Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Another Trade With Dion

I believe this will be my third completed trade with Dion's Autograph Collection blog this year. He just keeps finding more and more stuff I need.

I didn't post everything he sent, but I did post the key pieces. Let's roll that beautiful bean footage...I mean Giants.

Boom chalakakakakakaka

Along with the Giants, the beginning base of this trade came from some cards he posted FT on his blog. I am not one for graded cards, but if they are cool cards or players I collect, I will take them.
Such as this Kurt Warner

90's parallel of Torry Holt

It's Brett Favre people!

And a base rookie of El Duque to go with my refractor. I loved watching him pitch with his leg kick.

That does it for another trade with Dion. Thanks again for the trade and hope to do another soon!

Monday, July 6, 2020

More From The Diamond King

Today's post is more free fun from The Diamond King who does pop up freebie Friday's throughout the week. You have to get there fast, or that stuff is gone.

I was fortunate enough to get there fast enough to grab a few cards over a few different days that fit my PC.

First up, Derek Jeter. I didn't have this one for my PC so fits perfectly

Two greats and a new card for my Mantle collection. Works for me!

90's insert

90's parallel

90's die cut

The 90's cards I will take all day long. I don't care who the players/team/sports are.

Thanks to The Diamond King for another excellent mail day. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, do so!

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Contest! Win A Gavin Lux Auto!

If you haven't seen yet, I have posted a contest over at Cards Over Coffee blog for a chance to win a Gavin Lux auto. All you have to do is have a U.S. Address and comment. Pretty simple.


Coffee Break:2020 Onyx Vintage Premium

(would also appreciate a follow there and a blogroll add)


Rodney's Cardboard:1997 Upper Deck Black Diamond


Is all I can say about this card. These don't pop up too often or at all. I have been watching one on eBay that COMC had for $15 but couldn't see myself pulling the trigger. It was priced way too high which is how I feel about all Hamptons that COMC has on eBay.

Luckily, a few have popped up on eBay that I got for 1/4th of the price of what they were charging.

This time, another Black Diamond Hampton popped up on eBay with the same $15 price tag. I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue for about a month watching the seller re-list 4 times before I finally messaged them and offered $6. Now don't call me a low baller because I am not. I am a realist. There was no way a Rodney Hampton base card, despite it's somewhat rarity should ever go for $15.

The seller at first said no, I can't do that. Then I explained how big of a Hampton fan I was and how I have been watching for some time. They came back with an offer of $6 and said I wouldn't get tracking for it but they would ship it safely in a CD package. Which I was more than fine with and about six days later, the card arrived in perfect shape.

Front. It features three diamonds which is one of the tougher ones to land.

Back side. Look at those Rodney's stats.

I am glad to finally have this one knocked down, only problem now is to wait on the gold which I am not sure will ever be posted or probably be posted for a reasonable deal. Those are numbered to 50.

Saturday, July 4, 2020

The End Is Near....

The end is coming...The final season of Sport Card Collectors blog is upon you!

Time to cue Boyz II Men!

More details to follow soon.....

Friday, July 3, 2020

Fishing In The Valley

Yesterday, I let you check out some pretty sweet cards I grabbed from the main Valley Of Cards eBay store. Today's cards come from his Valley Of PWE Cards which is exactly what it says, they are PWE cards.

For single cards, shipping is a flat .99 but those cards are shipped the same exact way he ships his bubbler cards. The double team bags, toploader, etc. I have never once had an issue with his PWE cards as I have gotten many. I am also very cheap so I like to see .99 shipping and knowing my cards will arrive fast and safe.

If you buy more than one card from his PWE shop, it is an additional .55 and is capped at $8.25.

Let's take a gander at what I snagged which is way more than I grabbed yesterday. Once again, I am frugal in how I spend my money. I prefer quantity or quality.

Most cards in his PWE shop are under $3 with a few exceptions. This lot here were $1-$2 each.

I didn't have a 2020 Slayton yet, here we go for a $1 I couldn't say no. Once again, I am cheap.

Danny Dimes Rookie Of The Year Contenders. I have the Slayton, but not Jones. I will pretty much take any rookie year Jones under $5.

Oooooooo a shiny Pink Pulsar. First Crusade of Jones I have from this years Prizm Draft.

Purple Saquon. It's not numbered, but that purple against the white Penn State is flashy

Select holo silver of Sterling Shepard. As you can tell by some of the cards I grabbed above, I didn't get any 2019 Select. I made sure I did this time.

And then I went and grabbed some fresh Trout from the newest Panini baseball product, 2020 Select.

25 Man insert

Premier Level base. It does bug me some about Select with the different levels of base cards but it also is annoying the inserts look like the base. But, anything with Mike's face on it is worth grabbing regardless.

And a couple of Topps grabs too.
Topps Chrome Update Greatest Players had my attention when I saw the shine

And I thought this was pretty cool. I hadn't heard of or maybe noticed these Throwback Thursday cards before. This is a 1997-1998 basketball design. It caught my eye being a 90's collector as you guys know.

It seems that Valley Of Cards always has these Throwback Thursday cards of a variety of players in his shop.

Pretty solid mail day all around from both of his shops. If you haven't checked out his Valley Of PWE cards do so. It not only has an offering of cards like above, but its very useful for new set adds, team lots, player cards, and just some fun singles to own you may not want to pay $4 to have shipped to yourself. Seems most single cards are going for that shipping rate now and sometimes you never know how those will arrive to you either. At least here I can guarantee you they will arrive safely.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Valley Of Fun

Not only is Valley Of Cards a good friend, but he sure knows how to sell cards.

This is why I will buy cards from him, and no this is not sponsored, it's because of the way he runs his business.

Let's just check out some stuff I recently grabbed from his eBay1 store and you will see why I am talking about this. Tomorrow, I will touch base with his newest store, ValleyPWE.

Mail day stack.

The cards came nicely packaged with double team bagging. There was no way at all these were going to get hurt on the ride here. And sometimes the ride to my house can be a bit bumpy.

Not only are the overall cards grouped and double bagged, but the individual cards are as well. Each card has two team bags protecting them. I have never seen another seller do this and treat cards like they are the family members they are sending back home safely.

One of the first things that caught my eye on his eBay1 account was this Darius Slayton lot. Valley Of Cards does quite a few player lots whether it's two cards or ten. There were a few cards in this Slayton lot I didn't have and I have an itching this guy will be good. (there were other Slayton lots as well but this one had my attention the most)
Numbered red parallel out of XR. I should also mention that each card has a top loader no matter the value. There are a lot of sellers I have found that will stick in one toploaded card in a stack of penny sleeved ones. That's not always the safe way.

Prizm. If you haven't caught on yet, the secret ingredient to a key rookie is having his Prizm rookie card.

Score, I have a couple of these but that's okay!

Donruss Canvas parallel

And finally a New Generation relic. I didn't have this one. I should also mention this player lot was only $9.99. If you were to price these cards individually it comes to more than that if you consider shipping for each card.

Up next, I went fishing
I caught me a big Trout. This one is a holo silver Select Stars of Mike. Those shiny cards are always appealing and throw in the fact its the face of baseball right now is an added bonus.

And finally, a nice numbered Eli Manning from Contenders football I didn't have.

If you thought this stuff was pretty cool, wait until you see my grabs tomorrow from his VOCPWE shop. I did some more fishing.....

I suggest you go check out Valley Of Cards1 eBay shop HERE and find yourself some treasures. He always has the newest and hottest products from all teams,players and almost every sport. Go see it for yourself and let me know what you grab.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Grady Bunch: Griffey Comes Home

Did you guess Ken Griffey Jr?

If you did, you would be right.

Even though Grady sent plenty of football cards and NY Giants to show off, I will do that over at Snagging Cardboard blog, I put most of my focus this time on baseball. I know how much of the blogosphere is made up of baseball card fans and since most of what I post is football, wanted to give you guys something to see.

I haven't added a lot of new Griffeys in the past year besides a few minor trades, but it's always nice to welcome home a new one.

Or three in this case.

 I hadn't seen this insert before but it's another one of those Topps reprints.

Very cool die cut and a great pic of Griffey in his 90's prime

And this card I knew about ahead of time. As soon as Grady pulled it, he sent me a pic and said it was mine. I think these retail pulls are sometimes better than the hobby ones. I would rather have a nice card like this then a single color relic.

Back of this medallion card. It tells you its manufactured, but the part I laughed at was the fact they had to put reprint on this card. I would find that very sad if someone thought this was a rookie card.

Thanks again to Grady for sending these along. I will hopefully have some stuff together to send you a return thank you soon. Always appreciate the cards and the friendship.

What are your guys thoughts on these medallion cards?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Grady Bunch 2: More Baseball

When Sport Card Collectors reader and fan Grady M sends a box of goodies, he really sends it.

It's packed with every sport including wrestling. It's got tons of variety and plenty of shiny stuff as he knows I am a fan of.

I know many bloggers and collectors are not fans of Panini's baseball products, but I will emphasize again that I am.

This Rickey Henderson is fire. It's numbered to his career home run total. So shiny!

Good mix of pink players, red and purples

Some insert pinks



Okay enough with that. One would guess it's stuck in your head by now.
I found two of these 2010's Decades Best inserts in the box and even found an unannounced parallel....

Seems like a fitting parallel.

Well, that does it for Post 2. One more post to go. The final post from this box relates to one player and one player only. Question is, can you guess it?