Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:Reader's Mail Day Part 1:Little Of Everything

I posted last weekend about my latest mail day from Sport Card Collectors reader Grady M and thought it was time I started to break this down to show what was hidden inside of this box.

To save myself some time and to save this from being broken down to 7 or 8 posts, I cut my pictures in half and made stacks for certain sections. But, I will do my best to generalize what was in there.

Up first, you can't see it that well, but there was a stack of NY Ranger base cards. Mostly from Upper Deck.
 Next, TONS of inserts from Topps, Stadium Club, Heritage and so on.
I pulled this Randy Johnson out because it was my first 2016 Topps baseball insert. I have been really slacking with my box busts recently. I haven't opened any 2015 Topps Chrome baseball or football and no 2016 Topps baseball which are usually musts for me. That's what happens when funds are low.

 I also pulled this out cause I really dig the design. Topps did a great job with these perspectives in my opinion.
First Pitch is one of my favorite inserts from Topps flagship in some time. It's outside the box thinking and I like that. OH, not to mention I got a new Griffey from Gypsy Queen in the bottom right.
Tons of minis! Gypsy Queen, Allen and Ginter and Upper Deck Goodwin Champions.
And to finish it up, a sharp looking CC Sabathia jersey card. Just wished CC was the same guy he was when he first arrived in NY.
This is only one of four parts I am posting on this mail day. Plenty more to show coming up soon.

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