Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Forgotten Places:John Smoltz

Upon sorting I came across a John Smoltz St. Louis Cardinals baseball card and I was setback by it. John Smoltz played for the Cardinals???? I guess I had forgotten about it.

When I think of John Smoltz in uniform I think of this:

You know, his dominating years as both starting pitcher and reliever for the Atlanta Braves.  The guy who was an 8 time All-Star, NL Cy Young Award Winner and a World Series Champion with the team.
Not this guy who I don't remember as a Cardinal..or technically a Red Sox pitcher either in that 2009 season. But, I guess it happened.
In Smoltz's time with the two teams, he posted terrible numbers going 3-8 with an 6.35 ERA. Not up to his standards by far. It seemed Atlanta made the right choice not offering more than they did and it seemed John made a mistake carrying on his career after Atlanta. Not the way you want to end your career but at least he didn't push himself for another season.

John is just one of many players I found that I had forgotten had been at other places. There are just some players you recognize with only one organization. That's what this new segment will be about. What player will I choose moving forward? Well, keep an eye out and you will see!

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  1. I'm a Brave's fan and this was so hard to watch. No only did he not finish his career in Atlanta but then hw played horribly for Boston and St. Louis. A sad way to end a wonderful career but Braves fans love him to death and rightfully so. We just forget that last year of his career ever happened. :)