Friday, December 6, 2013

Nice Mail Day From The Pack Gambler

Last week I saw a yellow envelope in my mail box and was completely surprised. I wasn't expecting any packages. I took it out and it was festively decorated with Christmas stickers and then I noticed that it came from The Pack Gambler.

I ran home as fast as possible to rip open this unexpected package and below is what was found:

A variety of baseball cards

2 unopened packs of 1991 Action Packed. He must have known my love for 1990's products and football. I was hoping to pull a Favre is what was found inside:

My first cut signature..had always wanted one of these!

And a new Griffey Jr for the PC

I was quite stoked with this package and immediately thanked The Pack Gambler for the early Christmas present. If you guys are not following him on Twitter or Facebook, you are missing out. He is one of the great guys in the hobby who cares about it and other collectors and I have been saying that long before this package showed up. This is just another example of it.

Another big thanks goes out to The Pack Gambler for this mail day and as always, comments are welcomed!

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