Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top 5: 2005 Fleer Ultra Baseball Base Cards

I am one of the very few collectors left on earth that still has interest in collecting base cards. I know a lot rip and tear packs and toss the base cards to the floor or sometimes sadly in the trash. But, not me. I look at every card, see every moment it captures and then decide which stack it belongs in. Not one base card ever hits the floor or trash with me. In some ways, I guess you can call me a hoarder.

In this NEW segment, I take a look at the Top 5 of my favorite base cards from a variety of products, sports and years then break them down. Let's see if you agree with my choices.

To kick off this segment, I want to take a look at possibly some of the best ones, 2005 Fleer Ultra. It's action packed and sometimes unique photography along with a clean design gives it high ranks on capturing some of MLB's best moments on and off the field.

It was extremely challenging however to narrow this down to five images as many, if not most would make a list or would be tied. Remember this list just consists of ones I think are Top 5. Everyone has their own likes/dislikes and connectswith certain cards for their own reason.

Let's take a look at mine.

#5. Well, it's a nice twist not just to see action shots on the field, capturing a little off the field fun shows us collectors these guys are just as human as the rest of us.
#4 has Omar leaping into the air to avoid a slide. You can simply read the reaction across his face to figure out how this play may have turned out.

Yes, this one is similar to Vizquels, but there is just something about Rollins in this photo that took the #3 slot. Is it the hair? Is it the shades? He appears to me as a rapper posing as a baseball player in a movie (as I chuckle to myself again). Either way, great angle on the photo and catching Rollins mid-leap was a nice touch as well.

#2 I found cool cause it captures Finley's concentration to catching the baseball. Honestly, if I was running to try and track down an outfield ball and a ghostly face on the wall appears out of nowhere, you better believe I would be dropping it or calling the Ghostbusters. 
I just really enjoy the photo angle of this base card overall. There is just something unique about it I haven't seen before.
And my #1 choice has to be this Ryan Freel base card.
I still can't decide if this is a picture of him holding his daughter or if it is someone else baby. If it is his, it would make a great memento for her to have as it captures a great moment between the two and one that she will never be able to share again. If you didn't know, Ryan passed away a few years ago at age 36. 
This card also represents there is more to life than just baseball (or any other sport or hobby) and that no matter what, family is always first.

Alright, that's my list for 2005 Fleer Ultra baseball.
Now I gotta ask your thoughts on my list, if you would have switched any around and if you own any of the 2005 Fleer Ultra and know of a base card that would work better on my list. Let's hear it!


  1. I think you will find that a majority of the bloggers still like the base cards. That is why we are all awesome :)

  2. Enjoying base cards doesn't make you a hoarder, it makes you a collector. The mojo hunter snobs that treat them like trash are the ones with the attitude problem.

    1. Agreed. It's exciting to get a hit, but a collection is made of base.