Monday, August 3, 2015

I Miss The Hobby Episode 3

I miss the hobby.....remember when card collecting was just for card collecting? It doesn't seem that way for most anymore. Some are just in it for profit. Some are just hit chasing. Some are in it for other reasons that are not collecting. What happened to just collecting?

What happened to just taking a pack of cards, sorting it by team or player, taking out your favorites for a special place and trading with your buddies what you don't need for something you do? What happened to the enjoyment of set collecting? Some collectors in today's day and age will never realize what that was like. I remember! It was fun chasing down those last few you needed to complete one, especially a big one. What happened to the excitement of pulling your favorite players base card or insert? Seems like that is a thing of the past as most donate, giveaway or simply burn up those types of cards.What happened to the days where collectors weren't focused on the big hits and sales and just simply enjoyed collecting cards as collecting cards?

I really wished the hobby would shift back to those days. The days where the hobby felt like it was more fun. I know it will never return to that as the hobby continues to evolve and move forward daily. But, it's a nice thought.

I will say that having collected in that era, I don't plan on changing the way I collect. I sort, I collect base cards and inserts, I still put together sets, I don't chase hits and I don't go for big sales. I simply just have fun collecting. Cause isn't that why we all do it?

Do you agree with me that collecting isn't collecting anymore? Do you collect the way I see collecting should be? How do you collect? Thoughts are always welcomed!


  1. I still think it is collecting. We just have adapted to the times. If you look across the blogosphere you will still see people collecting sets and chasing base cards. Most of these people have just added relics and autos to the mix.

    I'm still having fun collecting, but it will never be as fun as it was when we were young. It is nice being able to spend $20 on a single card, but with age comes fiscal responsibility. You will always have that little voice in your head reminding you of all the other stuff you need to take care of. In my younger years it was just about the cards and nothing else.

    1. I agree with other bloggers, they still see this as a hobby and still collect the same as I do.

      But I see so, so many others who are just after the big hits and not collecting for fun. Or others who just buy and sell. That's not collecting to me. I just wished this generation of collectors grew up in our generation where we learned to appreciate every card as a card. Not if it's not a big hit it's junk.

      But you are right, there are still some of us out there.

  2. Along the lines of "true collecting" (and I know I've thrown this out there before), I decided about two years ago that I was going to put together a master set of every Score football base card since 1989. No jerseys, autos or parallels, just flat base. Where I can, I've bought boxes and assembled sets from them. This has been a blast! I think Score is one of the last bastions of the "old-school collecting" days, and I LOVE IT! I have every base card through 2014, except a few SP's from 2000 & 2001. The 2015 base set is actually proving more challenging than I thought it might, too!