Monday, February 17, 2020

My Experience On TCDB

In the past couple of weeks after seeing many bloggers hype up Trading Card Database, I decided it was time I really pushed to get an account on there and check it out.

I kept seeing post after post about successful trades, RAK's and other bloggers telling me I needed to get on there since there could be Hamptons and Collins I may need.

So I finally set up an acct as SCC which is obviously Sport Card Collectors short.

I then began exploring the forums where I figured I would spend a lot of my time especially in the trading ones. I found a guy who I think had a Rodney Hampton I needed and messaged him. No response. Messaged again nicely, no response. Gave up.

Started a thread about how I collected Rodney Hampton, Kerry Collins and Eli Manning. First response, "Is This Some Kind Of Joke?"

I wasn't feeling the warm welcome as I expected and heard about.

Then I had a few, "you have no trade bait or want lists", then a couple of great people who backed me for trades in Billy and Jasonongerman9, thanks to Billy's backing got three messages where I thought trades were going to begin but instead two backed out, then some more lecturing on my thread on how I should be using the site.

Okay, my thoughts from my thread.
  1. Yes, I agree, the site is pretty cool how it's set up and keeps a database of your cards. For someone who has the time to do it right it would be a useful tool
  2. I have my own database of needs already. Having to redo all of that hard work just seems like a waste of my time when it's already done. I don't get much time for the hobby so I would rather utilize my time doing other things such as sorting, blogging, etc.
  3. I have soooooooooooooo much trade bait I couldn't ever get it all posted on there in my lifetime. I am much easier to work with when you tell me what you collect and I can tell you what I have
  4. I felt a few of the responses were a tad rude,but others were nice. I guess it's another one of those forums like Blowout where it's hard to start out as the "new guy"
  5. I was fortunate enough to find a member in sgtpppr84 who was the third one to message me and we struck a trade. 
sgtpppr84 was fine just looking at my want lists and put together a nice solid trade lot of set needs for me.

18 new 1995 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallions

Fleer Ultra inserts

1995 Summit Backfield Stars Marshall Faulk

Cris Carter hologram Pro Bowl

Sp Holoview Rod Woodson

Stadium Club Metalists

1995 Stadium Club Power Surge. Great looking foil card

1995 Topps Air Raid. Now I have two of them out of 10.

Thanks to sgtpppr84 for taking a chance on me and for being a really easy trade partner. I am hoping this is a start of future trades for us. I also hope you enjoy the return I sent you as I may have sent along a few extras :)

In the end, I don't plan on using the site to its full extent or possibly at all. If someone wants to trade with me the way I want to, I will. However, I won't be spending my extra time putting in the same info I already have done. Hopefully sgtpppr84 will do some more trades with me as well. If any of you who actually use the site to its full extent want to do some trading for me, I will trade with you to get the things I need. So if you see Hamptons or Collins or Eli's I need, just make the trade and tell me you did so we can work out a deal. I am sure I have something for you.

My plan is to start initiating more blogger trades again. Those are much more fun and less complicated. If you are a blogger and we haven't traded yet, just drop me an email!

Now I gotta know, how has been your experience with trading on the site gone?

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  1. I get ya! I have a half million cards for trade bait, No Way, am I going to list that stuff (anywhere). As for my Collections, it is somewhere around a half million too. I listed those on my personal excel sheets, and also on my needs on my blog (not doing it again either). Yeah, I get ya.

    1. Thanks. Was worried I was alone in this but seems to be others feel me

  2. Blogger trading is much easier like you said. Most of the regulars are open to informal blind swaps and don't worry about equal 1 for 1 value. I've become disenchanted with TCDB, for the reasons you stated above. Like any forum there are helpful people and jerks/trolls, but you can propose trades without visiting the forums. The problem I've had is that even the users who visit the site daily aren't responding to trade proposals. Or if they respond, it's just to tell me that they just so happen to have other deals pending that involve the cards I want to trade/trade for. If I wasn't two cards away from finishing the 2019 Topps set I wouldn't even bother making offers.

    1. If your ever open to a blind swap PWE trade drop me an email!

  3. I was really disappointed by the responses in that thread when you told me about it. I get that having wants and stuff listed for trade will give you the best experience, but I don't agree that people that don't go that route should be kicked to the curb. Some folks on the site are opinionated to a ridiculous degree and should have sat out the thread so anybody that was willing to work with you the way you described could. For what it's worth I have a good sized wantlist and some trade bait listed and have only received one offer, which is fine because I'll list more stuff eventually. Anyway, blogger trading is definitely my favorite since everyone's so cool about it. Sorry your TCDB first impression sucked.

    1. yeah, I have fully decided to stick to bloggers. Never got another response on TCDB

  4. As a user of the TCDB for a while now, I can understand about the points that have been made. It does give the site a black eye and I can offer no excuse. If I can speak to my experiences, I will say that I am very happy with the site. The tracking gets to be overwhelming at times, but I enjoy that aspect. I used to track my collection through spreadsheets, but as the hobby morphed into parallels upon parallels, my spreadsheets turned into something that I didn't enjoy anymore. Plus, I learn more about the hobby than I ever wanted to know, all without much interaction from the forums. Yes, I run into the occasional trader that will not answer or counter offers asking for the world, and I've certainly seen the forums go sideways. But for my experiences, I'm way out ahead.

    The blogger trading interests me but I am a narrow collector. I collect just a couple of players, and I already own a decent amount of their cards (but I want a ton more). I'm not sure how to even approach a bulk trade when I'm not really interested in receiving cards that I already have. I also am not really interesting in buying that much. What little money I have goes into the LCS down the road, and I don't even get in there as often as I would like. Maybe I could ask for advice from anyone that may be reading this? Outside of recreating my spreadsheets again or creating a blog, how would one go about initiating these types of trades?

    I'm am really sorry about us on the site, it not something that I'm proud of hearing about, but I completely understand. Thanks for giving it a try.

    1. Thank you. There are plenty of other ways to trade out there including Twitter where I have had a lot of great experiences as well

  5. It's just a shame when people don't have anything nice to say, they say it anyway. There are many outspoken personalities on TCDB (myself included), and we ar every passionate about the hobby and the web site (albeit to a lesser degree). Some of the members there have taken the time to log their 100's of thousands of cards (I'm not one of those) and expect others to do the same because the site has so many built-in matching tools. And they are no longer willing to trade the old-fashioned way. That's fine, but there's zero reason to ridicule someone (especially a new member) for wishing to do that.
    That said, it really shouldn't be too hard for you to create a want list of the players you collect, which will start the process of the "hits" on matches rolling in. This juts means you may have to initiate any trades as you'll know who has what you want, but they'll have no way of knowing if you have anything they want. I know this because I have not loaded the approximately 70,000 cards I have available for trade, but I have loaded a fairly comprehensive want list.
    You weren't the first person to come on there Day 1 and post a note in the forums seeking a trade without loading any collection info. You unboubtedly will be the last. But I would suggest to you, and anyone else who is signing up there for the firat time, that you should get to know the site first and understand it's possibilities before posting a Trades Wanted post when you haven't done any legwork to get that rolling.
    Also hope we haven't scared you off from the few of us who went off the rails a little discussing notation of a 1974 card. :)

    1. yeah I should have asked around about the site before throwing myself out there. i probably never would have started a thread if I had known.

  6. Honestly, it's relative to the effort you put in. The more effort, the greater the reward. In this case, the reward being trades. If you choose not to put in any effort, that's not going to be well received. And honestly, trading is just secondary. There are literally hundreds of cards I would not have known I needed if I didn't see them on there first, and I wouldn't have gotten into hockey at all if not for a thread on there.

    I'm not sure what's going on with the trades being proposed and ignored. I'm hearing that a lot lately from multiple sources but nobody wants to say who the regulars are that are doing the ignoring. I don't really propose trades all that often so I can't say I've experienced it but it's certainly a new thing.

    Adding the cards seems daunting, but it's really not. Especially when you can mark off an entire set with two clicks, literally. (I know you're not generally a set collector, however). You can click boxes basically as fast as you can move your mouse. That's really all there is to it, and you can pull up by set, person or team, and once it's clicked as in your collection, there's nothing more to do. I was able to add almost 200 thousand cards in about a month's time, because it's really that simple. And I still find time to write way more than anyone cares about, plus have time to visit several forums.

    I used to rely on my Excel charts. It was so integral to me. Then my floppy disk crashed, and the file was gone...everything I had built up for about 5 years was gone. Having something remotely stored is just good preparation.

    When I entered my tradelist back in 2015, I was shocked at what went quickly. 1991 Maxx is the most common NASCAR set- you can buy a hobby box for $5 and get about 2 sets- yet they were the first to get traded. I have taken in over 900 cards in trade solely via the Database just since January 2019 to now. I put the effort in to do it right, and it's continuing to pay off, just opened another trade today.

    1. I get how great the site can be depending on the effort you put in. I just don't have the kind of time to input all of my stuff all over again when it's literally right here.

      And for trade bait to put in thousands of cards up for trade, that's years of work

  7. One more thought (I clicked publish too soon!) Any time you'd spend reading Cardboard History...use that instead to click off boxes on the Database. I don't mind, I'm such a firm believer in the concept that I will give up any extra hits or comments if it brings somebody else around to it. Once you actually start clicking, you'll find it's very fast. The Collection Summary page is your friend.

  8. I guess because I hardly ever read the fs/trade section, but I totally missed that forum. I just read it and while the first response was a bit harsh, the others were pretty much all the same in basically saying that if you put a little effort in then you can get some good results. Since I missed the forum, welcome to joining the database. Recently it has seemed to be a bit hostile there, but it is usually a pretty welcoming group of people there. As for trading on there, I've done very little but I think if you spend just 10 minutes a day on there you could knock a good bit out. As someone posted, there are many other tools besides just the checklists and such. I see you linked your blog on there and that is a nice start, hopefully it will drive some traffic here and others can check it out.

    My advice would be this- if you have a bad taste in your mouth from the site, maybe take a step back from there and revisit in a month or so. When I first joined it took a while to get the hang of it, and when I did I went all in. I know you probably can't but revisit the site and just browse around for a bit and see what it all has to offer. If you feel like it isn't beneficial to you, I'd hate to see you go, but I'd understand. Its a shame you didn't get a warmer reception, but sometimes just chiming in on the forums a bit will give you some (for lack of a better term) "street cred" and some may be more interested in trading even if you don't have any lists on there.

    And if that doesn't work, then just start a thread arguing with Vrooomed or Billy, they seem to get a lot of attention, :)!

    1. Yeah, I am not going back I don't think. For me first impressions last and that one left a bad taste in my mouth. I prefer to stick to TWitter and bloggers where I know how to do things

  9. I have an account, but have never made or even attempted to make a trade on the site. And I probably won't start anytime soon since I don't have anything listed. I might one day... but like you stated in your post, I don't have the time to input all of my stuff.

  10. I have an account on the site, but haven't really ever done anything with it. Like you, I just don't seem to ever have the time to load a bunch of stuff onto the site. And if I did make time to do so, I'd have to take time away from the blog, and everyone else's blogs, and that's not something that I'm willing to give up right now. I have dealt with a few non-blogging members of the site, mostly in conjunction with the Secret Santa, and they've always been extremely pleasant to interact with, so it sucks that you had to have such a negative experience. I'm not gonna go back and look for the post in question, but I would have to assume that you dealt with one of those people that you'll find on every forum type site, the sort that don't like anyone to do things that are against the site's norm -- I dealt with one of those on the Sports Card Forum a number of years ago, and haven't been back to the site since.

    Even if you don't ever go back, you can at least say that you got one awesome trade out of the experience!

    1. I think I have found a second trader who wanted to do things outside of the site through email. So fingers crossed this works out!