Saturday, August 15, 2015

Trade Mail Day From @skunkman1998

Recently I have pulled off some great trades online, not something I ever expected to do as it's hard to trust many collectors in today's age of collecting, but I have found myself with a small circle I will trade with. One of those people is my buddy Tim, @skunkman1998, who I have known probably the longest online just through the same sites we have visited.

So having known Tim this long, I know that every time I come across a Broncos or Volunteers card that I need to save it for him. So I did and mailed them out to him. He knows if he finds any 90's inserts, NY Giants or NY Yankees that I would be interested. It works out great.

So today's mail day came to no surprise what I would find inside. Except this time Tim had thrown in a couple of bonus goodies.

First bonus goody, is this pack of Upper Deck Gridiron Fantasy Football Game. I haven't opened it yet as I am saving it for a future Breakin Wax segment.

Same can be said for this Topps Big Baseball pack.

Shiny stuff makes an appearance with a Bryce Harper Bowman insert and a Oscar Taveras Orange Topps Chrome rookie refractor.

Some new Yankee pickups including 2 Tanaka Rookies, guy dominated Toronto today and 2 new Derek Jeters.

Up next, some NY Giants love! Rueben Randles, Eli orange refractor and my man Rodney Hampton!

A couple of pure beauties right here! LT and Andre Woodson. These two cards are even more fantastic in person!

Odell "One-Hand" Beckahm Jr! I don't have any of these!

A sweet Ryan Nassib Topps Chrome refractor jersey card that is numbered to 16. This pads my Nassib collection a bit more.

And to end it, a really nice Rueben Randle autographed memorabilia card! I should put together numbers on my Randle PC. I am a bit worried about him this season with the recently announced knee tendinitis. 
A really solid mail day all around and a huge thanks goes out to Tim for it.

I have already begun setting some more stuff aside for you and look forward to our next trade.

As always, thoughts on my mail day are always welcomed!

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