Monday, May 31, 2021

Random Card Of The Day:2021 Onyx Autograph Kadarius Toney

Coffee Break:2021 Leaf Draft Football Blaster Box

*takes a sip, gets ready to rip a blaster box on today's Coffee Break. Wondering if breakfast will come sooner rather than later today...*

2021 Leaf Draft Football Blaster Box
50 Card Set
2 Autographs Per Blaster Packed Separately
$22 A Blaster

Summary:Leaf Draft continues it's run at being one of the first football products that releases around draft time. This year they switched up their usual pack ripping retail experience to simply offering up a complete set of cards along with the usual two autographs.

*takes a sip, begins to up a box and a boxed set...not as much fun..*

Here are the key cards that my blaster yielded:


*takes a sip before concluding today's coffee break*

I was pretty bored with this years Leaf Draft retail product. I have nothing against getting a complete set, but I wouldn't mind having a pack or two to rip. Maybe add a pack of parallels, maybe some short prints. Something that would add some perk to this product.

*I need some breakfast before I ramble on about this product, Coffee Card Blogger out!*

I would also like to wish everyone reading today's post a Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone has a safe weekend, also drink coffee, not alcohol*

Summer Of Wes Card #84

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Coffee Break:2021 Topps Series 1 Tin

*sun is shining early, though a cold frost tried to kill my garden last night but thankfully I planned ahead and covered everything. To brighten the day up more, I have something I hadn't ripped before to show off today and with a much needed cup of coffee. Let's get to it!*

2021 Topps Series 1 Tin
6 Collectible Tin Covers to choose from
75 Cards Per Tin
1 Exclusive 70 Years Of Topps Baseball Insert
5 1952 Topps Redux 2021 Inserts
1 1952 Topps Redux Chrome 2021 Insert
$19.99-$30 Per Tin Depending On Where You Buy

Summary: Topps is celebrating 70 years of baseball cards this year with the 2021 product. There is a lot of reminiscing with some of the inserts in this years product as they celebrate popular individual cards along with bringing back popular designs for some.

The base set consists of 330 cards and has many parallels including, Royal Blue, Rainbow Foil, Gold Foil, Gold /2021, Green /499, Advanced Stat /300, Orange /299, Red /199, Vintage Stock /99, Independence Day /76, Black /70, Platinum Anniversary /70, Mother’s Day /50, Father’s Day /50, Memorial Day /25, 70th Anniversary 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

There are a ton of hit options including autograph, autograph relics, and patch cards.

I was told that these tins can sometimes be special, so I had to try my first one ever. I have also seen others pull some solid cards from these so my hopes were high.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Here are the key cards from my break which consisted mainly of base cards:


*takes a sip, time for closing thoughts*

Well, I wouldn't say my break was anything special or exciting. I did like the chromed inserts and the history of Topps insert. I did find a couple of Yankee cards and the tin for my collection so that works as well. But, overall, probably won't bust another one of these.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Summer Of Wes Card #85

Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Post About Nothing

*it's time for some cards, coffee and a whole lot of yada yada yada*

2020 was a difficult year for everyone as we had to deal with a pandemic, cataclysmic natural disasters, Godzilla, King Kong, Space Aliens and everything in-between. It was a year we will never forget.

I spent most of last year secluded at home unless I had to make a toilet paper run, yes that's a joke, reminiscing of better times and most of those memories brought me back to the 90's.

Oh the 90s, how I miss those times.

*takes a sip thinking back to when  a cup of coffee in the 90's would be enjoyed with mom or grandma*

One of the things that really heightened my 90's nostalgia was turning on some of the sitcoms from that era. I have been watching Everybody Loves Raymond, King Of Queens, That 70's Show (later 90's), Rosanne, Home Improvement, Friends, and one I never thought I would watch...Seinfeld.

*takes a sip*

Seinfeld, I would say, was probably one of the most liked comedies of the 90's-if not all-time. When it made its run in the 90's, I really didn't get the humor or why anyone could like it. I despised the show to its core and anyone who liked it. It's all I heard about, especially when the finale aired.

But, since 2020 was such a different year, I would give it a shot again and began to DVR the episodes. After watching a few, I found out what I had been missing out on pretty quickly.

Not only did I start to relate real life to some of the episodes, but it also gave me a look back at some nostalgic items.

Take this episode where Jerry meets a woman with similar interests of his. They both go to a grocery store together and I could immediately put myself there with them looking at the cereal options. One of my favorite cereals to eat was Rice Krispies Treats cereal. To be honest, was actually able to enjoy this treaty breakfast up until a few years ago when they must have pulled it from the market. I also spied and enjoyed Blueberry Morning before they changed the recipe and Waffle Crisp as well. 

Seeing those brought me back to eating a bowl and watching Saturday Morning cartoons. Good times, good times.

*takes a sip begins to get to the card portion of today's cards over coffee post*

As my affection towards watching Seinfeld grew, I decided to turn to eBay to see if there was any cards from the show.

Surprisingly, no sets were made, but I did find a few custom cards and a couple of cards that Topps included in sets. I, of course, had to have them.

The first two cards came from 2019 Topps Garbage Pail Kids We Hate The 90's.

I found both variations on eBay but found them much cheaper on Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace. I also saved 10% by using code 15Burbank at checkout. I suggest you try it out.

My next card was a tad more expensive, but I had some leftover birthday eBay gift card money and forked out the $10 to land it.

This card must be a short print as I don't see many listed. It's from 2011 Topps American Pie.

Back of card. I guess I didn't know that Seinfeld premiered in '89 as I thought it was strictly in the 90's. You learn something new everyday.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post about nothing

I was disappointed by the amount of card love for Seinfeld as many other less popular shows landed on cardboard. Maybe someday, Leaf who does a lot of non sport cards will find a way to create a set specific for the show. I hope they capture both main characters and as many of the oddball ones they can. I do know they have an autograph of Larry Thomas who played the Soup Nazi on the show. That one is on my list.

If you were to ask me which Seinfeld episode I liked the best, I have an answer for you. I like them all equally. However, my favorite characters are George and Kramer as I am a little bit of both.

In comments, tell me your favorite 90's sitcom, your favorite Seinfeld episode, and your favorite 90's cereal that may not exist anymore.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Cards Over Coffee:Heritage

*takes a sip of coffee on this cold 22 degree day. Wind chill and snow probably take that down a few more degrees. But, I have coffee and I have cards and that's all I am focused on right now. Time for some Cards Over Coffee*

Heritage is a noun that means "property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance: and also "valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations." 

I think I know what my heritage is, it's sport cards.

It's what will be passed down to me and what I will one day pass down myself. I just hope the hobby is at a better place when that day comes for me or I could see my once "valued possessions" not be passed down again. Most likely would be sold off.

The thought of that happening is mightily disappointing.

*takes a sip, wonders if my passion of coffee would be passed down as well*

Heritage is also a twice-yearly Topps baseball release with it's first release, Low Number, just hitting the shelves recently. I was fortunately lucky enough to find a blaster box at my Walmart, which also happened to be the last of anything left on the shelf as well. Either way, I wasn't leaving it there for someone to flip. I wanted something to rip.

I am not a huge fan of the product, but I do like to pick up a few retail offerings of it every year just to say I have some. Hobby box wise, I stay away. A little too costly for one hit that 9 times out of 10 will be a relic. Hobby Boxes this year are in the $140 range.

I haven't seen a lot of rips or previews of the product this year so this rip will be fresh for me. So there is only one thing left to do....

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

There are 8 packs of 9 cards in every blaster box of 2021 Topps Heritage baseball. There are no guarantees in each blaster other than having a good time ripping something new. Each blaster box not being flipped will run you $20.

The base set takes you back to the 1972 design which to me is a good one, though I wasn't around to collect it at the time. I do own a few cards from that set now.

It is also a pretty large set for modern day collecting.
There are 500 cards in the base set. FIVE....HUNDRED. That's 5 and two 00's.

The base set breaks down into Veteran Base and subsets of

League Leaders from 2020

In Action (I really like these because of the unique photography on the card. This Cutch was my favorite from the ones I found in this break)

2020 Postseason and World Series moments

Along with these Boyhood Photos.

You can't have a base set without rookie cards, so insert these Rookie Stars, which I did really well with landing Adell and Bohm.

I also pulled a Ruiz

 and a Yankees one for the PC.

There are also short prints, no surprise there.
Cards 400-500 are short printed and found 1:3 packs. It will be a challenge to complete this set, fortunately for me I have no interest in chasing it.

*takes a sip before moving onto the inserts*

Then And Now of Dick Allen and Luke Voit. Overall there are 15 cards in the set to collect.

New Age Performers. There are 25 of them to chase. I feel like I landed the best one.

And finally 1972 Topps Candy Lids insert. Can't complain about ever finding a Clemente in a break.

*takes a sip before finishing up the post*

As usual with my breaks of Heritage, nothing big but a few decent cards. I have seen many though hit it huge in retail Heritage with autographs of Acuna, etc. I don't have that kind of luck. Guess that's my Heritage, never finding the retail big hits. Hopefully that kind of luck doesn't get passed down.

If you liked this post, check it out and many others on Cards Over Coffee. Add it to your blogrolls, follow it. More to come on there!!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Coffee Break:2021 Donruss Blaster Box #2

 *Cup of joe is ready and so am I, let's do this Coffee Break!*


2021 Donruss Baseball Blaster Box
88 Cards Per Box
11 Holo Purple Per Blaster
5 Rapture Parallels Per Blaster
$19.99 Per Blaster

Summary:Donruss comes hard hitting with shiny inserts and parallels once again. I know the logos don't exist but I am huge fan regardless especially of the inserts and this years Unleashed.

The base set consists of 262 cards which is base, Diamond Kings, Rated Rookies and 1987 Redux. 

There are also multitude of parallels to find, which many you will find in a blaster box. These include, Holo Blue, Holo Orange, Holo Pink, Holo Purple, Holo Red, Independence Day, Liberty, Red /2021, Career Stat Line /500 or less, Season Stat Line /400, One Hundred /100, On Fire /75, Presidential Collection /50, Mask Emoji /19, Artist Proof /10, Press Proof /5, Number One 1/1, and Printing Plates 1/1.

Donruss also brings back plenty of past insert themes along with new ones in 2021 along with a powerful lineup of hits with autographs from Sammy Sosa to relic cards of Babe Ruth.

*takes a sip, begins to rip*

Here are the key cards I found in this break:




This break wasn't quite as good as the first blaster box, but I still managed to land a solid PC card in the Aaron Judge parallel. Also a new Unleashed for my possible set chase, which I will elaborate on that another time.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a good time and hope you had a great cup of coffee.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*