Friday, March 25, 2016

REVIEW:2015-2016 Select Basketball (TOP NOTCH BREAK with 1/1)

I had previously only opened one Select product and that was for football. It was an okay break and some spiffy looking cards. However, opening this basketball one, I was blown away.

In every box of 2015-2016 Select basketball, you will find 12 Packs Per Box and 5 Cards Per Pack. You will also find Three Autographs or Memorabilia Per Box along with Twelve Prizms with some of those being  numbered. Boxes will run you roughly $135.

Select features three 100-card base sets that are unique in design and scarcity. Look for the Courtside Base Set that falls two per box on average. New to this year is twenty cards in the Courtside Base Set that features players with their rookie year teams and photography! 

With so much to chase and try to put together, this to me as a set collector is a dream.

Here are the designs broken down for you.


Now onto the many inserts. Well, parallels.
You get up to 12 Prizm parallels per box mixed with those many base card set chases. To make it easier on you guys and myself, I am just going to list the parallels right here and then have you enjoy the gallery after.

Concourse Prizms: Silver Prizms, Tri-Color Prizms, Blue Prizms #/249, Red Prizms #/149, Orange Prizms #/60, Tie-Dye Prizms #/25, Pink Prizms (#/20 - 2016 Industry Summit), Gold Prizms #/10, Green Prizms #/5, Black Prizms 1/1 

Premier Level Prizms: Silver Prizms Die Cut, Tri-Color Prizms Die-Cut, Light Blue Prizms Die-Cut #/199, Purple Prizm Die-Cut #/99, Tie-Dye Prizms Die-Cut #/25, Gold Prizms Die-Cut #/10, Green Prizms Die-Cut #/5, Black Prizms Die-Cut 1/1 

Courtside Prizms: Silver Prizms, Copper Prizms #/49, Tie-Dye Prizms #/25, Gold Prizms #/10, Green Prizms #/5, Black Prizms 1/1

Groovy man!

And boom! Gold Prizm /10 of Spurs Kawhi Leonard

Back of the card. 10/10 at that!

I was a big fan of all of these parallels. Would make for a fun rainbow chase of your favorite player.

Up next, the hits! It went big here too just like with the Leonard gold.

First, a Sparks Memorabilia card of John Wall. Cool concept and design.  There are Prizm parallels of these too that I bet really spark(le).

My first autograph pull is a Die Cut rookie auto Wave Prizm of Pat Connaughton numbered to 10! That makes two cards numbered to 10 in this box. Can that be beat?? Well....

You bet it can!!

BIG BOOM! A Die Cut autograph Power Prizm 1/1 of Norman Powell!

Back of the card

Great break right?????? This wasn't the first great break I have seen of this product either. I visited a few other sites to see if this was a rare case and it wasn't.

Overall, this is powerful product with lots to offer. If you love chasing base sets, collecting rookie cards, PARALLEL chasing, nice looking autograph cards then this product is for you. The price per box isn't too bad either compared to a few other higher end Panini products I broke recently on here. This box provided much more boom than those did.

To see other images of what the product offers that way it draws you in even more, I strongly suggest you go follow this LINK and check out the Panini's Knight's Lance blog for visuals.