Friday, December 13, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019-2020 Certified Basketball (Big Hit!!)

Basketball cards are really hot this season with this explosive rookie class. I can't remember a time since the 90's that basketball cards have been talked about as much as they have. It's good to see especially since there are no NBA autographs on the market of MJ or LeBron since Upper Deck owns their rights.

One of my favorite football products has been long term staple in the basketball world as well in Certified. I have always liked the appeal.

I didn't get to bust any Certified football this year unfortunately, but I did do a basketball break and it was well worth it. Let's check out the hits I pulled...

In every box of 2019-2020 Certified Basketball, there are 10 packs of 5 cards each. Each box comes with two autographs, used to be four hits I believe, and boxes currently run a little steep at $130. That's what a strong rookie class will do for you.

There are 200 cards in the main base set with 150 of them being veteran players. It was odd not to see the legends in it anymore.

There are also 50 rookies as well that makes up the tail end of the base set. I haven't had much luck this year in finding Zion like many others have.

Here is an overall look at the parallel cards you can find in this years Certified,
Blue, Red, Orange /99, Camo /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1

 Mirror Blue, RJ Barrett!!!!!

Mirror Red

Mirror Orange /99

Most inserts have the following parallels,
Camo /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.

Raise The Banner has 30 celebration cards

 Certified Gold Team, these are golden shine, with 30 cards to collect

And these beauties with 30 to collect. I really like these a lot. Takes me back to the 90's.

 Freshman Fabric autograph jersey

Rookie Roll Call camo parallel /25!! NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCEE.

Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours are,
  • Ballot Busters Autographs
  • Certified Signatures
  • Established Autographs
  • Fabric of the Game Signatures Red
  • Fresh Faces Signatures
  • Legendary Signatures
Well obviously this was a solid box, not all boxes may be this good but it's all apart of the hobby gamble.  I do like the designs throughout the product and may be one of the better looking Certified products I have seen in awhile.

Box price is steep for two hits, but if you sit and wait a bit it may drop. Another great thing about this product is the strong veteran content it has as well as it doesn't just rely on rookie content like a lot of products. That's the kind of products I like.

Wanna use a breaker, I strongly recommend using Midwest Box Breaks for your breaking needs. They are always hitting the big pulls so if they are breaking this, you could put yourself in a good spot. They also SHIP ALL CARDS! Get what you pay for!

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Please thank Panini America and Tracy Hackler for providing this box for me to review to giveaway Autographs, some of the hits in a BIG CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY coming up soon!!! Please follow them on all social media sites and visit their website for all your card needs, HERE.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2019 Bowman Draft Baseball

Prospecting can both be rewarding and frustrating. Many collectors enjoy doing the sport of prospecting by collecting all of one player, some do a few, they are banking their life savings on while other collectors remember the name Brien Taylor.

No matter where you sit on that fence, it's always fun to bust a box of Bowman at least no matter which version of it there is.

Bowman Draft is what the title says, a rookie heavy product that is driven towards the prospectors but it doesn't mean team collectors don't want to dive in as well.

For me, Just like to make sure I have one rookie or prospect of every player. It's nothing I bank on, as I have pointed out before I don't prospect much, but it's simply just something fun to have.

I haven't had much success in the past with Bowman Draft, let's see if my luck changes today.

In every HOBBY box of 2019 Bowman Draft there is 12 packs of 32 cards. There is a ton of cards per box. Each box comes with 3 autographs. Other versions come with more/less autographs per. Boxes are running hot at $225 each.

There is both paper and chrome base in the set with most of the top prospects/rookies. There is 200 cards in the base paper set

and also 200 in the chrome set as well.

There is the following paper base parallels,
Sky Blue /499, Purple /250, Blue /150, Green /99, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /5, Black 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

 Sky Blue

Chrome base has the following parallels,
Refractor, Sky Blue, Purple /250, Sparkles, Blue /150, Green /99, Gold /50, Orange /25, Red /5, SuperFractor 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.
These I guess are regular refractors despite their blue tint compared to regular. But I believe Sky Blue is numbered.

Base refractors you will find at least two per pack.

 Sparkles....very sparkly.

And not one numbered chrome parallel. Odd, but oh well.

Most inserts have the following parallells
Atomic /150, Orange /25, Red /5, and SuperFractor 1/1.
Franchise Futures has 10 cards to collect

 Draft Progression Trios has 14 cards to collect

 Draft PIck Breakdown has 10 cards to collect

Bowman 30th Anniversary has 10 cards to collect as well.

My hits weren't the best, but once again, these guys are young prospects so it's hard to tell now what they may be later on.
 Everyone knows I despise pulling pitchers, but his signature is solid.

 Another pitcher, this time a refractor parallel /499

And one hitter to "bank"on in Cameron Cannon. I like his signature as well.

  • 1989 Bowman 30th Anniversary Autographs
  • Class of 2019 Autographs Set
  • Draft Night Autographs
  • Draft Pick Breakdown Autographs
  • Franchise Futures Dual Autographs
  • Under Armour Game Autograph
Well, this is a prospecting product. I can't tell at the moment other than a few eBay lookups how good these guys will be down the road. I can tell you though if you like Bowman and all that Bowman has to offer, then this is the product for you.

I think overall the product looks nice and of course I am always into shiny things so that helps as well.

Price Point right now is ridiculous as you hope and pray to find a top prospect hidden in your box in order to cover that. But, if you do, I mean the money will be there. Collectors love the autographs that come from this product and this is a big one to try to land top cards out of.

Best suggestion would be to jump in on a box break with your favorite team.

I suggest Midwest Box Breaks who also sends all color and BASE. Not many breakers do that anymore\!

SAVE 10% on your next break with Midwest!! Just use code SCCBLOG to do so. Don't miss out on those big hits any longer! Code ends at the end of the year!

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review. Also follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well   

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

My Prize From Cardboard History

One of my favorite blogs, even though I don't comment as much as I should on it, is written by Billy over at Cardboard History.

Watching the way he works with his collection and how in-depth scans, keeps tracks everything from players, the total numbers and the overall, you guessed it, Cardboard History of his collection is phenomenal. There isn't another blogger like that in the 300+ of us out there. I wished I could do half of what he does with his collection.

In the past month or so, Cardboard History celebrated it's blog anniversary and Billy had promised a prize to a winner. What none of us didn't know was that he was handing prizes out to all of us who commented on that post. Pretty cool.

I didn't know what to expect as my prize and it showed up at my door not long ago and it was right up my alley.

Anfernee Hardaway 4-Sport. Nothing wrong with a little Penny.

Steph was a great player in the 90's, I never mind adding another Steph rookie to the collection from 1996-1997 Topps. A buddy of mine who used to collect went in hard on collecting Steph back then. I even was able to trade a small stack of Marbury in exchange for a Tom Brady Fleer Ultra rookie. That also had to do with the fact he hated Tom so much he just wanted him gone.

And the third card he sent was a rookie of Antonio McDyess. What I wouldn't do to have Collectors Choice back again. It was a solid product for it's price point.

Billy also knows my love of football and sent along this Absolute Memorabilia rack pack from 2018.
Let's take a look at some of the key finds. There were other good base cards in it as well, sadly no Giants.

David Williams rookie

Durham Smythe rookie

Austin Proehl rookie

Aaron Rodgers base. The base cards are bold to the eye for sure.

Bradley Chubb Introductions insert. Really liked the shine and design of it. Too bad it hadn't been Saquon or Lamar.

Finally another insert, Late Game Heroes. Nice card. I like the design, photography and shine.

Thanks for the mail day Billy and keep doing what you are doing over at Cardboard History. I always look forward to the next post. If any of you reading this haven't checked out his blog, do so and make yourself jealous of all of his wonderful work.

Breakin' Wax:1998 Playoff Momentum Retail Pack Break

A few weeks ago, I showed off a pack of 1998 Playoff Momentum from one of my $25 A Week Challenge pickups and mentioned in that post how I would be breaking it on here. Well, that time has finally come.

I am obviously hoping for a Peyton Manning or Randy Moss, but with only four cards per pack that becomes a challenge. But, I accept the challenge.

Let 'er rip!
There are only four cards per pack and I only paid $3. It was worth it regardless of what I pull.

The base cards have an embossed football feel to them. Kinda fun. Mainly player focused base cards with some action photography to them.

Da Moose! Daryl Johnston plowed over oncoming defenders to make room for a Emmitt Smith run.

Antonio Freeman. Such an underrated WR.

Frank Wycheck. Who can forget his lateral pass in the playoffs on the game ending kickoff return against the Bills that led to the Kevin Dyson game winning TD in the Music City Miracle.

Andre Reed is another guy who didn't get enough credit for what he did in his career.

Not a bad pack in my opinion and the point of it was to be nostalgic and it hit that spot. I have thought about picking up another one down the road if I find it cheap enough again.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Jon Sends The 90's

Awhile back, Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts blog mentioned that he had grabbed a few packs for me at a sale he went to.

He recently sent me those packs along with some sweet 90's add ins.

As everyone who has read this blog for awhile now knows, I am a huge Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan and the packs he found were right up my alley. I haven't ever busted these or seen them so this should be a fun rip at some point. Have been thinking about saving them for Christmas then revealing the contents on here. The Series 2 pack above comes with a Power Cap, POG as we called them in the 90's so that should be awesome. Fingers crossed for Kimberly or Tommy!

This Series 2 pack, I assume one is hobby and one is retail, comes with a foil card per pack. Even sweeter.

Jon then proceeded to send along some Spx Finite football cards from 1998 I forgot until I got them that we had discussed in the past he had some extras of.
The 1998 Spx Finite isn't on my full radar, yet, unlike the 1996-1998 releases that were full of hologram awesomeness but who knows. I can't predict where my mind will drift off to next. All of the base cards in that set were numbered.

I think the cards looks nice in terms of layout, design and a touch of foil. Just would be a hard set to chase being all numbered and having Peyton Manning in it.

Not to mention this set has layers to it.

Series one has 190 cards and Series two had 180 cards. Series One base cards, 1-90 were numbered to 7600-sets followed by subsets Playmakers 91-120 that is numbered to 5500-sets and Youth Movement that covered cards 121-150 and numbered to 3000 then Pure Energy cards 151-170 that was numbered to 2500 finally finished off by Heroes of the Game for card numbers 171-180 and numbered to 1250.  Series Two contains had  base cards 191-280 that were numbered to 10,100, Extreme Talent that was card numbers 281-310 and numbered to 7200 followed by the New School cards 311-340 and numbered to 4000 then Sixth Sense cards 341-360 numbered to 2700 and finally Uncommon Valor cards 361-370 numbered to 1620.

Like I said, a lot of layers. Each base card also had 2 parallels.

Let's take a look at what Jon sent,

What?! A Giants card I didn't have...

And another!

My boy TD!

What one of the parallels looks like

And Jon must have seen how much I liked the Kelvin Cato he posted. These Wave Of The Future cards with liquid in them are pretty sharp.

Big thanks to Jon for the mail day. I plan to hit you back at some point!