Friday, June 30, 2017

Combined Shipping Landed Me These

When 2016 Contenders released and I saw Roger Lewis Jr on the checklist, I immediately began a search to add him. I think the Giants found a diamond in the rough with Lewis Jr a late round pick.

But, price was a driving factor and I couldn't afford one right off...til I found the right deal.

I ended up picking this one up for $4, which I am sure it goes for much less now especially after the Giants added Marshall but this add happened months ago. I at the time expected Lewis to compete for the slot receiver spot and now I am not sure he makes the team since they are stacked at the position.

I guess either way I am still happy with the addition just in case.

Along with the Roger Lewis, I added this Allen and Ginter relic from the same seller. Why? Cause I like the oddball relics from the set and I needed to get a combined deal to $5 to get the free shipping. I have no idea who Keri is but for $1, it's a cool add.
Thoughts on my adds are welcomed in comments!

Random Card On My Desk:1997-1998 Collectors Choice Stick-Ums Jason Kidd

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fleer Team Leader

It's another day and another new Hampton add. Like I said, I added a ton of newbies way back in 2016 but never got to post them.

Today's addition came through a trade but I don't remember from who now. See how sad it is when you don't get things published right away???

Back in 1992, Fleer released these Team Leader inserts for baseball, basketball and football. These were randomly inserted in packs. So it's really hard to judge how actually tough it was to land one but I doubt they were that tough. Early 90's inserts were much easier to acquire.

The design is simple, but it's perfect. Black framed color action photo looks fantastic.
Thoughts on today's Hampton add welcomed in comments along with your favorite Fleer Team Leaders card of all time?

Random Card On My Desk:2013 Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures Steve Cauther

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Giant Quad

I am so far behind in my Hampton show off, I just need to start getting some of these posted.

Today's card was from a trade awhile back from 90's Niche Football Card blog.

Today's card was one I have wanted for some time. These quads from Playoff Absolute are not the easiest to chase sometimes. Some are overflow, some are tougher. With odds of 1:24 or one per box it may not be easy to chase down some today.

The 1996 version featured 4 of the Giants offensive stars at the time. Not sure why Dave Brown is on it. Haha, just kidding Dave if you happen to read this. Chris Calloway was very under appreciated in the league.

On the back, you find two running backs including my man Rodney. Tyrone was supposed to replace Rodney down the road but turned out to be a flop....til he went to Oakland.
I like the design and eye appeal of the card. Not to mention it bleeds Giants blue all around.
Thoughts on today's card is welcomed in comments.

Random Card On My Desk: 1999-2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve Brian Leetch

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

.99 Cents Ain't Bad

Wow, am I way behind on posts on here. Today's card I acquired way back in December on eBay. I don't usually go chasing down a lot of SAGE stuff now-a-days since they lost their NCAA license, but occassionally when I need an auto of a player it can sometimes be a cheap way to go.

This time Paul Perkins was staring at me at a bid of .99 so I said, hey, whatever if I get it I get it if I don't, I don't.

To my surprise, I was the only bidder and added this nice looking card to the PC for cheap.
Have you ever just bid on a card just because it was cheap?

Random Card On My Desk:1991-1992 Skybox Basketball Centennial

Monday, June 26, 2017

Rodney's Idol

It's that time again, time for another Rodney Hampton addition showoff!

This one comes thanks to Project Pedro blog from an old trade. It's just taken me while to get to showing it off.

This is just a simple nice looking subset base card from 1991 Pinnacle named The Idols. The subset takes a group of players including Rodney and adds well, their idol to the card. I like the sepia background of the Idol with the featured player in full color on the front.

It's not too often players actually get to succeed their Idol and play of the same team with them. That was the case here.


Thoughts on today's Rodney is welcomed in comments!


This card is crying out for a Caption.
Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience  
Mine would be....
"I tried to bury the allegations, but I wrote a book instead."

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sketch Battle

Do you follow @georgenadeau (who is the developer of licensed collectibles for Cryptozoic of multiple brands)on Twitter yet? Dude hands out cards pretty much everyday and previews upcoming Cryptozoic products. Also a cool guy to talk to.

Back in the fall if you remember, I won an awesome puzzle piece card from their Big Bang Theory product and after many RT's finally won again with the cards featured today. This time a 2 card 1/1 sketch lot.

These are pretty cool as they are also a puzzle put side by side as they are battling. The artist Chris Meeks did a great job on these to.

Hmmm seems like a movie just came out about this one below.....
Thoughts on my sketchy mail day are welcomed in comments or on the Wonder Woman movie.

2017 MLB Pick Em Prize For July

Three months are over in this promo and three prizes have been giving away while the other is building up big time with inserts and hits galore! That prize will be for the one who can MLB Pick Em Champ. But, it's never too late to join to be that as some twists and turns later in the game may take place. So spread the word.

Anyways, I posted the picks for the first week of July earlier today. Everyone has a clean slate for the July prize but have their points from April, May, June saved for the overall promo in those standings. July and beyond earned points will be added to those.

But, with a clean slate, that means anyone can enter to win this prize pack for the month of July,
A 2017 Topps Archives Terry Muholland auto
One box (100 pages) of 9-Pocket Pages (1-PRO9T-100) and a 3-ring binder (1-ALB3C-PL-BLK)
There is only one way to win it however, join in on the July MLB Pick Em!

MLB Pick Em Standings For July

Here are the standings for the month of July. At the end of the month, these totals will be added to the overall standings that you can find, HERE. These standings here are for the monthly prize, the other standings are for the overall prize pack at the end that will be epic. 

You are welcomed to join in at any time. There will be many twists and turns in the months of August and September so you are never out of the race and you can at least try for a monthly prize.

Sport Card Collectors League (AL)
Topps Heritage Division
SCC   12
Royals and Randoms
Rockies  9
Ryan Sawyer
Scott N.  14
hudsonfan15   8
Marty's Angels  13
Thomas   9
Duane Danielson
Bacon Boyy  

Topps Chrome Division
@JGfan24ever  13
@Dennysportscard  9
Life's a Pitch    14
Jeff Hoyle
Kyle Herring
@jake1725  10
Rich Frank
Luke Enno
john veith     3
Mark Morales

Topps Five Star Division
Nachos Grande  10
Nick Frank    14
Daniel Wilson  7
Tony Quezada
@funtocollect    12
Kaiser Cats  14
Dions IP   9
Johnny G
Turks Picks, LLC
Ray Silva    6
Jeanette Marlier
Tread Willis      2

BCW Supplies League (NL)

Topps Allen And Ginter Division
Bubba's Bombers
John Sharp   15
Broad Street Bullies
Tenets of Wilson
Irodequoit36     9
Chicken Dinner
Tim B.
Dub Mentality   4
Justin P
J. Barnett
the bowl cut kid
Brooklyn Yankees
@SteveWrightOne  12
Buffalo Boy
April Bartron
E Z    11
@joemordini1    5

Topps Tek Division
Shane Salmonson  8
Bump and Run     7
@DavidMackey77  12
allformykids      1  
ketchupman36  12
Raz   15
Mike Janeway
shawn norman
Alex Olson       2
Mike E      0 Lost Ways27    1

Topps Series 1&2 Division
@wavemix    9
The Big Show   11
defgav's dumpster divers   14
Thomas Y
Brad B      10
Tyler Lucia
clifford wollaston
Kenneth Alcott
@njsensasianscards   13
James Baurle   2
Mad Max    6
Scott Markman     3


MLB Pick Em Week 13

Below are the picks for this weeks MLB Pick Em challenge!

The rules are simple, pick a winner, earn a point. Pick a loser, earn nothing.

The only other rule is you must be a U.S. Resident to enter or have an address in the U.S.

You will play 4 weeks like this and person with the most right at the end of July will win a prize!

Here are this weeks games to pick winners of:
TB @ Balt
SF @ Pitt
Clev @ Det
Miami @ Milw

Here are my picks for the games

Leave your picks in comments below. You will have til 6:30 pm Friday, June 30th 2017 to enter. Any entries after that will be disqualified for this week. If you missed Week 1, don't fret! You can enter Week 2 starting on Sunday. Even if you miss Week 2, enter Week 3. So on and so forth. I will slot those who enter in late even Week 20 in divisions that give them the best chance to win. Just remember even if you enter later in the contest and miss many weeks, there is still a monthly prize to win.

Standings should be updated

Good Luck to all that enter!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

REVIEW:2017 Topps Museum Collection Baseball

Last year was the very first time I ever opened the high end product Museum Collection. I was in awe by not only the design, but the hits I pulled were simply mind blowing.

Did this year provide me the same impact? Well, let's find out and READ ON!

4-mini boxes within

In every hobby box of 2017 Topps Museum Collection contains 4 mini boxes per hobby box that has one pack within that has 5 cards. You should find one hit per mini box that could be one of the following, one On-Card Autograph Card, one Autographed Relic Card, one Quad Relic Card, and one Prime Relic Card. You should also find one Canvas Collection Reprint in every Box. Box prices, well, they are running around $210.
The base set is very similar to last years design. But, I like it. It's the kinda design and card feel you would want for something high-end. So why change a good thing? The base cards are also thick and the checklist is built of legends, rookies and stars of today. There are 100 cards in all to collect.

Speaking of the rookies, I pulled a few decent ones in my box and the jury is out I did well with 'em
Key Rookies in the base set include, Dansby Swanson, Andrew Benintendi, Yoan Moncada, Alex Bregman, Aaron Judge, Tyler Glasnow, Hunter Renfroe, Alex Reyes, Yulieski Gurriel, and David Dahl.

Just like with last years product, this years has subtle but obvious parallels. I pulled 4 in all. One per mini box.

Parallels include, Gold, Sapphire Blue /150, Amethyst Purple /99, Ruby Red /50, and Emerald Green 1/1. I did pretty well with names for my parallels.

Only one insert to chase in Museum and I didn't find it despite one being promised per box. There are Canvas Collection Reprints, Canvas Collection Originals featuring the original pieces of art that are numbered 1/1 and Canvas Collection Autographs that are also the original pieces of art autographed by MLB Players and are 1/1's.

Now let's go the the Museum of hits!

Single-Player Primary Pieces Legends Quad Relics. I got Alex Gordon. Lots of white swatches here. Not something I found at all last year.
The next pull is a Meaningful Material Relics. This checklist is full of players. 150 to be exact. The base version will be sequentially numbered and my Prince Fielder is to 50. I love the crazy patch, but not the player as much. Kinda dull find in a high-end product.
These also have parallels,
  • Copper Parallel numbered to 35
  • Gold Parallel numbered to 10
  • Emerald Parallel numbered 1/1
Now onto my autograph pulls including a case hit.
Single-Player Signature Swatches Dual Relic these showcase 2 relic pieces and an autograph. Base version will be sequentially numbered. Mine is a copper parallel as you can see by the outline of teh name. These are /50. Other parallels are gold /25 and Emerald 1/1.

Before I continue on, do you see something wrong with this card or something you would question....Look at the relic and the stripe....yup, blue. I am not alone in pulling a Reyes with a blue stripe and wondered when Cardinals had blue stripes. Maybe one of you can answer this.

And my final pull of the box, a case hit. Museum Framed Autographs of Jacob Degrom. Sadly, this was one of the poorer names on the checklist that was loaded with big ones. These fall one-per-case. Why couldn't have this been Judge or Ripken Jr or Griffey Jr or Trout???!!

However, when they say framed, they are more like printed on heavy metal. Mine is the silver version /15. Looks extremely nice.
There are also parallels to these as well,
  • Gold Frame numbered to 10.
  • Black Frame numbered to 5.
  • Wood Frame numbered 1/1.
Other hits not pulled in my box include many. Here we go,
Single-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics, Four-Player Primary Pieces Quad Relics. These have copper, gold and emerald parallels. Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Relics, Momentous Material Laundry Tag Relics, Museum Memorabilia, Jumbo Lumber Bat Nameplate Relic, Archival Autographs, Premium Prints, Dual Autographs, Triple Autographs (some of the combinations for these auto combos and triples are out of this world), Momentous Material Jumbo Patch Autographs, Single-Player Signature Swatches Triple Relic, Oversized Framed Autographed Patch Card that take Museum Framed Autographs to the next level with different relic pieces, such as Batting Gloves, Baseball Cap Logos and Team Logo Patches and all are 1/1's.

Overall, obviously the case-hit saved the box here despite the player not being top-tiered, these go for decent amounts so it saved box value. Other than that, my hits were poor I would say.

Looking at the product overall however, design is spot-on, hits are monumental and could be displayed in a museum. This product is for the thrill seekers, risk takers and those who are looking for the big money pulls and there are plenty to find. Average collectors like me however, shouldn't stray away from the product and instead should get ourselves into box breaks for it which is a much more affordable way to pull some of those big money hits.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to be able to add cards to the MLB Pick Em promotion.  Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well.

Random Card On My Desk: 1996 Upper Deck USA Basketball All-NBA Selections Shaquille O'Neal

Friday, June 23, 2017

Not A Bad Vacation Pull

Believe it or not, I actually take a vacation. That vacation takes a lot of saving up for and it isn't usually more than a few days. I bet none of you even knew I was on vacay this week from Sunday to Tuesday. I go to relax at a beach and visit an LCS I visit every year. It's the only one I ever get to so I try to at least come home with something.

With the budget very tight this year, I couldn't bring home a hobby box and extra packs as usual. This year was actually one of my lesser visits when it comes to purchases. I couldn't however come home empty handed.

So for $20, I think I scored pretty well. You may wonder how I got this so cheap, well, I have spent much in the past at this particular shop and have become pretty good friends with the owners so they always give me a good deal.

This binder, you can never have enough binders, $1. Can't go wrong.

And then I busted 6 packs of 2017 Donruss baseball. I try to open some every year. I think it's one of the more underrated products out there all because people don't like the fact it doesn't have any logos. Well, I will tell you what, you are missing out. The overall product is very solid, affordable and can pack a big punch as you will see. I got these 6 packs for $19.

I surprisingly didn't hit one rookie card. Not sure what the odds are on those. I was obviously hoping to find a Judge. But I did pull a Brandon Belt parallel /49 and a Moncada The Rookies.

To my surprise, boxes only have 3 hits and this one looked to had been opened for a bit. So finding two jersey cards in my first three packs was a surprise. Too bad the players weren't better. Cool designed however.

Oh yeah, I did mention there was a third hit didn't I....well...that one was in there too. A very nice looking Significant Signatures purple 3/10 Ozzie Smith. Boo Yeah! I always pull at least something nice from this shop.

I do find the team choice for Ozzie a bit odd for Panini going with San Diego, cause how many of us think of the Wizard as a Padre? But Ozzie's sig is so nice I will ignore that fact.

Well, that's my showcase. I hope when I go next year I will have a tad bit more money to spend at the shop but feel for what I did spend, I did pretty well.

MLB Pick Em Week 12B

Below are the BONUS picks for this weeks MLB Pick Em challenge!

Because I messed up this week and posted all of the wrong game picks, there is a second part to this challenge. If you entered the previous one, you automatically got all of them right. Congrats, 5 easy points! You can read the small write-up I added in for Week 12A to catch you up on what happened.

The rules are different however for Part B. They will be TWISTED for the two games. You will earn two points for each game right, lose two points for each game wrong. 

GWAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA. Yes, that's my inner Bowser.

The only other rule is you must be a U.S. Resident to enter or have an address in the U.S.

Here is TOMORROW'S games to pick winners of:
Colorado @ LA Dodgers
Houston @ Seattle

Here are my picks for the games

Leave your picks in comments below. You will have til 10:00 pm Saturday, June 24th 2017 to enter. Any entries left after that will be disqualified for this bonus but will still get the 5 points if entered on the other part.

Standings should be updated Sunday with JUNE'S winner!! Make sure you check the overall standings to see if you were the winner.

Good Luck to all that enter!


Random Card On My Desk: 1998 Topps Hall Of Fame Collection Willie McCovey

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Another Top Shelf Mail Day

Another football product released and another spot claimed in a Top Shelf Breaks by me. This time luck had my side as I finally landed a chance at something NY Giants with the NFC East. Only problem, I didn't land one single card of them.

But, I did land some nice ones.

Perine has been a highly touted guy for Washington and pulling a nice shiny parallel isn't a bad start to a mail day. Of course a Zeke insert doesn't hurt either.

Evans was undrafted and signed by the Eagles who stuck in on injury reserve. So not the best of pulls here but I know a VT fan that would appreciate it.

Gibson, a speedster drafted in the 5th round, could fill in the long time missing shoes of Desean Jackson and give Wentz another weapon. I like this pull.
Not bad to pull two autos in one $13 spot. I look forward to my next break.
If you wanna pull some hits like I did or even bigger "monsters" as they have pulled plenty, check out Top Shelf Breaks, HERE. You can also follow them on Twitter for break updates and for giveaways. Good people who look out for collectors and trying to make breaking affordable and fun.
Thoughts on my mail day is welcomed below!

Random Card On My Desk:2004 Topps Heritage "Old Logo" Pat Burrell

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Trade With Dub Mentality

In the last few weeks @DubMentality, who runs the Dub Mentality blog (please add it to your blogroll if you haven't yet or at least give it a read), worked out a trade to both help our PC's. I sent along some pretty cool items he knew about and in exchange, I took a blind trade knowing Dub wouldn't let me down.

And he didn't.

Before I kick off the gallery, I will say three cards are left off of it. They are Rodney Hampton's that will be done in separate segments like I do for all of my Hampton adds.

So let's kick off the gallery I am showing off!

Let's kick it off with a group of Giants. My first Score Giants of 2017 including my first Janoris Jenkins in a Gmen uni. I am always glad to pad a couple new Shepard and Perkins rookies too.

Some new Eli's for the PC including one from his rookie year.

I think it may be a TOOMAH. Now read that like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is a new Toomer add, a card I haven't seen before and a nice 90's one. I also don't have a ton of Toomer in his #18 jersey.

Lee Rouson. If you read my article awhile back on how I met the guy at my church you would know the significance of this card. It's actually my first of him. Great guy, Super Bowl Champ and one to look up to.

Three new Prizm adds including a nice Shepard parallel.

9 Griffey's that I sadly have all of. It's really hard to trade Griffey's to me unless they are parallels because I can't get my lazy butt to do an online checklist. I have one all set up, just haven't taken the time to highlight the ones I have. But, The Kid is The Kid and I will keep em.

A few new Yanks here including Jeets.

I don't own a lot of older Yanks so this is a nice add.

And of course this is an epic add. Loving me some Judge for my PC. I didn't get this one from my box of Archives so Dub helped fill that void. Now need the Opening Day, Heritage, Gypsy Queen, and Bunt to help fill in the low end needs among all of the inserts (I have 0) and parallels. If you got em and don't need em, just let me know!

Dre! A new Andre Williams to the PC.

And another....(I have the parallel auto just not the base)
And another.
Nice pink Optic jersey card of Paul Perkins.

I think this only makes my third jersey card for Odell of his rookie year. Which is quite shocking knowing the amounts of them out there. Really solid add here.

And we finish it up with a really nice add, this guy is going to be a Pro Bowl Safety for many years to come. He is a ball-hawking play maker. This marks only my second rookie auto of his but this one is my favorite. Tek looks great.
A big thanks goes out to Dub for the mail day and for the trade. I have begun setting stuff aside for our next one which I am sure will be another great one.

I hope to make new updates to my Giants overall numbers tab in the next few days and will tweet it out when I do.