Wednesday, January 16, 2019

NYY PC Numbers Updated!

I finally sat down on Sunday morning, had a nice cup of coffee by my side and grabbed a delicious frosted apple Toaster Strudel and decided since I don't have anything to post about on here right now without an idea hitting me and my lack of mail days since the end of the year, it was time to update my PC numbers and maybe even turn them into posts. I am not sure how often you guys even check out the tabs on here to begin with.

Today we will take a look at my NYY PC Numbers tab and see the latest updated numbers,

Here are the latest NY Yankee updates,
Overall NY Yankees:4,163
NY Yankee Rookie Cards:770
Autograph Cards: 19
Memorabilia Cards: 39

Derek Jeter : 289
C.C. Sabathia: 58
Don Mattingly: 113
Mariano Rivera: 87
Didi Cards: 28
Servino: 24
Brett Gardner: 39
Betances: 33
Wade Boggs: 34
Jacoby Ellsbury: 36
Gary Sanchez: 58
Jason Giambi: 51
Andy Pettite:50
Bernie Williams: 74
Reggie Jackson: 27
Dave Winfield:22
Jorge Posada: 44
Mike Mussina: 54
Paul O'neil: 43
Tino Martinez: 61
Hideki Matsui: 34
Giancarlo Stanton: 29
Clint Frazier: 20
Tyler Austin: 28
Gleyber Torres: 38
Aaron Judge:109

Old timers with no vintage. Numbers are all based on newer cards.
Mickey Mantle: 73
Joe DiMaggio :20
Yogi Berra:  31
Roger Maris: 22
Lou Gehrig: 36
Whitey Ford; 35
Babe Ruth: 64

Overall I added 108 cards to these updated numbers. Once again big growths for my Aaron Judge and Gleyber Torres PC's which I was expecting. I only plan on collecting three Yankees going forward with Judge, Torres and Jeter being my main focus.Derek saw some small growth with only 5 cards added since October which is the last time I updated this.

More number updates coming this week. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 Sorting Project

It started on January 1st and may take me to the next January 1st to tackle the biggest sort I have ever done. My goal in the end, securing the fact I will be able to find my cards a lot easier.

However, to begin such a sort, I had to do something a bit backwards first. I had to finish up sorting the way I have always sorted to move onto the "Big Sort". I know I should have just kept this stuff out and sorted it in the new fashion, but I don't have the room and honestly with all of this laying around, it would bog me down more than get me going with momentum. I like to take things one at a time. This would be way to much to able to do that.

Not to mention I don't have the space for my plans. I had to use multiple sorting trays, a bench, a box, my floor, my entire desk, etc just to sort the stuff that has been sitting on my desk forever.

Thank Goodness for BCW Sorting Trays!

A bench I have to hold my oddball stuff by number.

Sorting tray again.

Oh my desk!

More desk space eaten up.

I still need to put this all away the old way. It's going to be quite the journey.

What's going to be my big sort? Well, it's taking apart every sports inserts, pulling out the 90's stuff for a binder on it's own, then pulling the rest out to be put into penny sleeves, by team, then into boxes instead of binders. The binders I empty will be used for putting my players back in like they used to be. I think the players I currently have in boxes are worth more than the new inserts of today. The 90's inserts will be sorted by what they are and finally grouped together to see if there are any other sets I want to build.

This is just Part 1. Part 2, I need to take apart two binders of Griffey Jr, sort them by year, by brand, put them back into a binder than do my online checklist.

Part 3 is moving my NY Giants relics from a stack on a table, into boxes sorted by player to make it easier for me to do posts with if I choose to do so.

Part 4 I am also going to take apart my relics and autograph boxes and sort them by team.

I am sure along the way I will find other ways I want to tweak things and maybe even change my plans from above as I go. All I know, it's going to take awhile. That Griffey project alone will be grueling. As all of that goes along updates on here along with some changes to things will come as well.

All I know this is going to keep me busy for awhile. So if you see me disappear and maybe miss some posts, I probably got lost in the cards. Don't call for help. I will find a way out.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Filling In Some Gaps

The only problem with getting an eBay gift card for Christmas is, it runs out at some point. That's what today's finale mail day is all about.

I spread this eBay gift card out long enough that it was able to crossover with my eBay bucks which was like beautiful music. What was remaining for my gift card and what I had for eBay bucks wasn't much, but it was just enough to fill in some gaps. Not to mention, the seller had free shipping and 20% off two or more items so timing couldn't have been any better on my part.

I was able to add three more Hamptons bringing my total to 14 with the gift card and a couple of set help cards. Let's check it out.

This is a 1995 Images Limited Icons insert. Nothing to flashy, but it does have these weird somewhat embossed lines that I hadn't seen in the scans. It was an added bonus. This was the final piece to my 1995 Images needs and was a card I hadn't seen listed ever til I got the gift card.

This 1992 Wild Card is one of many, many Wild Cards that I need for both 1992 and 1993. There are so many variations and brands that run off from it that I don't think I will ever finish that part of his PC. I never see any of them listed except this one which has been in my watch list for some time now.

Speaking of cards I never see listed, I have been needing both parallels for Rodney in 1997 Pinnacle Inside. Finally, the Silver Lining did. I put this card in my Watch List back in the middle of summer and fortunately no one grabbed it. Now I just need to find the Gridiron Gold parallel.

With those three I also have a nice round number of 580 total Rodney Hampton cards out of his 825 roughly out there. I am closing the gap, but it is also a sad thing because it's getting tougher to find cards I actually need out there.

Set help here. I have always wanted the Kerry Collins from the 1995 Summit Rookie Summit insert set. Now I have it and it gets crossed off of my set needs for this set. I still have plenty of them to chase however as I only have 7,8,13,14,15,16 out of the 18 in the set. I don't know if it's the photography or the foil design, but these cards are appealing to me.

And a Hall of Fame running back for my 1995 Pinnacle Clear Shot set? Yes please. This brought my set needs down to two! Card was also in mint condition with no scratches like some do and no staining.

Well, that does it for my gift card. I think it was money well spent and well spread out. All I can hope now is that I get another one for my Birthday coming up in March.

In the meantime, if any of you have any of my set help under my Set Needs HERE, please contact me via email or Twitter. I will be adding to these lists as well soon. Thanks!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Cardpocalypse Hits My Mail Box

My mail box hasn't seen much shortage of mail days over the last few weeks and it has been great. I went so many months without anything that this streak I am on has me feeling good. But, all streaks come to an end and I think mine is heading that way.

Along this streak of mail days has been a few surprises. Expected mail days are fun and all, but surprise mail days, yeah, those are the best.

I did know I had something coming from @TMurphyCards but I had no idea what it was. He wanted to send me something to help start my New Year better than last years started. Well, it worked.

He threw in a pack of 1992 Skybox NFL Prime Time football which I have set aside in my rainy day packs. At some point I will be breaking these and revealing the contents on here. Stay tuned for that awesomeness.

Some Giants cards of course were found. I really like that LT Fleer All-pro design. One of the better early 90's designs out there.

It took me many years to realize that these Pro Set Power cards had parallels. This is the silver foil base card but the parallels take the pretty foil on the product name and turn it gold. Not quite the eye catch as the base. One of the very few times where the base looks better than the parallel.

Then came the whopper. Landon Collins Purple Prizm autograph! One of the top safeties in the league! I just wished he hadn't gotten hurt towards the end of the season. I wanted him to finish strong. Speaking of finishing, will he finish his career as a Giant? This offseason will tell as his rookie contract has ended.

Thanks Tyler for the great cheerful mail day!

The next surprise I had came just a few days later. Well, not sure if it was a surprise or a slip of memory @Cardpocalypse was sending me something, but either way, it was a nice find.

Tim sent along a filled bubbler full of goodies with most focusing on Big Blue.

I have been trying to think of another Topps Chrome rainbow I should attempt then this guy popped up. Could be an affordable one to chase. Hmmmm...

FLUFFY! I was able to add one of these off from my want list already, but I don't mind at all having another. This dude is funny! I own all of his DVD stand ups so far and some lines I have even memorized. Good stuff.

These are two great looking cards I didn't have and they come from Panini Father's Day packs. Snacks Harrison who the Giants sadly traded to the Lions halfway through the season and Landon Collins who they could lose as well. But I plead to them don't let Landon go!

OBJ! Flashback design to the iconic 1986 Topps that also had an iconic WR rookie card in the set....however, no comparison from me of Odell to Jerry. Jerry was in a different league.

Danny Kanell and Jason Sehorn Bowmans Best base I didn't have. I miss football card variety.

When I finish up my Rodney Hampton PC or get to the point where I can't add anymore, we will be inserting Kerry Collins to take his spot I believe. I have always had a soft spot for Kerry for some reason or another. I would accept cards from any of the teams he played on. Also still am searching for an autograph in a Giants uniform.

I don't have the figure and didn't have the card til now. Cross it off!

Michael almost saw his sack record get sacked by Aaron Donald. I am glad it didn't and even though Michael said he was cheering on Donald to do so, deep down, come on man. You don't want your record taken away.

I feel like many forget about Eli's records he owns both team and league along with his Super Bowl wins. This is why I still say he is a Hall Of Famer.

Old School Stadium Club is the best. Great photography, design and this Matt Bahr proves it.

One of the best TE's in Giants history. I never sadly got to watch him play on TV but have seen plenty of highlights and I am impressed.

I don't have much for old school Giants cards, so it's easy to have new additions from those eras. I need to get more vintage honestly.

Some Giants rookies that didn't quite pan out. I think Thomas is the best of the group here.

Judge! I need to put these with my others and see how far I am from this set.

This was my favorite photograph of the group. He has long reach. Of course he is a literal giant.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I love shiny things so Tim hit the spot with a couple Prizm parallels. I tried my best to capture their magic but it didn't quite fall into place.This is Wayne Gallman who I hope is back again next year. I can't see why they wouldn't bring him back.

Davis Webb. So pretty!

I didn't have this Gallman relic and I like the look of it! The fabric fold on the jersey is pretty unique as well.

Amani Toomer rookie card. I never figured out how he had so many jersey numbers. Some cards show him wearing 18, others 89 and then he ends up wearing the iconic 81.

More shiny goodness. This time comes in Donruss form of Paul Perkins.

And to finish out Tim's mail day is this OBJ. I wished Topps would bring back Topps Prime and it's amazing photography and make a baseball line. That would be another version of Stadium Club which is a collectors favorite.

Thanks again to Tim for the mail day! I know we both will have another one soon for each other with our big awesome ongoing trade. Still looking for stuff for ya after I write this.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Proof Is In The Hampton

When I have the opportunity, like I did with the eBay gift card I got for Christmas, I try to go out and find new unique pieces for my Rodney Hampton collection that will make mine the best one out there. Yes, the best out there. Isn't that always our goal?

There were many times I look and stare at his Starting Lineups and autograph photos, but, I still have yet to pull the trigger. But, someday maybe through trades or something I will finally add pieces like that to make my collection well rounded. I once found an autograph game worn cleat on eBay I really wanted but couldn't afford. It's still on there. There are also pocket schedules and a pocket sized game chart from 1990 I have looked at as well that feature this all star running back but let them sit there for now.

Anyways, there is this guy on eBay who sells a lot of cool items from the 90's such as rare refractors, 90's inserts, uncut cards, and proofs. Stuff you don't always see everywhere. I stumbled upon him with a single Rodney Hampton search once and have bought from him a few time with my gift cards over the years. He is a pretty solid guy who helped me out on this latest deal by adding in a card to help cover the extra shipping I had to pay because the drop down menu type selections wouldn't allow combined shipping. I was glad he helped with that because paying $6 in shipping is way too much.

Let's check out to see what I grabbed,

1995 Topps no foil. There's no foil on this card! This was one of my favorite 1,000 yard club designs back in the 90's. Especially the backs of these. This card doesn't have the foil where Topps would be in the top corner and Rodney's name.

This card is a tad bigger than the actual one in packs, it's an uncut oversized white border proof. It is much cooler in-person.

Here is a 1995 Topps Mystery Finest uncut panel. This is the bonus he tossed in. Pretty cool addition. The Erict Rhett even features him in the old Buc's uniform you have got to enjoy. 

Now onto my favorite pickup of the group that was only $1!

Remember those overhead projectors we used in school, none of that iPad technology today, where there was a large sized machine that used transparent paper to transfer that the info on the paper and project it with mirrors and light onto the chalkboard or bed sheet or whatever was used at the time. Pretty much the same as a 35mm slide projector. Yeah, I am old.



This Hampton is like one of those transparent sheets they used. This is from the 1996 Topps Chrome 40th Retro set. As you can see, it's clear right through. So much so you can see the snow out my window. The piece is also a big larger than a normal sized card. This Hampton card may be one of my favorite pieces I own. You can see some marks on the card, nothing major, but it's because these proofs from these companies were never meant to hit the secondary market. They were as they are called, just proofs of the cards. I am curious however how this seller accumulated all of these over the years.

There you have it. More new Hampton additions to my PC. I do have three more cards I am waiting on to come in that I will be hopefully posting soon. I used up the rest of my gift card once again using a sellers free shipping deal and 20% two or more items. Got a steal.

Til next time!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Runnin' With Rodney Again

Even though I spent about half of my eBay gift card on those set needs, I still took the other half and built in some Hampton space. The combined free shipping really helped with my Pinnacle Clear Shots buy, so I decided adding in some Hampton would too.

So I scoured their store and my checklist and found some perfect matches to help fill some needs.

1997 Score Hobby Reserve or just a plain foil parallel lol

1997 Score Giants Team Card. I never heard or seen these. This I like! Just missing the Score Reserve Collection and Score 1997 will be wrapped up as well!

1996 Playoff Trophy Contenders Mini Back To Back of Tyrone Wheatley and Rodney Hampton. Only one of these backs ever made an impact on the Giants. This finishes up my Trophy Contenders needs. That was one great looking base set and is on my list of needs.

1996 Pacific Blue parallel. Still missing the red and silver.

1996 Upper Deck Silver Helmet Cards of Rodney Hampton and Tyrone Wheatley. Card has that Fx feel to it. Looks pretty cool. Just missing the 1996 Upper Deck mini to have this product for Hampton wrapped up.

1997 Pinnacle Xpress Autumn Warriors parallel. Just adds some foil shine to the base. I think this was a great looking product, just didn't last more than a year I don't believe. This completes my Xpress needs.

1996 Crown Royale blue parallel. I am still missing the silver version and an insert named NFL Regime from this product.

This is only part one of three when it comes to my Hampton additions. The next one includes some pretty rare oddball cards not on any checklist. Check those out tomorrow.