Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:2015 TCSP Top Shelf Legends Baseball Box

Last week, I showed off a 2015 TCSP 5 Star Rookie Class Baseball Box that I won in a guess the score contest on Twitter from @TriCitySportsPL and promised I would show the second box off this week. Well, here it is.

A 2015 TCSP Top Shelf Legends Baseball box.

Every box comes with 3 cards and promises to be packed with some "Top Shelf" goodness.

The cards in the box were once again packed in a team bag but well protected.
The first card in my pack was this Frank Vincent American Legends card. Don't know who he is, Frank is an actor, musician, author, and entrepreneur. He played roles in Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Casino. 
I am a big fan of the design. I think a presidents product would look awesome on a design like this with swatches.
Next card in my pack was a dual jersey of Mike Trout and Bryce Harper. Once again, a nice design and doesn't look bad for a non-licensed product.
My final card and my favorite of the pack, even though I liked all three, was this Harmon Killibrew that contains a HUGE swatch of bat. Once again, nailed the design. The bat swatch used claims to be from a bat used during the 1972 season.
Overall, I was pretty impressed with this product. Looks nice, solid pulls and all of the cards are numbered. (Sorry I didn't take pictures of the backs due to time constrictions)
Now I wanna hear your impressions of it.


  1. TCSP did put out presidential relics in a similar design to the Frank Vincent card in 2013 as part of the Fifth Anniversary promotions. I picked up a Gerald Ford relic and there were four Presidents on the checklist (Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan). They also used the design with some actors too.

  2. Interesting stuff. It's hard to imagine a company like TCSP owning game used jerseys of Trout and Harper... along with a game used bat of Killebrew. I wonder if they pulled these pieces of memorabilia from previously issued cards (like a Topps jersey card). This is the main reason I can't really see myself paying money for this kind of product. I'm way too pessimistic when it comes to this kind of stuff.

    Then again... even the big companies have been caught up in scandals involving sports memorabilia... and I continue to buy their products. So bottom line... nice pulls from your contest wins.