Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:Note Booking Another Year

It was March 19th 1983 and I was, well, born into this world.

I hope it was a great day for my parents and not really a memorable one for myself. Who remembers when they were born really? I actually don't have a ton of recollection early on in my childhood, just a few bumps that I run into along the way in my mind I will write down. Some times that helps bring back more so I can gather my past. Since my parents weren't really picture taking type, documenting my past isn't that easy and without that visual part it hurts trying to remember things as well.

However, I do my best with what materials I got left from my childhood.

And one of those materials brought back many memories when I dug it out again for this post. One of the most memorable birthday gifts I ever got was a 1 subject notebook. You see, not only did I write all of the time, I also kept track of my card collection in these since I didn't have a computer and I also did some scrapbooking that way. When people didn't have much money for gifts for me, they all knew that a notebook was the way to go.

Today's reveal is my oldest scrapbooking experience. So get ready for a ride.

On the front cover still in very light color ink is a note from my mother on the front of this. To My Little Boy Mat(t) Love Mom. My mother didn't write many love notes so this was also a keeper just for that.

The scrapbook isn't quite as organized as I remember it, but I took these photos in order of appearance in the book. Some of the clippings were taken from the local newspaper, while others were found in the NY Post that my father would pick up every so often. Especially when our teams would succeed.

Ah, the Knicks. Back when basketball was great. And a time when the Knicks were to.

The Giants schedule and results from 1998. I always forget that Arizona was in their division at one point.

TD and Elway! I always wanted them to win the big game and they finally did. TD was a baller! If only he didn't get hurt.

Giants schedule and results for the 1999 season. Also stats and standings.

Anytime I could find pictures of Knicks taking down the Miami Heat, I was all over it.

Jeff Van Gundy one of the greatest Knicks coaches ever.

Irabu. Was supposed to add the IT factor to the Yanks. Well, not so much.

However this guy did.

Mo, Big Daddy and the Straw!

Giants Schedule and scores from 1997

Dave Brown. ugh.

My boy Rodney!

Rodney again! I have seen that photo used on many of his cards.

Champs baby! Well, not the Super Bowl kind.

My three favorite Knicks all time on this page. I have an Allan Houston autograph, but in desperate need of John Starks and Patrick Ewing.

yes, I was a Duke fan as well. I still root them on today but don't watch it as in-depth as I did then. but, I will say, Coach K is a legend.

More Yanks!

And the home run chase was on! One didn't cheat their way to their number however. I spent so much time watching game highlights to make sure Griffey stayed ahead of McGwire but one way or another, Mark found his way to the top. I was excited to watch it at the time, but after finding out he cheated to do so, well, that made me take a turn on baseball.

Speaking of baseball, I don't expect any cards for my birthday this year besides the one blaster I shared on Twitter already, but if I do, I will share them there again. But, expectation is low. I was at least hoping for a eBay gift card.

I don't ask for notebooks anymore as a lot of my book keeping is left on this blog. I have been slowly adding my sets to the checklists on here so if you wanna check those out every week and see if you can help that would be awesome.  I also keep my numbers of my teams players, etc done on here as well which desperately need updating.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed a Part Of My Past. If you did, than that's all I need this year for my birthday. Thanks for reading!

Monday, March 18, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 3

It was 1995 and one of the hottest movies was set to release to theaters. My parents weren't ones to go to the theater and watch movies, so I knew I would have to wait to see it when it released on VHS.

(here is the movie outline if you are interested. I have posted about it before with It's Morphin Time!)

I just hoped that would be sooner rather than later.

When I was finally able to watch it, my parents went to the video store and grabbed it for me and for me only. It wasn't something they were all going to be interested in as my mom was all horror, my dad was sports and my sister was Little Mermaid.

So I sat by myself, eating a snack and drinking my favorite carry around squeezable drink in Squeezit.

Squeezit drinks were fruit flavored juice produced by General Mills between the mid 1980's til 2001ish. The drink came in a plastic bottle that you had to squeeze to enjoy and give yourself the right amount of beverage you crave. Hence the name.

These were pretty efficient at giving you the amount of drink you wanted when you squeezed on it except when someone else squeezed it for you. I don't remember one time that I was laying down getting ready to sip on one when my sister came over and squeezed it as hard as she could causing me to choke. She thought it was hilarious and I thought I saw the light. 

The drink came in a six pack with a variety of flavors with unique names such as Chucklin' Cherry, Berry B. Wild or my favorite Gallopin Grape. I liked everything flavored grape then including some food items and drinks.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie was as great as I thought it would be and as great as they promoted it to be. I was collecting football cards mainly at the time but was fortunate to find a pack of 1995 Fleer Ultra Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cards at our local Ames.

That pack was shown in the link above and what I pulled was so much fun.

Yesterday I spoke of some more packs that @Jake1725 snagged for me via of a @AmedRosarioFan pack sale, well, this time these were regular Fleer versions of cards from the movie. I couldn't wait to open one. I plan on keeping the rest sealed for keepsakes.
Each pack came with six cards and it didn't appear there were any chases to be found.

The cards were all base cards and looked exactly like the Fleer Ultra ones but without the pizzazz. There was no foil added to the wording and there were no chases like Ultra. But, I still enjoyed opening them and remembering parts of the movie through them.

I did like the design and photography done on these. Very sharp.

The base set was actually the same exact thing with 150 cards of featured Rangers, characters and of scenes.

The backs were the same as well.

The Tengu warriors!!

Ivan Ooze was one evil dude. My second favorite top villain from the show.

Rangers finding their innersoles

Ivan about ready to take down the Rangers. Something Lord Zedd or Rita hadn't done.

Rocky replaced Jason as the Red Ranger on the show at one point. I can't remember the story line either.

I would like to hunt down some packs of Fleer Ultra from this movie again and possibly chase the hologram inserts. I would also prefer that base set over this one.

I actually will be bringing back this movie one more time on here and it will be Totally Rad when I do I promise. There will be something amazing to see!

SqueezeIts believe it or not actually made a small come back in the mid-2000's and most recently in 2012. I would guess it's not seen it's final days yet. Seems like everything comes back but most of the time isn't the same.

Even as a grown child now, I would probably still check some out if it made one more comeback because it's one I do. I am nostalgic.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Part 2

It was 1994 and that time again for another riveting episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! I wonder which creative alien they would have to take down this time or how it will try to take down the earth.


As I always did, it was time to raid the cupboards for a snack to go along with the show. Since, my parents hadn't gone grocery shopping yet and things were looking a tad empty, there was no usual Shark Bites so I had to find a backup snack. If I couldn't find sweet, guess I had to go to it's savory partner, salty.

And not just any salty snack, one that you could "play with" as well. I would fool around with them in a variety of ways when I was a kid as I had one of my most imaginative minds that I still wished I had today.

Many of you should remember what Bugles are especially since they still exist today.

The best way to describe this snack is cone shaped light aired salty potato chips of a sort snack. The most interesting thing about them was being able to put them onto your fingers to make you appear like Freddy Kruger or some chick from the nail salon. Whatever floated your boat at the time.

For me on this day, I was one of Rita's space aliens heading towards earth to try and help her take down the Rangers and conquer earth.

It's simple memories like this that just come back to me easily with the sight of something familiar. Those memories all clicked when I bought some Bugles recently for the first time since my youth. They were running a sale and I said, hey, why not. I need a snack.

The snack to me at least still tasted the same after all of these years. I wasn't a huge fan of the regular, but I bought a bag of that and the cheese version as well since my local grocery store didn't have many options for those.

You combine the Bugles and the recent packs of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cards on Twitter for sale by @AmedRosarioFan, and as Celine Dion would sing, "It's All Coming Back To Me Now."

At the time in 1994, I wasn't quite a card collector yet when those 1994 Mighty Morphin Power Ranger cards came out but if I had been, I would have been all over it. Even though I didn't collect the cards and that they weren't technically part of my past, I knew I had to have them just to be apart of my Power Rangers collection. Maybe even some memories of the episodes would appear on the cards.

As always, money stands in my way from a lot of things, but fortunately for me, I have some great friends like @Jake1725 who snagged them for me.

There were two versions of the packs with the other I will be posting tomorrow. Today, we will be looking at a one pack break of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cards from 1994. The other four packs I will probably keep sealed to go with my other Power Ranger items.

Every pack of these Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comes with 6 cards and 1 foil card. The cards feature pictures from the TV series.

The card fronts feature a very colorful show themed border with the show logo centered at the bottom of the card. No name on the front or what was happening there until you flip it over.

We find out it's Goldar, who was one of Rita's most feared associates. He was on the show a very long time by her side and by Lord Zedds side. The card back also features a small write up about the front and a Power Rangers brain teaser question. Off to the right, you will find the answer but it's in code!! The code features numbers which coordinate with the number a letter is positioned in the alphabet.

Some of the subsets are made done by artist renditions.

While most are photographic parts of the show. We have already seen Zack.

Here is one of Trini. RIP. She died at a young age in real life.

The Rangers trying to dig their way out of a situation!!

Trying a sneak attack here.

And onto the foil card that is actually apart of the base set. The foil also has a unique glow to it I couldn't capture with a regular no flash picture.

So I turned my flash back on and here was the best I could capture the glittery sparkle on Goldar.

After opening this first pack up, I now must decide what to do with them and whether I want to open more. The fear of opening more is that I would want to chase the set especially of the foils.

Another thing I must decide is how can I have fun with Bugles now? These weren't made for adult hands.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict: Murder She Wrote

*insert a picture of a desktop computer with me sitting at it and some catchy theme music*

It was sometime in the 1990's and I was on one of my school vacations and about ready to spend time quality time with Grammy. Yes, I spent a good portion of my weekends at my grandmothers as I thought she was the coolest.

We would go out for the occasional breakfast at the local doughnut shop which would be a special treat or would have peanut butter sandwiches with butterscotch pudding as a special supper. She would occasionally make her homemade "ice cream" which was honestly just milk, salt, and vanilla extract that she would stick into the freezer until it became frozen on top. Still was tasty though.

And then there were the real rare occasions when I would be able to pick myself out a candy treat when we walked a mile to the grocery store. She was a diabetic, so candy wasn't allowed most of the time, but once in great while I got the green light to do so. And when I was allowed to, I had a lot of candy standbys at the time. I ate M&M's, Snickers and Butterfingers. So when Butterfinger put out these BB's, a mini ball version of itself, I was all over 'em. They weren't too bad, except the chocolate melted easily and when you reached in your hands would be covered in it.

I know most of these things may not seem like much to you or maybe even close to something worthy of your childhood, but they meant the world to me. You see, my grandmother lived off from Social Security so she didn't have a lot of money so I learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in life instead.
Another thing I enjoyed doing at my grandmothers is watching some of her TV shows with her. She was a stickler when it came to kids watching TV, but when it came to putting her shows on, I was allowed to watch them alongside. Not all of her shows interested me though as some were a little boring, sorry grammy, but there was one we watched every Sunday Night I stayed over for.

It involved a professional writer named Jessica Fletcher who used her amateur detective skills with her intellect and charm, to get to the bottom of every murder mystery in Cabot Cove, Maine. That show was known as Murder She Wrote!

Murder She Wrote came on CBS on Sunday Nights and was it's staple there for 12 years. The show ran from 1984 (I was only one at the time so I wasn't watching it at that point) til 1996. There were 264 episodes total along with four TV movies.

The star of the show was Angela Lansbury who was nominated for ten Golden Globes and twelve Emmy Awards for her work on the show. She also starred and voiced in other movies over the years.

When I recently saw Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown post something about Angela, the memories clicked in my mind so thought it was time I tried to acquire an autograph of her for my childhood keepsakes. So I contacted my TTM autograph address guy and he hooked me up again with an address for the star.

So I mailed out my request and within two weeks I got an envelope back. I realized after I had sent out the request I forgot to include the index card I normally do and was beyond disappointed thinking she wouldn't sign anything for me.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up to find this. A signed piece of notepaper she had. I guess you can consider it a piece of memorabilia as well. I wished I knew how to do photos and could afford to do or at least remember to include my index card but I will take this.

Thanks Angela for signing for me. It will be preserved in my childhood tote I have built.

My grandmother has long since passed, back in 2004, so I can't share this great piece with her but I know she is looking down on me smiling that I have it and keeping the fun memories we had together.

Murder She Wrote is still being played on TV on the Hallmark Movie Channel almost daily and most likely even today. I don't watch it anymore but may occasionally scroll by it when channel flipping and make myself smile. 
My grandmother was an amazing person. Through her many teachings and just by my observations of how she was and treated others, it made me who I am today. Treat others how you would like to be treated and remember you don't need all of the newest stuff. It's just stuff. Can't take it with you. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life. That's what she taught me.  

The one thing she didn't teach me was how to share my occasional candy bar. Because when it comes to my Butterfinger, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger"

Friday, March 15, 2019

REVIEW:2018 Select Football Box 2

Box one was pretty successful if you ask me, now let's get onto Box two to see if we can have two times the luck!

In every box of 2018 Select football there are 12 packs of 5 cards each. Each box comes with three hits including autographs and memorabilia cards. There is also plenty of shiny color to chase as well. Boxes currently run just under $200.

Here is an overall look at the parallels you can find for the base cards in the product,

Concourse Prizms
 Silver, Zebra SSP, Tri-Color /199, Blue /175, Maroon /99, White /75, Orange /49, Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Neon Orange Pulsar FOTL /9, Green /5, and Black 1/1.

Premier Level Prizms
Silver, Tri-Color /199.
DIE-CUT PRIZM PARALLELS: Zebra SSP, Light Blue /99, Purple /75, Neon Green /49, Tie-Dye #/25, Gold /10, Neon Orange Pulsar FOTL /9, Green /5, and Black 1/1.
Field Level Prizms
Silver, Zebra SSP, Tri-Color /99, Copper /75, Red /49, Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Neon Orange Pulsar FOTL /9, Green /5, and Black 1/1.

Here were the ones I found,



Blue /175

Maroon /75

Orange /49

Tri Color

Select is also has some inserts and most or all of those have the Prizm parallels too.

Those parallels include, Prizm, Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.



Repeat from box one. Hmmm. Sensations.

Now onto the hits. All look amazing with this chromed technology but when you pull the prizm parallels of them even more so. I didn't find a Rodney Hampton in my box, but still hit a pretty cool one.

All hits have parallels to. No surprises here.

Select Swatches. These have White /149. Copper /99, Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1. This time Giants legend, Harry Carson!

Rookie Signatures. Christian Kirk could have a future with the Cardinals and learning under Fitz will be a good thing.

Here are parallels for the rookie signatures,

PRIZM PARALLELS: Maroon /75, Light Blue /49, Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.
DIE-CUT PRIZM PARALLELS: Tie-Dye /25, Gold /10, Green /5, and Black 1/1.
And my final hit,

Rookie jersey signatures. Really sharp card but the parallels are even sharper.

Other hits not found in my box but could be in yours includes,
  • 2019 XRC Prizm Redemption
  • 2019 XRC Mystery Autograph Prizm Redemption
  • Signatures Prizm
  • Signatures Maroon Prizm
  • Rookie Signature Memorabilia Prizm
  • Signature Memorabilia Prizm
  • Signature Memorabilia Blue Prizm
  • Jumbo Rookie Signature Swatches Prizm
  • Prime Selections Prizm Signatures
  • Jumbo Rookie Swatch Prizm
  • Sparks Relic Prizm
OVERALL: Box cost is high, but there is a lot of potentially big time hits to find. I think if you want to gamble, gamble on this product. Great looking from base to parallels to hits. And I have seen some amazing patches being pulled. Not to mention, land a Rodney auto and trade it my way.

If you can't afford a full box, try buying a few packs to try or get into a box break. That will probably be the most affordable way to enjoy it.

I strongly recommend using Midwest Box Breaks for your breaking needs. They are always hitting the big pulls so if they are breaking this, you could put yourself in a good spot. They also SHIP ALL CARDS! Get what you pay for!

Please thank Panini America and Tracy Hackler for providing this box for me to review to giveaway some of the hits ON TWITTER!! Please follow them on all social media sites and visit their website for all your card needs, HERE.