Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FANS Show Off Their Winnings From Our Player Of The Day Contest 2013

The one thing I have got to say about the fans and readers of this blog is that they ROCK! Most were willing to send us a picture (for those who have already received theirs. For those of you have yet to, please still post a picture on our Facebook or Tweet it to us) of their winnings from our Player Of The Day Contest. And we just want to say THANK YOU to those fans who were willing to do so! You guys are what keeps this blog rocking!

We wanted to get this post up sooner rather than later to close up the contest for 2013. Now onto the gallery. Seems our fans did quite well this year!

First place Mrblu1976 from our DAILY contest pulled this from his POD packs:

 2nd Place winner in our Daily Player Of The Day Contest:

"JamminJDCards: Won 2 packs of @PaniniPOD from @SportCardCollec Blog Contest. Pulled an Auto! Sweet, Thanks @SHOWYOURHITS #theHobby"

3rd place DAILY CONTEST winner Miami Vice even hit an auto! Trifecta for all!

Then the winner of our #SCCPaniniPODWildCard photo contest scored these:
@SQRLNSTY: A little late but here's my @PaniniAmerica POD and @SportCardCollec contest mail day. Thanks again guys!!

2nd Place Jamie B got this in #SCCPaniniPODWildCard a POD auto of Jarvis Jones


Our MAIN CONTEST winner and some of his prizes:

"Thanks again for doing the contests"

Pulls from our Scavenger Hunt winners MackAttack97 and Jessica P.

"Thanks Sport Card Collectors and Panini!"
No problem! Congrats on the incredible pulls by MackAttack97 in his box of Prominence! Nice Eddy Lacy! He is going to be a star! 

3rd Place in our 1st Scavenger Hunt got to bust two packs of Score Football. Here is how @allformykids did

Embedded image permalink 

Embedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Jessica P. emailed us a few of her hits as well from the second Scavenger Hunt:

"Here are my favorite pulls from the box. Thank you!"

We truly enjoyed seeing the happiness this brought collectors and the hits they pulled. We hope you enjoyed our 2013 Player Of The Day Contest. Many winners. Many prizes handed out this year as we gave away even more this year than last. We gave away, 2 Hobby boxes, tons of BCW Magnetic holders, over 20 auto/jersey cards, roughly about 70 insert/rookie cards, 4 awesome Panini shirts, 2 McFarlane figures, a partridge in a pear tree, and more!! Not to mention about 18 + people walked away with something.

We appreciate all of the support. Thank you to everyone who sent us in pictures! We hope to participate in 2014. We promise next year will be even better! And remember to THANK Panini and Panini Player Of The Day for letting us participate in this tremendous contest!

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  1. How awesome. Made me smile seeing the smiles and all the cool cards.
    Thank You SCC and Panini! Congrats and happy holidays everyone