Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Batman Returns

*takes a sip, computer is open and ready to go. time for some cards over coffee*

Yes, the "behind the screen" of your favorite coffee card blogger has returned. 

*takes a sip*

I was experimenting with this blog in the last few posts and seeing if I can move away from the "behind the screen" part, but I came to realize that adding those in is what make this blog unique and sets it apart from all other blogs

So they have returned....just like Batman cards in today's post.

*takes a sip, tries out Batman voice and continues on with today's post*

What I really need to do to this blog is not make changes, but to update some lists on here. That is where my time should be spent.

I don't think anywhere on here it says that I collect Batman cards. That is really only known to a few who have done some trading with me.

Such as blog reader Oren who is always on the hunt to help me add to my Batman collection.

Which in our latest trade, he did.

I have seen most of the Batman movies, recently I finally watched Batman vs Superman and Justice League, both were okay movies with Ben Affleck as Batman, but neither to me were as good as the 1992 hit Batman Returns.

In Batman Returns, Michael Keaton returns as Batman facing off against two villains this time in, Catwoman (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) and Penguin (played by Danny Devito). All three actors nailed their parts and I can argue they were the best to ever play those parts.

*takes a sip before showing off today's cards*

Pfeiffer's Catwoman was both seductive and crazy. Exactly who the character is.


And Devito's look and approach to the role of Penguin to me was spot on. It was the vision of him I would picture.

We already know how well Keaton played as Batman in the 1989 movie and it only continued on in this sequel. Also, how cool also is this Batmissle??

Oh, and did I fail to mention another big celebrity played in this movie as well....yup...that's Christopher Walken who played Max Shreck a corrupt tycoon who aides the Penguin.

There was plenty of action as well. Either someone ate at Taco Bell in this scene or the Penguin made an appearance. Either way, it was explosive and a little disappointing not to see a coffee mug in sight.

Thanks again to Oren for the trade!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I think the only Batman movie I have left I haven't seen is The Batman which I just picked up on DVD to watch. However, I still have plenty of Batman cards I need to chase as my collection is very small right now.

Here is my Top 5 Batman movies I have seen,
  1. The Dark Knight
  2. Batman 1989
  3. Batman Returns
  4. Batman Begins
  5. The Dark Knight Rises
Post yours in comments or thoughts on Batman Returns or the cards from today's post.

Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

2021 Playoff Adds

The closest the Giants have gotten to the Playoffs in the last six years comes via Panini's Playoff football brand.

Just like with every product, I try my best to add at least one of each card to my collection. I am not a duplicate collector unless it's a specific card.

I am still missing a couple base cards from this product, hopefully will add those soon. Here is what I accumulated so far,

Daniel Jones base

Saquon Barkley Base Card

Kadarius Toney Rookie Card base.

Aaron Robinson Kickoff Parallel. I don't have many cards of Robinson.

I am missing Golladay, LT and Slayton for base. Along with many inserts and parallels.

If you have any that I missing, let me know.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Taking As Many As I Can

Do you have a card that you don't care how many copies of it you get? Your answer would surprise me if you didn't.

Other than taking in as many copies of the 1990 Score and Topps Rodney Hampton rookie cards I can, I am quite fond of anything that features the NY Giants and Super Bowl 42.

Especially a photograph that depicts the greatest play in Super Bowl history.
The acrobatic helmet catch has got to be the greatest catch in the history of football. If you just think about some special team guy who rarely saw a ball thrown his way, go up against a guy who should be in the Hall Of Fame and being able to keep the ball caught against his helmet with that caliber type of player pulling all he can to strip the ball and finishing the catch. 

That's incredible.

Super Bowl 42 was incredible.

Give me as many cards like this you want. I won't turn any away.

Thanks for my latest one @ShaneSalmonson.

Let me know in comments any cards you have multiple copies of and why.

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard:Hero Deck Giants Version

I have been watching an entire deck of Hero Deck NY Giants cards (caricature playing cards) for two years in my watchlist. I just couldn't justify pulling the trigger on spending $15 getting it just for one card want. Not that having an entire team set would be a bad thing.

Instead, I waited patiently and finally, single cards started to be added and guess who showed up, you got it, Rodney.

I already previously added the Georgia Bulldogs version so adding the Giants one was needed.
Rodney is the 6 of hearts in the deck and it features a tidbit on him along with his caricature drawing.

The back features a NY Giants helmet backing.

It's a unique oddball add for only a couple bucks.

Thoughts on these types of cards welcomed in comments today. Let me know if you chase these for your collections as well.

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Engram My Way

Even though Evan Engram is no longer apart of the NY Giants, once a Giant, always a Giant.

I still collect cards of former Giants players as long as they are wearing blue on the card.

I think that @MashingDingers knew this as he grabbed these two cards from a stack sale and had them sent my way! The Optic is a silver Rated Rookie and the Luminance is a blue parallel /99.

Thanks again to @MashingDingers for this nice surprise in the mail!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Cards From Dennis

Good Morning Coffee Card loving people!

Before I begin today's post, I wanted to take a second to say that my thoughts and prayers are with the families and community from the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. I can't imagine what they are going through. I hope you all will take a second out as well before you begin to read this post. They could use all of the good thoughts, prayers and vibes we can send them.


It's been a long stretch of no mail days and no trades for me so when I saw a surprise in the mail from Dennis from Too Many Verlanders Blog, I knew it would make up for all of the lost time without any.

Every time Dennis sends a mail day, there is usually plenty of excitement involved.

That's why I had to have a full cup of coffee to sip and rip his envelope.

We kick it off with a NEW Eli Manning card. With as many Eli's as I have now and no checklist for anyone to see what I am missing, it's impressive to find any new ones for me.

Coming up next, a few new Kerry Collins cards. I do have a wants/needs list for Kerry that you can find HERE

I am not sure how they every captured a small video on a card when you move it, but that technology is still top notch even in comparison to today's cards.

Numbered Kerry Collins from Leaf Limited.

And finally, a Donruss Elite Zoning Commision relic. I actually don't have a lot of Collins relic cards in my collection just yet. This will help knock one down I would have needed later on.

Need a sip before I finish up showing off this mail day.

If you grew up in the 90's, you may have heard of Louie Anderson's cartoon Life With Louie which was a cartoon based on his childhood. I don't remember a lot about the cartoon, but I did watch it many times. Louie also did some hilarious stand up, starred on TV shows and was in movies. He also had a voice you would never forget. RIP Louie!

Heath Shuler doesn't mean a lot to my collection in terms of player, but the autograph card from 1995 Pro Line Classic does. At one point I considered to do the crazy chase of that set.....yeah....that would be nuts. That checklist is loaded.

I don't own a dog nor do I want to as I am more of a cat person, but I like these manufactured relics that Upper Deck put out. Fits in my non sport/unique relic collection. Dennis had this card available in his pile of trade bait so I snagged it.

And I also grabbed this dual bat relic of Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams from that trade bait stack as well. Two of my more favorite Yankees back when I watched more baseball.

Thanks again to Dennis for the cards. I am still working on what to send back.

I think I will enjoy the rest of this cup of coffee before I have to dive into the day and maybe think of something good to eat to go with the rest of us this cup.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Parking Lot Add

I know the title of today's post is a bit odd, but it's exactly what happened.

Last week, I met my father in the Walmart parking lot as he picked up a blaster box for me and also had a few extra cards to give me as well. If someone was to look at us from a distance, it may had appeared as another kind of deal. But, since I am not into any drugs, it was simply cardboard.

As he opened up the backseat door, I saw a two-row shoebox sitting there full of cards with one catching my eye. I pointed out the card and he said, "here, take it."
That card was this 2021 Mosaic Green parallel of Leonard Williams. My first Mosaic Giants card of the year. I really like the look of the parallels in this set.

It was an odd way to add a card to my collection, but isn't that what makes the hobby so much fun. The stories we get to tell about how we acquired certain cards?

Where is the weirdest place you added a card? Let me know in comments!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

The State Of The Hobby: Card Supplies

I sure hope you have your coffee mug ready and are sitting down to read the latest Cards Over Coffee post because here we go!!

The State Of The Hobby series is back again. 

There are still many parts of the hobby I am hoping to tackle after everything has changed the past two years.

Today we discuss Card Supplies.

Along with not finding retail card products, the rising costs of cards in general, it should have been expected that card supplies would be next.

Not only was there and still is a shortage on some items, but prices rose as well. It was near impossible to find toploaders and penny sleeves most days and some versions of those items are still out of stock for months. Keep in mind that Toploaders and Penny Sleeves are just an examples, there were many other items that were impossible to find as well and not just from BCW.

Things got so tough, that BCW even had to put up a Back-Order to let customers know it could be a while on some of their favorite items. Especially since there are some items still on backorder until August or later.

Keep in mind, BCW is once again just an example. All supply companies felt the heat from this.

This is just another frustrating part being a part of the hobby the last couple of years. Hopefully things will change soon for the better. Luckily for me, I don't mind reusing old supplies I have had kicking around for years so I am all set for awhile and not having to battle like a lot of collectors are.

Thoughts on card supplies, what you have struggled to find or what you have noticed has gone up in price welcomed in comments.

I tip my mug to you all as a thanks for coming to read today's post on this fine Thursday. I need to finish up this cup and grab another soon before my day fully begins.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Another Jasson!

After making my mistake of trading away my Dominguez PC, I have been slowly growing it back. I feel the same way about trading away my Judge one. Maybe I will work on him another time.

Thanks to @tonyaces I have added yet another Dominguez to my collection in our latest mystery trade. I will hit you back soon!

If you have any Jasson kicking around or Judge, I would be happy to trade for ones I don't have.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Remember When These Were $1?

GOOOOOOODDD MORNING COFFEE CARD LOVING PEOPLE!!! Who out there is ready for a NEW Cards Over Coffee?? Yes, I see you giving me a thumbs up. If your cup is in front of you, I tip my cup to you and toast.

I will take a sip and we will get on with today's post.

It was over seven years ago when I made a purchase that I didn't realize would shock the hobby world now, I picked up three 1997 Precious Metal Gems for $1 each.

You read that right, $1 each.

The only thing today you can get for $1 that's decent is coffee from McDonalds and even that isn't spot on all of the time.

I had found a seller on eBay back then who was unloading a bunch of 90's rare inserts such as Cramers Choice Awards, Mirror Golds and Precious Metal Gems. The advantage for me was the fact I was able to bid on these cards with no competition, so they all ended at $1 with my one bid.

These were inserts and parallels I chased throughout my childhood but never had success in pulling them. So, I did what most unlucky collectors do, I found the cheapest version I could add of the cards.

Let's take a look at the three I purchased.
Bert Emanuel. There is some very minor chipping on the card, which is expected, but overall, this is still a sharp card.

Back of the card.

This card graded currently had sales of $202 and $400.

Up next, Nilo Silvan. Still a player I don't know.
Nilo may be the PMG I have in the best shape.

This one had an eBay sale back in March of $197.50 raw.

And finally, I pulled a lot of cards of this player but never a PMG.
Eric Moulds. Once again, not too much chipping or damage on the card.

The back is in pretty good shape as well. Don't mind the S in sharpie. That was written on the penny sleeve this is in. I couldn't put myself into taking them out of the penny sleeves and toploaders they were in.

This one had sales of $310 and $351 in March and May. The $310 was for a raw copy like mine.

It amazes me sometimes how much the hobby has changed since I got into it. I am glad I picked up the cards and completed the sets I wanted to while I could because there is no way I could afford to do that now. Which is why a lot of my fun projects I put on hold.

When it comes to the cards above, yes, I could make a spectacular profit from them, but I choose not to. These cards have more meaning to me than money ever will.

Comments and thoughts on my Precious Metal collection is welcomed below.

I need to finish my cup of coffee and get started on the day.

Coffee Card Blogger Out.

Non Sport RAK

Sometimes three cards is all it takes to make your week. Thanks to @ryandarcy22 for the three NEW non sport cards for my collection!

Thoughts on any of these three welcomed in comments below!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:2018 Origins Rookie Patches Saquon Barkley

I pulled off a trade on Twitter this past week with @DarkCards66 who showed off a Saquon Barkley rookie patch card I really wanted.

And before you ask, yes, I am still taking in Saquon Barkley cards despite the trade rumors. I am 50/50 on how I feel about moving him. I see his injury history, the cap space need but I also see his ceiling as well. I feel with a better offensive line maybe that 2018 Saquon will return.

Regardless, I will continue to take Saquon cards....as long as they feature him in Giants blue if he happens to be traded.
White patch relic from Origins. I really like the mix of team colors on this card.

I know the title says Single Card Mail Day, but @DarkCards66 also tossed in a bonus because he is a great guy, and I didn't want to leave it out of this post.
Illusions Clear Shots from 2021 Illusions.

Thanks again for the trade and the bonus @DarkCards66.

Thoughts on Saquon Barkley's possible trade or the cards today welcomed in comments!

Monday, May 23, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:2017 Elite Passing The Torch Autograph Sterling Shepard

Yesterday was another Single Card Mail Day for me. Incoming cards have been a bit slow the past couple of weeks.

Today's post comes via a RAK I got from my friend @Brent3323 who grabbed this Sterling Shepard autograph from a stack seller on Twitter.

It's a nice-looking autograph card from 2017 Elite of Passing The Torch. The only thing I question about the card is the fact that past releases with Passing The Torch used to be dual players on a card, one was a legend, and the other is a rising star that was being handed the torch. However, this was just a one player card. Guess he is getting ready to hand the torch to someone else? Especially since this is most likely was his last season with the Giants.

The autograph is /99

And features a pretty plain back.

I think with this Shepard autograph it puts me into the double digits of autographs of him.

Thanks again to my buddy Brent for sending this autograph my way.

Thoughts on Passing The Torch and today's autograph is welcomed in comments.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rodney's Cardboard:2021 Panini XR Summit Patch /5

2021 was probably the most Hampton cards I have to chase in sometime. Especially since Painin figured out that they can make him wear a player-worn jersey.

There are 7 relics alone in Panini XR for me to chase with two being 1/1's.

My recent add from the set is the lowest numbered one I own so far, the Green /5.
The card is green in the background and features my first ever Patch swatch of Rodney.

Back of the card features some actual writing and not just a guarantee which is what I am always up for.

Thanks to my buddy Shane from Cheap Wax Wednesday fame for the help with this one.

All that remains to be chased now for me is both of the 1/1's. One of which is listed on eBay but at an outrageous price. So far it has dropped from $500 to $150 but I think $60 to $100 range is more fair.

Thoughts on this latest add welcomed in comments.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

A Pick Me Up

*takes a sip, sits down to get ready for another Cards Over Coffee post*

*makes sure Kleenex box is still nearby*

I am sure you are sick of hearing about me being sick for the last couple of weeks, but here we go again. I am on the mend finally, but still have some lingering symptoms. 

I can assure you this much, if you haven't had Covid, you won't want it.

*takes a sip*

*blows nose*

*takes another sip and returns to today's post*

My mail box has been extremely slow this past week with no cards incoming, until yesterday in which a surprise envelope arrived from blog reader Oren.

Since this envelope was a surprise, this meant that the contents were as well. This wasn't the typical trade where he lets me know ahead of time what is being sent. My curiosity was at an all-time high and I ripped into it.

I was greeted immediately with a note that stated this was a pick-me-up mail day since I wasn't feeling well.
Then I was greeted with some Seasons Greetings from Florida and Kadarius Toney. What I wouldn't do to be on the beach in Florida. Maybe some day.

The next card was full on Dufex with Future Force of Garrison Hearst. I hadn't seen one of these inserts before and are from 1994 Select.

A Trevor Zegras rookie card from NHCD. (I had to smile at this as Oren continues to hook me in on hockey)

Rookie Rewind of Bryant Reeves. If this card doesn't scream 90's, not sure what card does.

And my final two cards were from Fleer Tradition.

They were Great Expectations inserts of,
Shareef Abdur-Rahim (is it just me or did I pull a lot of cards from this guy back then)

And Tim Duncan.

I really liked the design on those.

Thanks again to Oren for the pick-me-up mail day. I really enjoyed it and it means a lot. Of course I always appreciate the friendship as well.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

Before closing today, I wanted to take some time out to thank the rest of you who came on here and on Twitter and wished me well. Every thought matters.

Thoughts on my mail day welcomed in comments.

Have a Super Saturday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Single Card Mail Day:2015 Topps Fire Forces Of Nature Eli Manning

Occasionally, a NY Giants mail day isn't a loaded mail day, sometimes those mail day enter my mailbox as one-card mail days which is where we begin this new series.

You ever have those moments when you are searching for one card, but it leads you to another. Eli Manning card #826 is that case. I can't quite remember what I was looking for on eBay, but today's card popped up as a suggestion and I had to have it.

2015 Topps Fire included this well-designed insert, Forces Of Nature, two-per hobby box. I hadn't ever seen it before, but it didn't take me very long to chase it down.

There actually were only a couple listings of this card on eBay. So, when I watched it, the seller actually gave me a discount and I pounced for the measly $4.

Thoughts on this newest card is welcomed in comments or comments on if you found cards while looking for others is as well.

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Latest Grady Box

It's like Christmas multiple times a year when I get the latest Grady Box.

Long time Facebook friend, Twitter Friend and blog reader Grady recently sent me the latest greatest mail day.

It was a Chewy box packed full of....

Nope. Well, empty packs but those boxes had plenty of...

Stay tuned as I try to figure out the best way to post all of these. I may post every card in the box as single card posts for the next few months or I may post some of it in chunks. I will have to think it over.

What mail days have arrived for you recently?