Sunday, December 22, 2013

Results from the latest Jammin JDcards Breaks!

In the latest round of breaks for Jammin JDcards we find a couple of nice patch cards and a tough parallel redemption hit. Once again, you just don't know what you are going to hit if you don't get in on one of his breaks!

To join one, follow this link and see what's available:HERE

First up for show are the hits from Totally Certified Basketball 2013-2014:

 This is a really SWEEETT Rasheed Wallace 13/25

Now up for show is the hits from the 2013 Strata with a pretty sick hit at the bottom

Stevie Brown redemption #/10

Check out this #BIGMOJO hit on the Barkley. That is just sickly awesome! Congrats to whoever hit that!

Once again, Jammin JDcards has proven he can get some really nice pulls. The question here is, are you joining in their breaks to give yourself a chance at them?

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