Saturday, August 22, 2015

CONTEST! Guess My Hampton Count!

Well, I tried to give this lot away in July, but the winner didn't claim so here it is up for grabs again!

First, let's get through this mumble jumble.
  1. MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT OR HAVE A U.S. SHIPPING ADDRESS YOU CAN USE. I know a few non U.S. residents who have people within the U.S. that will ship to them. If you fall in that case, go ahead and enter. If not, I am sorry. Shipping costs are outrageous and I can't afford it. However, if I pull a redemption card or Panini Rewards card in the future I may hold a Non U.S. Residents contest.
  2. The contest is sponsored by Sport Card Collectors blog. All cards have come directly from myself.
  3. Sport Card Collectors will not be responsible for stolen, lost or damaged mail. I will mail it out the safest way I can, if something happens to it through the USPS process, I cannot be held responsible or asked to replace the original prize.
  4. By entering this contest, you agree to the rules above and will abide by them.
Here's what's up for grabs if you don't remember..........

The Admiral, MJ and Ewing!

90's insert goodness!

These are basketball rookies of McGrady and Van Horn.

This is for the Lions fans!

Unopened packs of one of the greatest!

One screwdown holder unopened.
Now onto how to enter.
  1. Make sure you have read the above rules. If you don't follow them, you won't win.
  2. I have picked up some Rodney Hampton cards recently and will have a few more on the way as well. I want you to guess what my total number of NEW ones added that will be added by the time a winner is announced. The total number will be between 1-150. So any guess is a good guess. There can be multiple guesses for one number and if that number is right a random will be done to pick the winner.
  3. You can guess a number DAILY.
  4. The person closest WITHOUT going over WINS. I will post the number of Hampton card count in a separate post along with the winner's name. 
  5. Remember, once a winner is announced, that winner will have 7 days from that post day to claim the prize or we will be in this situation again giving it away to someone else.
  6. You will have til September 4th 2015 by 11:59pm to get your guesses in.
  7. Winner will be announced on September 5th 2015.
Good luck!


  1. @badbrad1987 ---- 31

  2. The winner didn't claim it? I was only one over!

  3. 13 daniel stauch

  4. Congrats to WILSON on the guess of 15 when the total was 16.

    Please email with your address. You will have 7 days from this comment to claim or the prize will be given away again.

    Congrats again to Wilsom and thanks to everyone who entered.

    I am working on something else for a contests that could be epic so stay tuned!

  5. Lol I learnt I should read the question better lol