Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Ryan Can Do It All

Apparently, according to these 1991 Pacific Nolan Ryan cards, he can not only pitch, but he can do it all.

Participate in a Cutting Horse Contest

Run the steps like Rocky while listening to Eye Of The Tiger

Step in for QB for the Cowboys

Be a rancher

Get those steaks ready

Take care of a family

And take time out for fans.

Quite a guy I would say.

When I saw someone on Twitter post a few of the non baseball parts of this set, I decided to head over to Burbank's Beckett Sportcard Marketplace and find myself some copies.

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  1. The family card is cool. Can you imagine how much that card would be desired had Reid became a hall of fame pitcher like his father.

  2. I had a bunch of these cards when I was a kid and traded most of them to an avid Nolan Ryan collector, probably for more Bo Jackson cards.

  3. I have at least one of these sets. I need to get it in a binder so I can enjoy the cards.