Friday, June 9, 2017

The Shine Is In The Proof!

Well, if you haven't noticed this week,I have been putting up two new posts a day. Well, that trend will continue for awhile . I have had some drafts stuck on here since 2016, so I think it's time to set them free. I get the pleasure of cleaning out my drafts, you get the pleasure of reading two new posts a day with some pretty cool cards involved.

To kick this off, let's take a gander at a pretty cool card. Not something you see everyday and one that may be the only one out there.

This is a rare card called Laminate Proof from 1995 Finest. I found this while searching for a 1995 Topps Finest refractor of Hampton. The card itself is the top laminate (plastic) layer only and the words that say "Topps Finest Protector, Peel and Remove Coating" are actually just printed on the laminate layer.

The card is a tad bigger than a normal sized card but is a bit thinner since it's just the thin layer.
The back looks pretty slick. It's got some embossing, completely a refractor and stands out. This may be my favorite card in my Hampton collection right now.
The seller I bought this from even accepted my $2 offer on the card so I got it for a steal. He does have other Giants versions of this for sale currently that I hope to someday add to my PC.

Thoughts on my latest Hampton addition is welcomed in comments!