Friday, September 9, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Archives Signature Series Baseball (1/1 Pulled!)

Today's review comes as a new product to me. This is something I haven't ever busted before so let's see if it left an impression for me...

In every box of 2016 Topps Archives Signature Series baseball is 1 encased autographed card. Every card is hand-signed, numbered and encased and you just never know who will pop up in your box or what classic Topps design will. Boxes run around $50. Some places may be cheaper on this.

Each card has a foil stamped Archives logo on the front and each autographed Buyback card should be of a “retired MLB All-Stars”.  The cards are all from previous releases from Bowman and Topps and in some cases the cards are more than 50 years old. Some are more recent cards.

Cool additions added to this years version are Dual Autographs, Autographed Relics and Autographed Legends, which features some of the sport’s greatest names.

If you are in need to check out the checklist of player, well, here ya go right HERE. There are 102 players to collect.

Now onto my pull. It's a 1989 Bowman 1/1 buyback auto of Carlton Fisk:
Overall, I actually like the concept. The price isn't too bad once you take a gander at the autographed checklist. It's obviously a gamble, but it offers plenty of names and definitely plenty of low numbered cards that it's actually worth rolling the dice for. Like how often can you buy a $50 box and get a 1/1? Not too often. It also looks like sales appear to be good on the singles.

This product obviously won't be for everyone as I think the price vs one-card will scare some away. 
It would also be really hard to put a set together of (unless you got the money and patience) but that's not to me the key point of Topps Archives Signature Series is. It's that fun nostalgic feel with the players and the classic designs over the years that make you (if born after these releases) smile and feel young again.

So yes, to answer my earlier question as many of you know I dig nostalgia, this product for sure left an impression.

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  1. Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to host this/these nice giveaways with. Follow them on all social media sites and visit their site I listed above as well.
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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Really cool to see the box break, and the Fisk auto! Thanks, Topps!

  2. Nice hit! I like the product, but haven't been too fond of this years hits. Glad that you got a good one!


      Pro: Retired player autographs are awesome on old card stock.
      Con: The price is high when you consider some of the hits aren't for very well known players.

    2. Forgot to add my thanks to you and Topps for the contest!

  3. I like the idea of this product. There is just too much overlap between this year's checklist and last year's checklist. It's a product that needs a lot of turnover in the checklist from year to year and/or a few years between releases. That Fisk is a nice card. Thanks to Topps for providing products for review. It's always nice to see a product break.

  4. Very nice.. congrats!

    And hey, if you ever need a break from posting these reviews, please consider me your backup waiting in the wings and you can have your card company contacts send boxes to me to review! :)

  5. Congratulations! I could never get myself to drop that kind of money for this product. However... I love being a bottom feeder and picking up singles on the cheap ($5 to $7 each... depending on the level of player). Haven't grabbed any from this year's release, but I have about 20 from last year.

  6. pros : chance for dual autographs cons : a gamble

  7. Thanks to Topps and Sports Card Collectors

    Pros Just awesome cards

    Con May not get that special card you long for

  8. Nice auto! I like the concept however it's not as fun to open a box with just one card in it

  9. Congrats on the Fisk pull. The dual autographs addition is a plus for this product. Thanks Topps and Sports Card Collectors. Wavemix@twitter

  10. Pros The checklist has some great players and I love encased cards

    Cons- The checklist lol 😁 and the fact there are about 10 1/1s of every player and that Ken Griffey Jr. Is a redemption

    Thanks as always.. That Carlton Fisk is a sweet card

  11. Not sure if this is an extra entry but shared anyway

  12. Wow! Great hit! I do like seeing the product pulled, but I'm not a huge fan of one hit wonder boxes lol
    Pro: Decent checklist, slabbed cards, lots of 1/1
    Con: 1 card per box, cases can be VERY lobsidded, I've seen cases where there are tons of 1/1 and huge hits, some cases are duds. Seems big hits are all in the same case

  13. Thanks for the contest and Topps for the box. Huge hit!

    Pro- On card autographs
    Con- Wildly hit or miss

  14. Pro - I love on card autographs
    Con - the checklist has a lot of misses for the price.

  15. Pro- it's a nice product to get a nice card for $50

    Con- is the buyback stamp on the front of the card.

  16. I love the oddball cards that they use for the set. I also appreciate the fan favorites that they offer. Having said that, it's a risky product considering many of the cards sell for $10 or less. I also don't like the numbering. I feel that it creates a false sense of rarity. For example, you pulled a 1/1 Fisk auto. But how many other cards did he sign for the set? What makes yours more valuable?

  17. Hey, fantastic hit, that's awesome. Thanks for the contest, Topps and you!
    Pro - 1/1s, old odd cards signed, strong checklist
    Con - like you said, is a risk. you might hit something cool like you did, or get a dud.


  18. I like the idea of the encased card only thing is you might not get the card you're looking for and not sure how many times I would spend $50 to get one.

  19. I like the idea of the encased card only thing is you might not get the card you're looking for and not sure how many times I would spend $50 to get one.

  20. Pro: chance of 1/1 great player for only $50 con: only one card/pack in a box

  21. I love the inserts that this product has however in my experience the inserts I pull are mostly common players

  22. Thanks for the contest!

    Pro: Diverse list of players for the checklist.
    Con: The price point. For example, Mark Mulder's a good player, but I would be bummed to drop $50 for an autograph from him.

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  24. I'm disappointed that Topps continues to fail to bold league leading stats for retired players on these cards which show their full career stats. Their short prints of Mantle and DiMaggio cards have bolded or red-inked those stats.