Saturday, September 24, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Apex MLS Soccer (AUTO GIVEAWAY)

Last years collector's favorite Apex soccer makes its return again. This time bringing back some of last years favorites and new twists to this years.

This is my very first break of it and my thoughts on it are something you are going to have to READ ON to see...

In every 2016 Topps Apex Soccer hobby box are two mini boxes. A hobby box comes with 2 autographs and one Crest jumbo relic. However, if you were to buy just a mini box it would come with a variety of two hits or one. Hobby boxes of this product are very reasonable for $40 per so I expect more hobby boxes to be bought then mini boxes that are $22-$25 each. Each mini box comes with one silver pack of 32 cards.

The base cards are a combination of Topps Fire and Topps Valor in my opinion. The artsy brilliance that Topps Fire provided is an eye catcher on these and the combo of a rough background feel and glossy player in the forefront gives us the Topps Valor appeal. Overall, this looks great.

There are 100 base cards to collect with rookies including 2016 MLS SuperDraft #1 overall pick Jack Harrison (pictured below) and league's biggest stars and MLS newcomers.

Also look for various Rookie Short Prints featuring 1st round draft picks from the 2016 MLS SuperDraft! These will be cards #101-110.

It wouldn't be a Topps product without some parallel fun. This is a blue parallel /99 and these seem to be one per pack.

Other parallels you can find are...
  • Green Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • Red Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5
  • Purple Parallel: numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1.
Inserts like these fall 3 Global Influence per pack. Gotta love the design of these with the players flag in the background. There are autograph versions of these too.

Golazo is the other insert set. Looks like one per pack.
These have parallels
  • Green Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • Red Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5
  • Purple Parallel: numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates: numbered 1/1.
There are also Kick Exclusive Redemption Cards that you can unlock in the app. These cards are numbered to 25.
Now onto the hits! One mini box had one auto and one parallel. The other had one auto parallel and the memorabilia card.

For the first time in a Topps MLS set, there are some on-card autograph finds.

These are the base autographs I pulled.

This is a blue parallel /99

These have other parallels too.
  • Green Parallel: sequentially numbered.
  • Red Parallel: sequentially numbered to 5.
  • Purple Parallel: numbered 1/1.
There are also other autographs to find in the product. Here they are:

2016 ALL-STAR AUTOGRAPHS feature Members of the MLS squad who shirted up against Arsenal in July 2016

MATCH DAY DIE-CUT RELIC are tough pulls at 1 per hobby case. They also have a Red Parallel numbered to 5 and a Purple Parallel numbered 1/1.

Dual Autograph Cards featuring thematically paired MLS superstars
And my final hit is a really cool one, nice swatch /50
There are tons of other fun swatches to find too.
  • Red Patch Parallel numbered to 5.
  • Red Collar Parallel: featuring a prime multi-color piece from the jersey collar.
  • Purple Shield Parallel that features the miniature MLS shields from the back jersey number tat are numbered 1/1
  • Purple Team Parallel features a multi-color patch piece from the team name logo on jersey neck and are also numbered 1/1
  • Purple ADIDAS Parallel is pretty obvious as it features the Adidas logo. These are also numbered 1/1.
  • Printing Plates feature a multi-color patch piece and are 1/1's.
My overall thoughts are simple. I like it. Great price on the product, nice looking cards and possible big hits waiting to happen. I think it's worth the risk and if you love MLS and collecting the cards, this is definitely a way to go. I have heard many other collectors rave about the Apex product and haven't seen any complaints.


Win this autograph card:


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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. Great box! Apex is one of my favorite soccer products, because I've always felt it gives you pretty good bang for the buck.

    PRO: Hard to beat 3 hits at the price point, solid design on insert sets and base.

    CON: My biggest con with this is that the set always seems to key in on a few of the team's having way more in the set than a few of the others. As a fan of one of those others (Go Dynamo!) it's mildly disappointing.

    Big thanks to Topps for the box to review!

  2. Pro: guaranteed hits
    CON: autos look like stickers, most relics are single color

  3. What a fantastic soccer product with great bang for your bucks. So very desirable autos and relics this year with all the bigheat names in the game. I opened 3 boxes and did amazing. Pulled one of the best cards in the set dual auto pirlo and villa /25. I give this product 5stars. Only down fall is a lot of mod to low end players signed so a lot of cheap autos. Patch autos are a very nice touch. Job well done and thanks for the chance. Don't worry this canadian has a US mailing address now :)

  4. Pro: The international inserts are a favorite of mine
    Con: For casual soccer fans this set may not be as appealing


  6. Thanks for the contest and Topps for the box.

    Pro - Bright, vivid designs and some great relic swatches.

    Con- Huge dropout in value after the top tier players, limited customer base if you aren't willing to ship outside the US (given Paypal/eBay's rules involving tracking I don't know why anyone would).

  7. Pro is the 2 guaranteed autos
    Con is the sticker autos and no names on the check list
    Thanks Topps for providing all these sweet free boxes

  8. Pro: There are some on card autographs and are guaranteed two autos per box.
    Con: There are not enough autos of the more desired players.

  9. Pro:You are guaranteed two autos per box for the $.
    Con: There are not enough autos of the bigger players.

  10. Thanks to ToppsTopps for the box and thank you for the review/contest!

    Pro: Great value, very nice cards, tons of hits
    Cons: Smaller market for soccer cards, especially MLS, but still nice nonetheless

  11. Thanks Topps and thank you SCC for the opportunity

    Pros Great looking cards

    Con You may miss the one you really want

  12. Pro. The have so many sweet looking inserts and the crests are amazing. Con is that the crests do not have alot of color and some teams are represented more then others

  13. Pro. The have so many sweet looking inserts and the crests are amazing. Con is that the crests do not have alot of color and some teams are represented more then others