Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sketch Battle

Do you follow @georgenadeau (who is the developer of licensed collectibles for Cryptozoic of multiple brands)on Twitter yet? Dude hands out cards pretty much everyday and previews upcoming Cryptozoic products. Also a cool guy to talk to.

Back in the fall if you remember, I won an awesome puzzle piece card from their Big Bang Theory product and after many RT's finally won again with the cards featured today. This time a 2 card 1/1 sketch lot.

These are pretty cool as they are also a puzzle put side by side as they are battling. The artist Chris Meeks did a great job on these to.

Hmmm seems like a movie just came out about this one below.....
Thoughts on my sketchy mail day are welcomed in comments or on the Wonder Woman movie.


  1. Ah, cool! Good to know someone in the blogosphere came away with this awesome prize. They look fantastic. Congrats!

  2. Yes I've been follow George for a while now haven't won any giveaways YET! lol usually has the hits as giveaways Autos and Relics. Nice win the sketch cards are cool and now you need to get artist to autograph. or are they already?