Friday, August 28, 2015

Review:2015 Certified Football

One of my favorite Panini products, Certified comes blaring out of a box full of shiny goodness. How did I fair with this need to read on!

Before I continue on, I must thank Panini America for the review box and you can look for some of these cards in a future giveaway. Please take a minute out to thank them as well.

Now onto the review:

Every box of 2015 Panini Certified football comes with 10 packs per box and 5 cards per pack. There are four hits per box, 2 auto (one is supposed to be a patch/auto), 2 memorabilia and boxes will run ya around $90.

Base cards for Certified remain the same, a silver foilboard. However, this years looks much better with the addition of a designed background. I think they look really sharp.

There are 100 vets, 75 rookies and 25 Immortals shaping up the base set. 

Rookie cards are still numbered to 999 as well. They also don't seem to fall too many per box either.

This is the Immortals. They also are numbered. The Young is a mirror red numbered to 99. These parallels stand out even more now with the background design.


SHINY GOODNESS! Check these bad boys out! You should find two Mirror Silver parallels, one Mirror Silver Rookie, one Skills insert, one three Stars inserts and one Certified Legends.

Here are the Mirror Silver parallels. Look awesome!

I beat the odds here and pulled three Legends inserts. This one is of Deion Sanders.

Elway is a Mirror Red and Namath is a Mirror Gold numbered to 50 of Legends inserts!!

Here is a Gold Team and three Stars inserts including the biggest of them Odell!

More shiny goodness. New Generation jersey cards numbered to 799. These are also done in the base card design. I like the balance of the card with the swatch. These are the kind of one-colored jersey cards I can deal with. I bet patches look amazing on these.

All of you sticker autograph haters, not me as I see an auto as an auto no matter what it's written on, you might not like the two pulls from my box. Here is a Certified Signature of Ravens Terrence Magee.

And my best pull of the box in my Freshman Fabric. Jeremy Langford. Look at how beautiful this card looks. Even the poor signature doesn't take away from the card. This may possibly be the best designed Freshman Fabric card yet!

As a collector who really enjoys things that glisten, I had a blast opening this box. Chasing the rarer parallels made for a great pack opening experience as I kept hoping for one in every pack. With that being said, 4 nice looking hits, a base set worth collecting, some numbered cards and the rare parallel chasing makes this one fun break. The price point is a bit steep, but I think the big hits can be found so if you wanted to take a risk on a product, I think this is the one you should definitely rip.