Saturday, September 18, 2021

Show Me The Way:1998 Stadium Club One Of A Kind

The newest segment on here kicks off today. I thought naming this one Charles Cardboard would be a bit tacky in it's comparison with my Rodney chase, so I thought branding its own series would be better and Show Me The Way is just catchy.

The first card is the latest addition that was not included in my main post as it arrived a day after I uploaded those pictures. I have a few others as well to show off in the upcoming weeks.

1998 Stadium Club randomly inserted, for baseball they were 1:21 odds, the One Of A Kind parallels. The cards are simply just a foil covering over the base card and is numbered to 150 on the back.

Rodney Hampton wasn't included in the 1998 Stadium Club set so this is my first seeing one of these parallels up close.

There are more of these cards on the Way, see what I did there? If you have any Charles Way sitting around, SHOW ME THE WAY!!

Friday, September 17, 2021

Show Me The WAY!

I told myself I wouldn't TACKLE another Super PC as I did with Rodney Hampton, but, once again, fate hit and here I am.

You can now refer to me as the....CHARLES WAY Super Collector.

Why Charles Way? Well, he was another player I enjoyed watching playing in his five seasons with the Giants. He also has a tie in with Rodney as he was a fullback that blocked for Rodney his first few seasons before taking over for Rodney in 1997 when he was out with an injury. Way went on to rush for 696 yards and had over 1,000 all purpose yards that season. He played okay in 1998 but knee injuries forced him to retire in 2000. Once again a player that had potential and who knows how far he could have gone.

Regardless of that, he ended up in my collection and I have come a long ways in the last few months with it.

Also, been keeping track of my collection and stats on TCDB.

Here was the humble beginnings which put me at 8th place to start.

A few adds moved me up to 5th

Then a huge mail day jumped me up to first.

Then more...

And the domination continued....

And finally here is where I am at (since the typing of this four more cards have shown up)

I currently own 31.5% of all Charles Way cards out there. With a minimal 251 to chase, it shouldn't be too hard to find most. However, some are very, very expensive and some others being 90's cards will be even harder to chase down.

Here is a visual of my Way collection thus far,


(class 3 Black Label)

1998 Skybox Rubies)

(in-person auto that came via a friend)

(Way only has 3 autographs total)

(My first and only 1/1!)

(Rave and Super Rave!!!!)

(gold parallel /25)

(my favorite cards of them all, Legacy collections /100)

Pretty solid collection I am proud of so far. Still a WAY to go, but I will show any new additions as I go on. Maybe do a segment similar to the Rodney Hampton one.

If any of you have any Charles Way you don't see above, as the Styx sung, SHOW ME THE WAY!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Can We Win?

It's Game Day against the Washington Football Team (I really can't get used to calling them that). Even though I am not a fan of Thursday Night games, because it's too long til the next game, a game is a game. I just hope my team actually shows up this time.

The Giants opener was like watching them in the preseason, they looked flat. The offense couldn't run the ball and as always the Offensive Coordinator didn't know how to use all of the new weapons in place. The defense, which I thought would be the strength of the team, was actually more of a weakness than the offense as Teddy Bridgewater looked like Tom Brady against them. He completely picked them apart and they got multiple 4th down conversions against what was supposed to be a Top 10 defense. If the offense is flat and the defense keeps playing like this.....well......

I may not have a great team to had watched this past Sunday, but I at least had a great mail day to enjoy of the team. I recently saw @Jaescards tweet out a case break he did of Onyx football and one of the cards he pulled I wanted badly. So I inquired and a trade was born.

Of course the trade went further than just the one card, but that's a good thing.

Some new Kadarius Toneys made their way to me. So far in he -2 yards on the season. Like I said, Garrett has no idea how to utilize these weapons.

Eli Manning base from Onyx...this is just an early teaser for the bigger card.

Some bonuses he tossed in! Nothing wrong with these guys, even Evan Engram who can't seem to catch a break whether it be a ball or being on the field healthy.

Daniel Jones played well, if you forget about the key fumble on a drive deep in Broncos territory.

Here is a Prizm rookie of him as well. Hope he can work on the fumbles...more importantly I wished he would slide so he won't turn it over.

Darius Slayton started the Giants out with a 42 yard great catch, then that was basically the only highligh the offense had in the game. Slayton I still believe is a game changer if you can get the ball into his hands.

Speaking of Game Changers, Kenny Golladay made some great catches on Sunday. He was all he was hyped up to be.

Two more autograph adds to my Kenny G side collection. Hopefully Panini will put one out in his Giants uniform.

And for the key card of this trade....
BOOO YEAH! Eli Manning autograph! Anytime I can add an Eli auto I am game for it.

Thanks again to @JaesCards for the trade, hope we can do this again!

As for the Giants tonight, please show up. Please show me something. I don't want to watch another one of those long seasons.

Go Big Blue!

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Kadarius Toney

Another one of my new segments on here is to show off my Giants PC by player (mainly hits or cool cards). This way I can upload most of my bigger collections into the blog for others to view.

The first one I am kicking it off with is Kadarius Toney, one of the newer Giants. Toney was drafted in the first round in the 2021 NFL Draft by the Gmen. They have been looking to get more weapons on offense and this guy is a multi-tooled weapon who can do a lot of things (keep in mind I am typing this up before the Giants season opener so I have no idea how he actually played).

Toney did not get to show much off in the preseason due to injuries and Covid related reasons so hopefully he will be their secret weapon.

Last year, I didn't collect any Giants as the group was a defensive one and for those kind of draft classes I like to stay focused only on getting an autograph of each player. So I was excited when the Giants grabbed an offensive weapon, however, I wasn't excited to see how high his stuff was for a guy that's a 4th WR right now.

Most, if not all of my Kadarius Toney PC was built through trading, please enjoy:

(green parallel-picture was hard to take)

Pretty cool huh? I hope to keep adding to it while not drifting to far away from my more important PC's.

I am curious to hear if you are collecting someone from the 2021 NFL Draft class and who that is in comments below!