Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Swingin' For A Win

@WCoastScouting on his Twitter bio states that he is a "former baseball scout and VP of baseball agency representing professional players" but what it doesn't state is how beyond generous he is.

Every day it feels like he is handing out autographed baseballs, broken bats or both with a lot of big names mixed in.

I have been wanting for months to win one of his broken bats since I don't own a single piece of game used memorabilia and thought it would be a great add to the man cave.

Well, after months and grueling months of not winning, I finally saw my name on the big stage and I got to take home one of his broken bats.

It arrived on Monday.

Here she is in all it's beauty. I had this in my hand within a couple of days. Let's take a closer look at it.

 Player name, model, you can see where a few balls

 Players grip

where the bat broke

Player Info:Jonathan Sierra is a minor league RF in the Cubs system who signed as international free agent in August of 2015.. He hasn't put up the biggest stats yet in minors, but is still raw at age 21.

Pretty cool piece huh?

 I can't wait to get something to protect this with and put it on my shelf.

Thanks to @WCoastScouting for the bat and if you aren't following him yet on Twitter, you are definitely missing out. His generosity is inspiring!

Speaking of generosity, I myself will be having a giveaway coming up on Sunday so stay tuned for that!


  1. Congratulations! Very cool addition to your collection. I've never owned a game-used bat... but I do own a couple of game-used hockey sticks.

    1. I think everyone needs at least one especially since the jersey cards we get from cards are mainly player worn and never seen a game

  2. Very Nice Get I was in on this one as well haven't brought home the prize tho!

  3. I've never been big on sports memorabilia, but I can say that if I were ever to own a game-used bat, a broken one would be much more interesting than an intact one. Congratulations on the contest win!

    1. Thanks! I am not huge on it but thought owning one piece would be cool. Other than that, I don't have the room for it lol