Thursday, August 27, 2015

Breakin Wax:1999 Topps Baseball Series 2 (BIG HIT)

In my second to last break from the auction lot, I broke a box of 1999 Topps baseball Series 2. For the most part the box was very lame with the lack of anything but base cards. But, the wanting to pull of the inserts continued me through the 36 pack box. Glad it did as something very tough was pulled..........

What was my tough pull? READ ON!

In a box of 1999 Topps Series 2 baseball, you will find yourself busting 36 packs with 11 cards per pack. So you get a lot of cards in a box.

The base card design wasn't too shabby in '99, the only part I didn't like was how bad the cards chipped.

Back of the base cards

Rookie cards. Once again, rookies, prospects and whatever you call them in baseball just frustrate me. I only call a rookie a true rookie when Beckett does. But, I guess everyone has their own definition but it irks me endless that baseball cards are so confusing for rookie cards. A player shouldn't have a card marked rookie card or prospect three years in a row.

Subsets. I like the ones with trios. Some incredible ones to find including one that I did for #MissionGriffey.

Sammy Sosa HR Parade "inserts".  They are technically all card #461 with 66 different varieties celebrating Sammy's big year. But, in order to call a base set a base set, you must include one of these in it. They fall a couple per box.

Nolan Ryan reprint inserts. These fall 1:18

A Finest reprint falls at 1:72

I LOVE THESE! Mystery Finest. These fall 1:36 or one per box. Love the mystery, but was just a tad disappointed when my players were Jeter, A-Rod and Griffey and I find A-Rod lol.

Up next is All-Matrix.. Beauty of a card!

And finally are my Record Number inserts. These fall 1:8. However, I noticed upon second glance that one of them was a bit different....

One was a GOLD and odds of pulling them, especially the first ones in the series are amazingly tough. Schilling, if I remember right, falls 1:23,000 packs (I misplaced my pack so I couldn't fully confirm this but I am pretty sure that's what it said) Booo Yah! Some are even tougher!

And it's numbered to 319. In today's world this would probably fall many per box.
Overall, a 1:72 Ryan, a Mystery Finest, the Schilling all made this break worth while. However, they don't have much value in terms of monetary, but they do represent some pretty cool 90's additions to my PC.

Now for the breakdown. I took the inserts, star players from the base and rookies and got a rough Beckett Book Value for it:

Here is what I paid: $4 for the box
Here is what I roughly got in Beckett Book Value from it: $50

I did okay. Can't complain with the tough hits I got and the price I paid. Better than most Topps breaks I do now-a-days.

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  1. Not a fan of that year's base card design... but the inserts alone were worth three times what you paid for the box. Throw in the entertainment value of actually ripping 36 packs and you hit the lottery with this $4 box.