Sunday, August 30, 2015

Breakin Wax:1995-1996 Topps Basketball Series 2, 2 Box Break (BIG HITS/MJ Heavy)

Well, well, well. Here we are finally. The last break from my auction lot back in May. Of course I stuck with the number one rule, you save the best for last. So here we go!

In every box of 1995-1996 Topps basketball is packed with 36 packs with 10 cards per pack. There are lots of shiny inserts and most importantly, Michael Jordan in the base and inserts.

The base cards design for 95-96 isn't too bad. There are some great action shots and the border is thin leaving the base card with a full photograph. The player's name may be a bit too big, but the gold foil it's done in makes it look nice.

Back of base card.

Rookie cards. They say draft pick on the side.

Rattle and Roll inserts look really cool. Very 90's look!

Spark Plugs! I finished an entire set in two boxes. You will find many, many of them as I had many doubles except of the one that's worth the most, you guessed it, MJ.

Mystery Finest. These fell at one-per-box or 1:36. Another MJ sighting! Woo hoo!

And finally, awesome looking Power Boosters. These fall one-per-box as well or 1:36. The next one I pulled from the VERY FIRST pack of the VERY FIRST box. Check that out......

BOOM MJ! Best first pack I have ever opened!
Overall, WOWZERS! This was probably the most impressive basketball break I have had for some time. After busting the first box, I couldn't wait to rip the second.

Now for the breakdown. I took the inserts, star players from the base and rookies,the sets (3 of them) and got a rough Beckett Book Value for it:

Here is what I paid: $4 per box, so $8
Here is what I roughly got in Beckett Book Value from it: $210

This was amazing break and value. No doubt my best break of the entire auction.


  1. Always been a fan of this set. The very first card I ever traded for was the JR Reid base card.

  2. Very nice!! I have that Shaq Power Boosters