Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Gift # 1. Free Box From (Goodwin Champions 2012 Blaster)

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did.

The first box is a freebie item from that comes from a list of items you can choose from when you spend over a certain amount.

Goodwin Champions is one of my favorite Upper Deck products. It comes with a fun variety of sports, non sports and personalities. With a blaster box being an option, we were hoping for a pull as well.


Even though not usually a fan of artsy approaches on cards due to rather having action photography, I do like how Upper Deck did these.There is such a classy approach to the base cards.

Another thing I also like about Goodwins is the added mix of sports and non-sports personalities. Just a fun product seeing who could be in your packs. Also fun at the amazing things you might hit as well.

Mini's! Get 5 Goodwin Champions Minis per box!


 We beat those odds by also pulling 2 Lady Luck mini parallels 

Overall, not a bad blaster break but nothing overly exciting. I always enjoy minis! Hopefully the rest of the Christmas break will be exciting. As I break each box I will be taking you guys on the ride. So wish me luck!

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