Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Have You Ever Considered Quitting The Hobby?

The question is Have You Ever Considered Quitting The Hobby? And I bet the simple answer for any collector would be yes. We all hit that lull, that moment, where we question ourselves...Can I afford to keep collecting? Is this hobby as interesting as it used to be? I don't know what to collect anymore so why am I collecting? The hobby isn't as strong as it used to be, should I get out before it's gone?

The bigger question when those ones pop up I think is, can you carry on past those questions and continue collecting? Recently, these questions popped into my head again. Especially the final one. I have seen quite a few collectors in the last few weeks either in a lull, giving it a "break" or just straight up quitting because they can't afford it. These kind of things are a red flag to me and sometimes makes me rethink about continuing on.

Even with cool cards like this on the market, you still sometimes get the thoughts about quitting

However, even though those thoughts pop up in my head about the hobby, I always seem to find a way to carry on and move past my doubts. Why or how you may ask, well here are few tips that I use.
  1. It's a hobby I have come to know and love for the past 20 plus years. I Think back to when I first started collecting and what got me into it. Believe me, it helps. And sometimes brings that passion back. And it may even slap in you the face for asking you why those thoughts came up.
  2. I try to find different things and ways to keep me interested whether that be collecting different players, re-sorting (and we know how that can go), blogging or simply just reading a Beckett to look at product previews, reviews and even the price guide. There are many, many options in a hobby like this. Maybe even collect a new sport. You just never know what you will find or like!
  3. I, just like everyone else cannot always afford the hobby, so what I do to wet that appetite for wax in the meantime til I have money, I enter contests. No, you may not win every one, but at some point you will win at least one. Maybe even go on a hot streak!
  4. For pack opening when you are not winning contests, I may pick up a few retail packs here and there especially if they are on sale to keep the collection growing and to keep my sanity for opening up packs. No they are not as glamorous as hobby, but it's something to tame that pack wanting. And most retail packs you can find under $2.99.
As for the hobby not being as strong anymore, obviously it's not in a tech world. But, this hobby has been around forever and though I fear someday it may not be here if we don't find a way to get younger generations interested, there is a voice in my head that comforts me and says, "My son, don't worry, this hobby will continue on no matter what. There will always be collectors." I sure hope that voice is right. And we can only help it continue on by getting cards into kids hands. If you are helping getting cards into kids hands, that may help you take some of the doubt away knowing that you are helping to keep the hobby you love alive.

I hope some of you who consider quitting will take some of these suggestions as a way to carry on. Because if us collectors now cannot get past these thoughts and do we expect future collectors to and for the hobby to continue on?


  1. This couldn't have come at a more apt time for me!

    I was processing these same thoughts a couple of months ago but managed to talk myself out of it and found a renewed sense of collecting 'purpose'. However, over the last week, the doubts have appeared again and this time I think I'll be giving in to them!

    For me the main factor is the lack of funds and the overall expense of getting cards shipped to the UK. Singles shopping on eBay is a futile experience these days due to inflated shipping costs.

    Also, I'm really disappointed with the upcoming products that Topps is producing as part of it's 2014 release schedule. A lack of imagination and innovation means we're seeing the same content over and over again, all packaged up with a slightly different design from the previous years output.

    Maybe we've reached the zenith of card design and content... perhaps it's already passed us by!

    If I could afford it I'd collect vintage but even that's not an option at the moment!

    So I'm thinking that the time's come to just walk away. I still love the Hobby, and I have no doubt I'll be back again in some capacity in the future, but for now I think I'll be calling it a day!

    Make sure you still keep up the great work, as I'll always be keeping an eye on what's going on :)


  2. I have also thought about quitting the hobby a few times and I have taken a break in the past while I was in the military. The whole reason why I came back was because of my kids. I wanted to give them a chance to have a collection of cards from their birth years and also their early childhood without having to pay an arm and a leg for them in the future. I am hoping that they will get into the hobby, but if they don't hopefully they will be able to make a profit off of my efforts now. I am currently walking away from my R/C hobby because I do not have the time for it any more and have not done anything with it for years and would rather have the money and space for other things. I am thinking about taking another break from the sports card collecting hobby as well because I have other needs, wants, and desires that require my money. I will still keep my collection for the kids and if they show an interest in the future I will definitely help them out. Nothing is set in stone though, just a thought....

  3. Hopefully the both of you will find that passion again. I know both of you are great people for the hobby and it can't afford to lose too many.Like I said, I have thought about getting done as well. But I go deep within and use the tips above to pull me out. I hope these thoughts don't come back too often or it will get harder and harder to get out of it.

  4. Most of us don't have an endless source of disposable income for the hobby. I have actually found ways to obtain cards in ways that most don't even consider. Always let everyone know that you collect baseball cards or whatever the type of cards that may be. By doing that I had people give me or charge me a low price onold collections that they were going to throw away. I agree that it's tough to find. Older cards that are cheap unless the condition is poor. And vice Gerda. Sometimes you just have to be willing to settle for that and not set your standards so high. Keep looking at garage sales and flea markets. The hunt is the most fun anyway IMO. As for the newer cards the designs are not great and the creativity is not there. If you enjoy collecting cards as much as you say or think you do then you will always find a way to get what you want or close to it. Everyone seems to be bashing the creativity of the newer design cards and I 100% am on your side but put the shoe on the other foot and maybe question your own creativity in finding ways to keep up with the hobby that you enjoy. I'm selling a guitar so that I can keep up. There are a multitude of ways. Flip cards on ebay. Whatever you have to do stick to it and you can't go wrong. There is always a way if it means that much to you.
    Respectfully submitted
    Chad D