Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Trade

I have run out of words to use for this trade or a catchy title to get you to check this out.

In past trades I have used Epic, Ginormous, Huge, Monstrous, and other words like it. But, in this recent trade with Project Pedro Blog, there are no words to use to describe it or maybe there are many. It's a mouth-dropping 150+card and 90's wax box zinger of a trade.

I haven't pulled off a trade like this in years and it doesn't happen very often. I try to stay in my circle of normal traders and that doesn't really expand my trading options but it does play it safe in knowing I will get my cards in return. I see so many things go wrong in the trading world of the hobby especially in a trade like we just pulled off.

Anyways, this box right here is full of the contents. I made the pic a bit darker so nothing will be revealed other than it's a large Flat Rate box.

How I decide to break down the contents and showcase them on here, is yet to be seen. I will break the boxes in Breakin Wax style (maybe even a special edition with a few packs at a time) but as for the individual cards in which each is great itself especially a couple that really stand out, I may post one or two cards at a time. I wouldn't want one to be missed.

So stay tuned, this box has a lot to reveal and some may make you drool on your keyboard.....

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