Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Covid-19's Hobby Impact For Me

As I sit at home day after day, I am noticing how much of an impact that the Coronavirus-aka Covid-19-is having on my hobby both in a negative and positive way.

Sadly, the negative outweighs the positive for my collecting.

For positive, it's giving me plenty of time to keep up with blogging, some PC numbers, and especially sorting to a certain extent. I have also been contemplating another blog again, this time to stay.

For negative, well, let's start a bullet list.
  • I am running low on penny sleeves to put away some of my sorting and don't expect to be able to get any for awhile. Which leaves my card area a complete disaster.
  • I made my official last post office run last week til all of this is blown over. With that being said, my usual trades and bigger trades are all put on hold for who knows how long. So for those of you working on a trade with me currently or down the road, keep this in mind.
  • I have roughly 6 stamps left to do some PWE trading. I owe a couple of those out already so that leaves me with really four stamps to continue to get a few mail days out of for the months ahead.
  • I won't be doing any Reviews on here for who knows how long as companies have stopped sending them for now.
  • Without being able to mail and have reviews, contests will come to a halt and everyone knows how much I love to give back.
  • Without reviews, being able to get trades in, this will also leave an impact on my blogging at some point as I will run out of things to post. I have some posts already drafted to cover a couple more weeks but who knows what happens after that.
Covid-19 has definetely left its mark on my collecting life as you can see and I am sure I am not alone when it comes to this.

As for life in general outside of the hobby, things are pretty positive. We have enough food, supplies and a roof over our heads to keep us going. My wife hasn't fortunately brought anything home from working as a nurse in a nursing home (another blessing is that she still has a job as I know many have lost theirs right now) and we live in an area where the cases haven't gotten too crazy yet.

It is certainly a weird time we are living in. I never expected to go through any of this in my lifetime but it's happening and very real. It is odd not to be able to see family, go into stores, or even handle the mail and open it immediately, etc. Some days I can handle all of it just fine, and others, well, just are depressing. Something I use my faith to help lift me up another day.

I wish everyone who is reading this the best. Stay healthy, wash your hands and most of all, STAY HOME PLEASE. Let's set an example and move on from this soon. I have a feeling we are still months away but it will be longer if you can't follow simple instructions.

Oh, and if you have to go out for necessities and see one of those idiots licking grocery carts or a metal pole on a subway train with the #CoronaChallenge, hit them for me. It will make both of us feel better.

Take care everyone and let me know what impacts this virus as had on your hobby life/life in comments or reply to this on Twitter.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 42:MANY SETS

Trading with @CardpocalypseNC has been great to my set chases. Tim has picked up great stuff for me time after time to help me narrow down a lot of spots in many of my sets.

Whether it's a one card pickup or ten, every little bit has helped me reach a step closer to completion.

Like 1996 Laserview

1997 Upper Deck Rock Solid

1995 Skybox Premium

1996 Zenith

1997 Topps Chrome

1995 Skybox Preimium Quickstrike

1995 Prism

1995 Pro Line Classic silver

1996 Topps Chrome refractor

1998 Topps Chrome refractor

1995 Sp Holoview

Upper Deck Game Breakers

1995 Studio Gold

1995-1996 Flair Hardwood Leader (I wished I had kept my complete set from the 90s

1998 Contenders Leather

1995 Pinnacle Trophy Collection

and 1994 Pinnacle Trophy Collection

Like I said, he has helped some big and small for multiple sets. Even if I never get to complete these sets, the cards themselves are awesome to have.

Thanks again Tim for all of the help!

Good People, Good Cards

I have met some incredible people in the hobby. Some across the blogosphere and others on Twitter. One of those guys is @PQuintua who occasionally sends me cards he finds he knows I will enjoy. Especially Kerry Collins.

Just because!

He recently found some cool stuff from his LCS and passed them along. (yes I know I should save the Collins for that weekly post but still behind on posting some so wanted this posted now)

1995 Sportflix Kerry Collins rookie

Collins gold and Classic Award Winner

A duo of Collectors Edge rookie 22K parallel!

Select rookie and Ultra base.

Flair Showcase base I have wanted (I mean look at it?! I now need the rest!) and a blue Pacific parallel

Classic NFL Draft card of Collins I hadn't seen before so this is a solid add. I am always happy to knock down the ones I don't see every day.

Brandon Jacobs Chain Reaction /200 (remember when most inserts were numbered?)

Brandon Jacobs Status parallel /24. Pretty slick!

Topps Draft Picks and Prospects chrome refractor of Osi. I missed when the Giants defense had a bunch of pass rushers and could actually stop a team. Even with all of their cap this year, they still haven't filled in that need.

Strahan and Droughns who played a season for the Giants black refractors.

Some great stuff here @PQuintua and I truly appreciate it! Thank you so much.

If any of you have any help for his 2019 Prizm rainbow of Barry Sanders, please contact him. I am not sure how many left he is looking for, but if you have any, just contact him please via Twitter.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 41:1995 Score Red Siege Parallel...again.

If you thought when we had sets a few volumes ago that the 1995 Score looked good, well, throw some red foil on it and take it to amazing.

Score Red Siege is a 275 parallel set to the base set and I knew when I started it there was a huge battle uphill to complete it.
But, here I am trying to tackle it regardless. I like challenges.
Thanks to @CardpocalypseNC, I was able to knock even more of these bad boys down.

Here is what he passed along,

(double PC card)

(I like these throwbacks)

(these throwbacks as well)

Quite the additions to the set chase! Thanks Tim!

Luckily the odds on these weren't too tough so a lot of the lower name players can be had for pretty cheap, but the star players are about $5 each so I have been sitting back on them til I can build the cheap players first.