Thursday, December 26, 2013

DACardworld Christmas Break The Final One: Panini Black Football 2012

So for Christmas every year, I am allowed to give a list of what cards I want for Christmas. Out of that list a couple boxes would be chosen. I will break those down over the next few days to show you how we did..

The final box was a product I had really wanted to try in 2012 Panini Black. It was a high end brand on but they had it at a reasonable price so I took the chance. Glad I did.. Once again, the one thing this Christmas I did specify due to the lack of good rookies in the 2013 class was that I wanted 2012 product. And my wishes came true.

Such a slick design
One of two rookies I found. But this was the bigger name.

Gold Parallel

Numbered inserts

Nice Curtis Martin

The reason I wanted this product was for the rookie autographs because they looked so sweet and now I have to wait to see it!

This was the first hit actually in the pack...great way to kick it off but the next card was the top notch finisher!


Dual autograph numbered 1/10 of Cam Newton and Deion Neon Sanders!

This made for a great Christmas break! Always wanted an auto of these guys!

Must also say, Panini Black is an excellent product. The designs are really well done. The cards are really thick and you can pull some really cool stuff. And though you would think a product done on black cardboard would chip a lot, didn't see any chipping in this break.

As always, comments are encouraged on the break or on the pull. Would also enjoy feedback on Panini Black as well!


  1. Holy snot! That's a dang nice box. Sweet hits!!

  2. very nice dual auto and great pc hit too!. i see u had an eli in the other box as well haha