of the minor league. Like this hitting machine above in Yordan Alvarez.

There are 200 of these prospects in the base set.

Keston Hiura

Seth Beer

McKenzie Gore

There are also base card variations but I didn't find one in my break.

Now onto the parallels. One thing I like about Pro Debut vs flagship, you only find a couple of the parallels per box. That makes them worth more because of it.
Green /99

Orange /25. This was a solid find!

Other parallels to find include, Gold /50, Red #/10,and Black 1/1.

Now a look at the inserts. Most show a lot of fun that the minor leagues bring us. Inserts may have the following parallels, Green /99, Orange /25, and Black 1/1.

Promo Night Uniforms has 10 cards to collect

MILB Leaps and Bounds has 25 cards to collect.

Pro Debut 10th Anniversary set has 5 cards to collect including Mike Trout which I think put this product on notice.

Ben's Biz has 5 cards to collect (I wished I had an insert line)

Now onto the hits!
One of my favorites with Fragments Of The Farm. Love the unique relics included.

Distinguished Debut Manufactured Medallion numbered to 99

Autograph number one

Autograph number two which is a green./99

Other hits to find not included in my box,
  • Future Cornerstones Autograph
  • Jumbo Patch Relic Autographs
  • MiLB Leaps and Bounds Autographs
  • Pro Debut 10-Year Anniversary Autographs
  • Jumbo Patch Relics (this one looks awesome especially the throwback to 90's relics)
OVERALL THOUGHTS:I mentioned above that I would choose EEE or Pro Debut when it comes to prospecting, well, that's because both are affordable and come with multiple hits as opposed to Bowman that comes with one. I am also a big fan of the Fragments set.

I also notice this year that Mike Trouts autographs are included in this years product. How great is that? $75 for two autographs (well relics too) and one could be the most popular player in baseball right now? Sign me up!

As for my break above, well, I didn't hit it big. Yet anyways. You just never know when one of these guys could be the next big star. I am a little more patient than most with prospects who just unload them immediately. I have sat on mine a lot and it has paid off for me when I go to do trades.

So if you are looking to prospect, go chase a box of Pro Debut!

I don't think any breakers do Pro Debut, but if you want to mention it to one and find a breaker to do so with, I suggest Midwest Box Breaks as they pull fire!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the giveaway on Twitter I am hosting. Please follow me there to enter @SportCardCollec. Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Rodney's Cardboard :2018 Select Blue Autograph

I have been loading a ton of new Rodney Hamptons into this blog to post about. I know it's not the most popular post on here, but, it's my top PC so I am going to post about it. At some point when I am all caught up on the newer incoming ones, I may do a few posts showing off my key sections of Rodney Hampton and what you may have missed.

Today's newest Rodney comes with big thanks to @90'sNicheFBCard in our last big trade. I still have two more from him to show off on here as well and he has another one for me already to.

You take a blue, my favorite color, add some Rodney to it and boom, great looking card.

The blues are numbered to 29. This one was almost one of those eBay 1/1's with it being 25/49. If only it was 27.

A thanks to Bryan again for this addition.

More Select autographs to come! Sorry for the lack of commercial today, it's really hard to tie in a 90's commercial with a 2018 card. I guess I will save the commercials for the cards that actually existed in the 90's.