Saturday, February 1, 2020

Kerry Collins Of The Week Part 2

A new week full of Kerry Collins bliss!

Let's check out this weeks adds....

1997 Bowmans Best uncut proof refractor Kerry Collins/Michael Irvin

2004 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror White

1995 Upper Deck Sp Championships die cut

2002 Prestige Connections dual relic with Amani Toomer

And the big whammer of the week.....2002 Score Originals Buyback autograph of his 1995 Score rookie. I really loved this card. Only 100 made of it as well.

Well, a short week of adds, but believe me, next week will have many, many more!


  1. Nice new additions. Love the buyback and uncut Refractor.

    1. Thanks!More to come this week. Then there will be a hiatus

  2. Wow... that buyback rookie autograph is pretty sweet.