Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thoughts About The Hobby 2013

Another year of card collecting has come to a close and tomorrow at this time will start a whole new year. My 23rd or so year as a collector. Obviously in these amount of years as collecting there has been a lot of changes. Both good and bad. But here are some of my thoughts and observations from the 2013 card collecting season.

First off, I will kick it off with licensing which seems to be a bigger issue in the hobby than most think. There are a lot of collectors really sick of the way the license landscape is laid out. Mostly in baseball. I have heard many, many times that collectors are really tired of what Topps is putting out. They are sick of the same designs, the non-action photography on the base cards and the overall value of what Topps puts in a box. There were even a couple of collectors getting done the hobby as well just because they don't like what they have heard coming up for 2014 Topps baseball. This is a huge red flag to me. Especially since Topps has the baseball card license til 2020. Yes, Panini and Upper Deck both own the MLBPA and collectors could collect non-MLB licensed cards but most won't due to lack of logo's. Hopefully this part will get worked out.

And speaking of collectors getting done with the hobby, sadly, must say I saw a lot of that as well. At least 10 collectors that I know are either taking a break or just getting done in general. I am sure there is more. Yes, this is worrisome but like I posted about in this ARTICLE there are ways to move on from thinking about quitting and hopefully those who are getting done will find a way to come back.

A high note for the hobby for 2013, is I have got to clap my hands and give two thumbs up for two companies that are continuing to find ways to keep collectors collecting and driving them to go to their hobby shops keeping the few that are still around alive. Upper Deck and Panini have both done their jobs doing this.

Upper Deck has National Hockey Card Day in USA and Canada where they give you a FREE pack of cards just for showing up at the shop. And of course as a collector you are not just going to show up there without any kind of purchase. Upper Deck has also donated cards to charities, given collectors opportunities such as having their own cards made, opening up product that you would never be able to afford for FREE and by surprise and not to mention they gave away a Wayne Gretzky auto to a kid and a LeBron James auto in their Father's Day promotion. And that is only the tip on the iceberg. Great stuff.

As for Panini, they are driving collectors out to their shops by all of their promotions with FREE packs (with a purchase) such as Black Friday, Father's Day, Boxing Day,  and Player Of The Day which offers collectors a chance to spend a day with their favorite player. They also sponsor Pop Warner football among many other promotions to get cards and stickers into kids hands. Not to mention, with every product release, they are always giving some product away whether it be by their very challenging scavenger hunts or by everyone's favorite photo contest #paniniwildcard. This is great for collectors who may not be able to afford these products or afford the hobby in general as this is an incentive to keep them going. They also take time out for their collectors either on Twitter, Email or Facebook. Panini also supports this blog (among other sites) that gives away tons of cards from their support to you guys.

Another high note for 2013 is companies bringing back some classic brands and innovations. Sometimes it's not always about what NEW idea they can come up with. Sometimes you need to take a look in the past and see what worked. Companies toyed with acetate again, classic products like Pinnacle, Select, Flair Showcase and a few others, they also added top rookies to a base product that usually only had them as autograph/patch cards making it more fun and more valuable for set collectors again.

As for my collecting in 2013, I didn't get to break as much as I wanted. Just as many collectors are facing it's getting expensive to collect and I know I can't always afford to break. But, I did add a few nice cards. Didn't really hit anything big but hopefully that's because 2014 will be the big year. And once again, I didn't really PC anyone either. I had started with Rueben Randle but as with all PC attempts, it crumbled.

As 2013 closes, there were some high and some low notes as there is every year. Hopefully moving forward this hobby will find a way to grow and find a way to draw in younger collectors. They are not only the future of the hobby, but they will someday be all that the hobby has.

Monday, December 30, 2013

BIG CHANGES are coming....

As the title states, BIG CHANGES are coming to Sport Card Collectors. This has been something I have been thinking about this entire year.

The one thing I strive to do on this blog is continue to improve it moving forward with today's collecting times and trying to grow. While also giving you helpful and useful information on the hobby anyway possible! And to show everyone that visits this blog that the hobby is fun! So when looking at content this year, I noticed it wasn't as strong as I had hoped. So that's why in 2014 I hope to strive to improve the content on this blog and give you useful information on the hobby. I have some BIG CHANGES coming and I hope you will stay along for the ride!

What are they you may ask? First let's start to say, you will notice a new facelift. All of the previous posts from the past two years will disappear! When I said BIG CHANGES, I meant it. Why do this you may ask, well, I really wanted to start fresh without having to start over a new blog. I like what Sport Card Collectors offers collectors and there are many of you who subscribe to the blog or have the link close by so starting over wouldn't be an option since so many of you have a connection to this blog.As for where the posts will disappear to, we will NOT BE deleting them. They will be on our new brother blog Sport Card Collectors Archives! You can find that blog HERE and enjoy all of the previous posts there. I just felt the blog needed a fresh start with new and IMPROVED writings on here and felt like I had to erase mistakes from the past without losing all of the hard worked content. I wanted to move this blog forward the right way without losing anything however with that being said, it doesn't mean I won't bring the posts back if needed at some point. Other facelift moves may be made as well such as switching to a single sided blog, color scheme and so on.

There will be other changes as well. With most successful and informational blogs their seems to be themed days. Something that I attempted early on in blogging but back then didn't work. However, that was long ago before this blog made it on the map. I thought bringing this back will help! What they will be, well, let's break it down for you!
  • Monday: I think we all need great way to wake up on a Monday..so why not wake up with a laugh with "CAPTION THIS" Monday. I will post up a card that needs a caption (I may provide one myself too) Have a great time with it...but keep it clean (absolutely NO language) ***NEW***
  • Tuesday: Topps Card Of The Week. Cards will random in different sports and years. Not all will be autographed or memorabilia. Most will be base cards or inserts. The simple stuff that doesn't always get the recognition in the hobby and stuff  that I appreciate. And it's not just a picture of the card either. There will be information about the card such as card number, year, product, brand and Book Value.  ***NEW***
  • Wednesday: Panini Card Of The Week Cards will random in different sports and years. Not all will be autographed or memorabilia. Most will be base cards or inserts. The simple stuff that doesn't always get the recognition in the hobby and stuff  that I appreciate. And it's not just a picture of the card either. There will be information about the card such as card number, year, product, brand and Book Value.  ***NEW***
  • Thursday:Upper Deck Card Of The Week Cards will random in different sports and years. Not all will be autographed or memorabilia. Most will be base cards or inserts. The simple stuff that doesn't always get the recognition in the hobby and stuff  that I appreciate. And it's not just a picture of the card either. There will be information about the card such as card number, year, product, brand and Book Value.  ***NEW***
  • Friday: Product Previews Of The Week Giving you a preview of newer products and summing them all up into one post! ***NEW***
  • Saturday: Hobby Opinions another new segment. I will just put up a quick post such as BASE CARDS and YOU give your opinion on the topic in comments. This is all about your guys opinions. ***NEW***
  • Sunday: NPN Address Of The Week I have had some fans that have been asking if I can post some NPN addresses. So I will start doing that on Sundays of products I recently either opened or NPN addresses that haven't expired yet. Who doesn't appreciate a chance at FREE cards! ***NEW***
  • I will also have a new series called The Basics. This will be for the beginning collectors. I want to break down what each item is in the hobby such as a hobby pack vs a retail pack. A One Touch. A blaster box. A blister box. A redemption card. And so on. Hopefully with basic useful information it will help collectors just starting out.
  • Once in awhile a poll may be posted that I hope everyone will vote on to use as a story. 
  • Must also note that Reviews (that will new and improved), Retail Break 'em(showcasing you what is inside of a retail pack, blaster, rack pack or blister of a retail product) ***NEW*** , Hobby Break 'em(showcasing you what is inside of a Hobby pack or Hobby Box of a product we have already opened and reviewed) Opinion Story, Featured NY Giants Card ***NEW***, Featured NY Yankees Card  ***NEW*** , What's In The Mail Box? (only the most important mail days will be featured) ***NEW*** , Design Police (taking designs from yesterday and today and either putting them in jail or setting them free) ***NEW***and FANdom Card Of The Day may also fill in a days spot when they are available and will replace that days post or be an extra one. I will be losing topics like Retail Reviews (but I will give you our thoughts on products in Retail Break 'em) and Fan PC that never seemed to gain any strength. There also may be other new topics as well, but as of right now this stands to be the plan. All may be subject to change.
Even the way I do contests will be different. However, you will still control your destiny of winning! Not many random contests on here! The BIGGER change on the giveaway end is that I will be doing a lot less of them (though you never know). Now I know a lot of you will be disappointed, but I didn't start up this blog to do just giveaways even though I absolutely love giving back to fellow collectors. I wanted to blog about sports cards and my experiences and opinions on topics in the hobby. And it seems like a lot of the focus on sports cards gets lost on here a lot of times by the amount of giveaways I am doing.I STILL will be doing giveaways, they just will be randomly done throughout the year. So remember to keep an eye out and follow us on Twitter, LIKE us on Facebook or become a member of this blog or follow by email to be up to date on when a contest will happen!

Another change will be the loss of the Fan Interaction pages. Nobody uses them. I have tried and tried to get excitement going on those and for fans to interact with each other by using them, but it just doesn't seem like it's going to work. So they will be leaving to free up more space on the blog. With that being said however, that doesn't mean that I won't try again. Bringing collectors together has always been the aim.

There may be other changes that happen as well. But I will always stick to the roots that readers love either way. I hope all of you enjoy what I will be bringing to the blog. As always let me know in comments your thoughts!

All of these new changes will take effect on January 1st, 2014 as I move closer to the 2 year blogversary in March. I wanna kick off the new year in style!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Autograph Sp Authentic Hockey Upper Deck NPN Mail Day

This arrived in the mail not long ago, another sweet haul from Upper Deck's NPN online program. I really long for these mail days. So after quickly entering their NPN's, I watch the mail box once I know a product is finished on the site hoping to find something from it in my mail box.

This time it's an autograph rookie card from Sp Authentic hockey 2012-2013. Who wouldn't want to find one of these in the mail box? One of the most popular brands out there.

Have you ever gotten an NPN mail day from Upper Deck? And what was it?

As always, your thoughts are welcomed!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Do Cards Affect Which Teams You Root On In The Playoffs?

I for one admit that my cards affect who I root on in any sports playoff, whether I like the team or not. However, I do stick to three important rules. The first rule is obvious, my teams must be eliminated from the playoffs. Second rule, no matter the circumstances, I will not root on a New England team including the Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, Celtics. Third rule only pertains football (because the Red Sox fall under rule 2), I will not root on a division rival. Outside of this, it's wide open.

For example, last years Super Bowl, I had to root on the Ravens. My Ravens cards surpassed the 49er ones I had. Even though I don't sell anything, I still like to see up arrows on important cards in my collection. The same rule applies for any sport such as last season's NBA Finals. I had to root the Heat on. I had better cards of them though I like underdogs to win and not the same teams (unless my own).

If my Giants are in the playoffs, expect me to be rooting on my team
So now with the Giants out of the running in the playoffs this year, expect me to be tweeting out or posting on Facebook about teams I am hoping to win. And now you will know the reason behind it.

I don't know if I am the only collector who does this or if you guys do to. But as always would love to hear your thoughts and especially hear if you do this as well.

Friday, December 27, 2013

FANdom Card Of The Day: 2012-13 Panini Intrigue Intriguing Players Gold #27 Kobe Bryant 05/10 RARE

2012-13 Panini Intrigue Intriguing Players Gold #27 Kobe Bryant 05/10 RARE

Thanks to Jammin JDcards for providing us with this FANdom Card Of The Day. If you would like to provide us with your favorite card or cards and be featured on our FANdom Card Of The Day segment, email us at sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com with the following: Your Name, A Card Picture, What The Card Is. As EZ as Chocolate Cream Pie...mmmmmm..

Thursday, December 26, 2013

DACardworld Christmas Break The Final One: Panini Black Football 2012

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did..

The final box was a product I had really wanted to try in 2012 Panini Black. It was a high end brand on dacardworld.com but they had it at a reasonable price so I took the chance. Glad I did.. Once again, the one thing this Christmas I did specify due to the lack of good rookies in the 2013 class was that I wanted 2012 product. And my wishes came true.

Such a slick design
One of two rookies I found. But this was the bigger name.

Gold Parallel

Numbered inserts

Nice Curtis Martin

The reason I wanted this product was for the rookie autographs because they looked so sweet and now I have to wait to see it!

This was the first hit actually in the pack...great way to kick it off but the next card was the top notch finisher!


Dual autograph numbered 1/10 of Cam Newton and Deion Neon Sanders!

This made for a great Christmas break! Always wanted an auto of these guys!

Must also say, Panini Black is an excellent product. The designs are really well done. The cards are really thick and you can pull some really cool stuff. And though you would think a product done on black cardboard would chip a lot, didn't see any chipping in this break.

As always, comments are encouraged on the break or on the pull. Would also enjoy feedback on Panini Black as well!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas From Sport Card Collectors

Today I decided to take a day off from posting about cards. As much as I know most of you like to hang around on here :), I thought today you should take some time for your family.

So today, I came on to say how much I appreciate the support here on Sport Card Collectors from first you guys, the readers. I also appreciate the support from The Pack Gambler, Jammin JDcards, and BCW Supplies.

And I especially appreciate the support from Panini America. Without them,  Sport Card Collectors blog wouldn't be what it is today. So thank you!

So for today's post, I just wanted to wish you a...


I hope all of you spend good times with family, eat great food and have some sick mojo if you find cards under your tree! Tomorrow be on the lookout for the most recent Christmas break results with a big hit! 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DACardworld Christmas Break # 3: Totally Certified Football 2012

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did.

The third box was one of my favorite all time products in Totally Certified was on sale dacardworld.com. And the one thing this Christmas I did specify due to the lack of good rookies in the 2013 class was that I wanted 2012 product. And my wishes came true.

Here is how I did and one hit was a nice one.

Blue parallel

Blue parallel jersey card. Really like the Rams gold colored jersey on this card. Really looks great.

Eli!! You know I am lovin this hit!

Cool design and nice swatch!

Was hoping this guy was the future for Indy...guess he could still be

 And BOOM! Luke Kuechly Totally Certified GOLD auto!
Not a bad break. Got an Eli jersey card and the Kuechly saved the overall break and was my first Gold from Totally Certified. Obviously finding bigger named rookies would have been more fun but not TOTALLY upset with this break.

Your thoughts are always encouraged and wait until the final break for Christmas..that one contained a monster! However, you will have to wait til the day after Christmas!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Winner Of Our NY Giants/Panini America Promo

Well, just like this contest and my blog yesterday (published two stories that were meant for today), the NY Giants season just never seemed to take off the way we wanted. The Giants wins prevented us from giving more away. The amount of participants made us cut this contest a week short. But, when all is said and done, there is still a winner who will be taking home around 10 insert/rookie cards and a big congrats goes out to: JJ Hernandez!!

Please email us your address to sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com!

 As for the final week, this is how it went down. Zac Smith led JJ HERNANDEZ and @rjdub81 by one game. So we had two tiebreakers to separate things so we wouldn't have to take this game into overtime.  @rjdub81 went over the point total in yesterday's game so that eliminated him. But JJ Hernandez was closer in points so he won for the week tying him with Zac. Then it comes to the tiebreakers. Both chose the Lions. That was wrong. Then it came down to the Eli's total yards and in the end JJ was closer to the total pulling off a big comeback just like the Giants did in the final week.

Congrats to our winner and thanks to everyone who participated. More contests on the way!

DACardworld Christmas Break # 2: Absolute Memorabilia Blaster Boxes 2011

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did.

The second box was a Absolute Memorabilia Blaster Box lot of 3 that was on sale dacardworld.com. 2011 is another strong rookie year with Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Mark Ingram among others so taking a risk on a cheap blaster lot that guaranteed an auto or jersey card was no loss at all.

A clean design with not too much border. Very nice.

Spectrum Parallels. The Blue one is numbered to 100.

A good amount of inserts

Blaster # 1 had this

Blaster # 2 had this one. I really like the red.

And the best hit of the blasters, despite being a Patriot

Overall, not a bad break. Got a base card set. Got some rookies. Three hits. And I believe the lot was the price of what one blaster would be so you can't argue with these results. I was hoping that an autograph would be found as one of the hits, but I also had a feeling that most of these are packed with jersey cards.  

Must also note that I really like the design of the memorabilia cards. And that the Tools Of The Trade ones are both numbered.

Let's hear your thoughts on this break. And tomorrow will be an even better break!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winners Of The What's On Your Panini Gift List Contest

First off, note that we put WINNERS instead of winner. That's right. Sport Card Collector Claus couldn't just choose one random winner for this contest. So we are choosing four random winners!

The winner of the main prize lot is JJ Hernandez! He takes home this!

Boldin is numbered to 99
Peyton is numbered to 99
Bowe is numbered to 49

Our other THREE winners will take home an envelope with 3-5 random Panini insert/rookie cards. Those winners are Brandon Paxton, Kent Richie and Mark Killebrew. Congrats to all four winners. We wished we could give all of you something since it's the holiday's but remember we are always doing contests so you never know when it will be your turn!

Winners, email us your address to sportcardcollectors@hotmail.com. You will have 7 days to claim your prizes or they will be regiven away.

Please remember to thank Panini America and Tracy Hackler for providing these prizes for the contest. Without their support we wouldn't be able to do what we do on here!

Results from the latest Jammin JDcards Breaks!

In the latest round of breaks for Jammin JDcards we find a couple of nice patch cards and a tough parallel redemption hit. Once again, you just don't know what you are going to hit if you don't get in on one of his breaks!

To join one, follow this link and see what's available:HERE

First up for show are the hits from Totally Certified Basketball 2013-2014:

 This is a really SWEEETT Rasheed Wallace 13/25

Now up for show is the hits from the 2013 Strata with a pretty sick hit at the bottom

Stevie Brown redemption #/10

Check out this #BIGMOJO hit on the Barkley. That is just sickly awesome! Congrats to whoever hit that!

Once again, Jammin JDcards has proven he can get some really nice pulls. The question here is, are you joining in their breaks to give yourself a chance at them?

Christmas Gift # 1. Free Box From Dacardworld.com (Goodwin Champions 2012 Blaster)

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did.

The first box is a freebie item from dacardworld.com that comes from a list of items you can choose from when you spend over a certain amount.

Goodwin Champions is one of my favorite Upper Deck products. It comes with a fun variety of sports, non sports and personalities. With a blaster box being an option, we were hoping for a pull as well.


Even though not usually a fan of artsy approaches on cards due to rather having action photography, I do like how Upper Deck did these.There is such a classy approach to the base cards.

Another thing I also like about Goodwins is the added mix of sports and non-sports personalities. Just a fun product seeing who could be in your packs. Also fun at the amazing things you might hit as well.

Mini's! Get 5 Goodwin Champions Minis per box!


 We beat those odds by also pulling 2 Lady Luck mini parallels 

Overall, not a bad blaster break but nothing overly exciting. I always enjoy minis! Hopefully the rest of the Christmas break will be exciting. As I break each box I will be taking you guys on the ride. So wish me luck!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Blaster Break Of 2013 Topps Chrome Football

The first blaster of Topps Chrome Football 2013 was not enough. I had to have more. The difference this time is this blaster came with the same amount of packs and cards, just didn't come with a relic. I have heard there are two different forms of Chrome blasters out there. Assuming there must be a difference between Target and Walmart ones.

However, as Topps Chrome has proven time and time again, it's still the best retail buy for $20 with or without the relic. This blaster came very colorful!

Love this picture...do the salsa Cruuuuuuuuuuzzzz!!!

Hopkins rookie card. Guy is second leading rookie wide receiver!

The mini chromes look so much better than the basic mini's from Topps flagship.

These are really cool!

Even had some Camo refractor action right in the first pack!

And then my favorite pull from the blaster that's numbered to 499 in Eddie Lacy purple refractor. I seem to be finding him a lot in my packs and I don't have a problem with it. He has proven himself many times this year. If he continues to do so and with a healthy Aaron Rodgers, they would be tough to beat.

Once again I feel great about this purchase. You just never know what you are going to find in a pack of Chrom. And once again I feel like got more than my value back with the number of rookie cards and parallels.

Let's hear your thoughts on Topps Chrome or this break!