Thursday, March 31, 2022

Last Post

Today's post has been a long time coming and some of you may have been expecting it but most of you may not have.

I have always been someone who never likes to take risks or roll the die as many may say. I have always been a "if it's working, go with the flow" person. Well, that can't always continue, can it?

Ten times the last three years I have typed this exact post up and deleted it. I couldn't pull the trigger for whatever reason and kept making excuses for myself and continued on because it was working.

Well, today is finally the day I hit that publish button. As of today, this is the final post on Sport Card Collectors. 

This isn't even all of the news yet.....hope you are sitting down.

Not only am I retiring this blog, but I am also retiring Cards Over Coffee and Big Blue Cardboard.

By now, I expect you to be shocked.

I have many reasons for doing this.
  1. My schedule has changed a lot and will more this summer. It is too hard to keep up with content on three blogs, not to mention daily content on this one. I can't just stop daily posts on here as that is what Sport Card Collectors strived and is known for.
  2. The content on here isn't what it used to be and I don't want it to continue to decline. I also can't stand that it has fallen so far.
  3. I have mentioned for years on here wanting to start over with a new blog with new fresh ideas but never could quit what I started so I could start over.
  4. Why get rid of all three and not keep one of those? The fresh start I want. My nephew posted today, if you do not step forward, you will remain in the same place. Exactly.
For those of you who enjoyed the content on all or one of the blogs, don't worry. I am not retiring from blogging. I will soon be working on a new blog and that is where I will be putting posts going forward. I will also be taking some of your favorites from each blog with me along with some fresh stuff. This blog will be a "post when I can" blog. Some weeks it could be every day, others it could be a couple of posts, and sometimes it may be a while in-between posts. It's going to be based on whatever time I have to do so. I just don't want to throw content up just to have a post, which is what this blog turned into. I want good content which is also why I am in no hurry to start up the new blog. I want to make sure I have everything in place first and I could use a short break.

I don't look at today as a sad day, I look at it as a fresh start celebration which is what I have been wanting and finally getting to do now that I am taking a risk. Also, I know these three blogs will always be here in case I ever decide to revive them.

In comments today, I ask you guys for a couple of things. One, I want you to throw a name out there you think the new blog should be called based on what you know about my content and collecting. I may or may not take one of your choices. Two, I want to know what kind of content you hope to see on the new blog. And three, I know I said a couple of things, but I also wanted to mention I don't want any kind of negativity or questioning over my decision. 

Thank you everyone for the past 10 years on here and for the couple of years on the other two blogs. I hope I see you follow the new blog. An announcement on that blog will be made at some point when it is ready to go.

(By the way, the first post on here was called first post so found it only right to call this one final post)

Random Card Of The Day:2012 Crown Royale Autograph Patch David Wilson

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Super Collections:@Hudsonfan15 Tim Hudson Collection

I have followed Tom a long time on Twitter and have watched his pickups for Tim Hudson over the years and am happy he wanted to join in on this series and probably Series finale since I don't have any more of these to post and haven't had time to promote or want to do anymore of these.

Collection In His Words:
I have been collecting Huddy for more than 20 years. Sadly due to the metrics used by the current voters I don't believe he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. He played on too many offensively anemic teams with poor bullpen arms and was not a strikeout artist. He was a pitcher, not a thrower, who induced contact to be more efficient and stay in games longer wherever possible. He and Pedro Martinez were the top 2 in no decisions in the 2000s, which hurt their win totals. I am always looking for rare Huddy cards and was pleasantly surprised to see he was in a couple new releases in 2021.


Thanks goes out to Tom for sharing his collection with me to post today. If you have any Tim Hudson's you don't think he may have, contact him via Twitter @Hudsonfan15.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022


That was quite a month of giveaways!! There is still a couple more to go so don't fret if you don't win today's. This was probably the biggest of all of them, but a couple more nice ones will end this 10-year celebration.

Before I can get onto those, let's see my latest winner.

There were 25 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Kelly Smalls
  2. Fuji
  3. ajg
  4. Trevor P
  5. Jacob Stonehammer
  6. Jafronius
  7. Brett Alan
  8. Dion's IP Autos only
  9. Oren
  10. Matt
  11. O'sFan21
  12. Johnnys Trading Spot
  13. hudsonfan15
  14. @SportsFan88427
  15. John Sharp
  16. Tony Hudnell
  17. RJ Sahl
  18. @CChase313
  20. The Diamond King
  21. Sean Johnson
  22. @Jake1725
  23. Dennis
  24. bbcardz
  25. Pennsylvania Tiger

IP: 2001:5b0:2c76:16a8:50e8:f260:63e1:17c1
Timestamp: 2022-03-29 12:15:10 UTC

You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to Kelly Smalls. Kelly, please contact me via social media where you found my blog or contact me via email at

Thanks to everyone that entered. There will be a BCW supplies contest coming up along with a numbered Joe Burrow card giveaway.

Breakin Wax:2021 Leaf Multi Sport Trading Card Blaster

I know it may appear I am a big Leaf fan, I am least for their sport items. I absolutely love Leaf Pop Century.

For some reason I can tolerate Panini logoless products but I can't stand any other product that doesn't have logos. I don't know if it's because Panini does a better job hiding the non logos or if I just never got a good feel on the other companies.

Either way, I bought another Leaf blaster box to open and show off today.

Just like with the last Blaster Box break of Leaf I did, this product has a 10 card set along with an autograph or 1/1 slab per blaster. The boxes are a bit steep at $40.

This product also includes many sports and not just football. I made the final decision on grabbing this one when I saw a few cards on the checklist I wanted from the base set and then the autographs had some big ones to find.
A new Jasson Dominguez for my PC

Franco, Tyson, Curry some big names in this set.

And here is hopefully a Joe Montana autograph....
Nope. It's a blue 1/1 Proof of Chris Evans. Beautiful card!

Thoughts on this break welcomed in comments.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Which Blog?

If you were only to read one of my blogs forever, which blog would you choose? 

Sport Card Collectors 

Cards over coffee 

Big Blue Cardboard

Let me know in comments!

Breakin' Wax 2021 Pro Set College Football Blaster Box

Pro Set made it's return for the 2021 football season and seems to have come back again for 2022. This form of Pro Set is not even close to the original we all loved. This is Leaf's version of the product and it doesn't turn a lot of heads....yet.

I saw a blaster box recently sitting on a shelf and said, hey, why not?

In every blaster box of 2021 Pro set College football comes with a 10 card set and two autographs. Boxes run $35.

The box says 2021, but it's actually a 2022 product with the newest rookie class in there.

Here is the 10 card set. They all have this unique rookie card logo on them. The set includes top rookie QB's Malik Willis and Matt Corral.

Now my autographs. The checklist for autographs goes beyond the ten cards so you don't know who you will land,

They may not be big names but pulling a QB and RB is never bad. Maybe they will become studs someday or go into my other pile of Leaf and Sage junk autographs.

Thoughts on this product welcomed in comments!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Breakin Wax:2020-2021 Mosaic Basketball Hanger Box

Today's break was easier to get my hands onto than football. Usually, basketball cards are completely impossible to find but lately my Walmart has had them. 

Mosaic was sitting there from my previous visit two weeks prior. For some reason it wasn't moving, maybe it's because it flooded the market or maybe it's because the rookie classes the last two years were weak.

I didn't quite have the funds to pull off a blaster, so I picked up a hanger box instead. These cost $20 and comes with one pack of 20 cards. No guarantees.


More base


Orange Parallel. The Lillard is nice.

And my inserts.

Ugh. Another rough break. Why do I buy wax at all with the luck I have had? I know this addiction to opening won't stop. At least some of this I can turn into other cards with trading.

Thoughts on today's break welcomed in comments!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Single Card Mail Day:1997 Fleer Metal Universe Marvel Kordell Stewart

As I posted on Cards Over Coffee, I am chasing this set so here is my latest add to it. This time it's Kordell Stewart of the Steelers being paired with Wolverine. I have always been a fan of Slash as well, so this was a double PC add.

Thoughts on today's card welcomed in comments!

Friday, March 25, 2022

Kerry's Cardboard:1995 Signature Rookies SR Force Football Autograph

I have a few Collins autographs in my collection, but there are still plenty of other ones I need.

Today's pickup was a cheap one that I was the only bidder on.

There was a lot of cards to chase in the 1995 Signature Rookies line including multiple autograph cards. So far, I have two of them in my collection including this one.

Notice that there are two types of numbering going on this card which took me until this post to notice. I have to assume the /5000 is the basic version of this card since the autograph is /2500. I am not sure I have ever seen a card numbered like this before.

The back of the card gives stats from his college football years.

Thoughts on my latest Kerry Collins add is welcome in comments.

If you have any Kerry Collins you think I may need, check out this LINK first to see if I already have them. If I don't, contact me.

Breakin Wax:2022 Sage Football Blaster Box

Even though I haven't been as big of a Sage fan since they lost their collegiate license, I still find myself wanting cards of the next rookie class, so I find some. 

This was one of the last blasters sitting on the shelf so I took it. There are five packs per box and 60 cards overall. Blasters run $22.

The packs came silver, and the autograph pack was separate like it usually is. That actually drives me nuts.

One thing I immediately liked is the base card design. Bright, colorful base takes away from the usual white background with players featured in working out attire.

Cool write up on the back, but I do wished there were stats.

By the way, I pulled four of the Willis' in my box...

There are a few inserts to find as well which are just as bright and colorful

This Artistry Willis looks super cool. Marvel hero maybe?

And now onto the three autographs,

Did I miss a photo...nope. I got two autographs instead of three. Wonder if the third one was a better player?

I contacted Sage via Twitter and apparently have to mail in a bunch of stuff that sounds like a pain. So I may not bother and they want the receipt which I had already tossed.

Thoughts on my break welcomed in comments and whether you buy Sage products to.

Thursday, March 24, 2022

Super Collections: Zach's P2020 Ermsy Collection

Thanks to my buddy Jake, he sent my post to a group of P2020 collectors and they responded well.

About the only variant I don’t have, yet, is an autograph and I have two of those in waiting. Otherwise this is the whole P20 set, 11 P70 artist sets, about a dozen foils (2 from P20), a dozen APs (1 from P20), 2 dozen companions, and 1 gold!

One set of Ermsy personalized custom Griffey base and companion that I traded an arm and leg for… though I gave many things I loved, I got the far better deal! 😎 plus other Ermsy companions with base.


Thanks again to @dcbenchmark on Twitter for his submission. Have an Ermsy he doesn't? Contact him there!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Cards Over Coffee Hall Of Fame Cards

I know this blog has 181 followers that may miss my content on Cards over Coffee with its 49 Followers.  I have created a fun new segment on there that many of you may enjoy. Check it out here:

It involves the Hall Of Fame and cards. Go check it out.


Hey guys!

I must apologize this took me sooooooooooo long to get this winner announced. I even got my next contest up before I did. My wife broke her front tooth so that was more important to deal with than this winner announcement.

But, I finally hit up and as always with a 7 random number we have a winner!!

Congrats to....

There were 33 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Brett Alan
  2. John Sharp
  4. hudsonfan15
  5. Fuji
  6. John Sharp
  7. Tony Hudnell
  8. Tony Hudnell
  9. The Diamond King
  10. @TimFogel
  11. Chase Co
  12. Fuji
  13. John Sharp
  14. Dion's IP Autos only
  15. John Sharp
  16. Fuji
  17. Brett Alan
  18. Pennsylvania Tiger
  19. hudsonfan15
  20. Dion's IP Autos only
  21. Dion's IP Autos only
  22. Dion's IP Autos only
  23. The Diamond King
  24. Jafronius
  25. hudsonfan15
  27. Tony Hudnell
  28. Brett Alan
  29. hudsonfan15
  31. The Diamond King
  32. Jafronius
  33. Pennsylvania Tiger

IP: 2001:5b0:2c76:16a8:70be:805:8f7d:ca7
Timestamp: 2022-03-23 12:14:35 UTC

Congrats Bret! Please email me at or via Social Media wherever you want to give me your info so I can get this out to you ASAP.

Thanks to everyone else who entered and another contest was posted today. GOOD LUCK!



Here is how to win this,
  1. Have a U.S. Address. Sorry, can't afford to ship outside U.S.
  2. Thank Topps for their support in these giveaways by checking out their website I linked.
  3. Comment below your favorite baseball team
  4. ONE THING I forgot with my last contest is that I share this all-over social media. Not all of you have a Google acct. If you are commenting as anonymous, PLEASE make sure to leave your name in the comments you make. Such as bleh bleh bleh, Jim S or your Twitter name etc. The Jim S will be what I add to the random. If you don't leave a name and all I see is anonymous, you will be disqualified.
  5. Good Luck to all that enter. A winner will be announced next week.
  6. A Random Winner Will Be Chosen and announced on a separate blog post like the last post.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Breakin' Wax:2021 Mosaic Football Blaster Box

One of the hardest products to find on the retail market is Mosaic football. Flippers around me come in and clean shelves off within seconds. Fortunately for me, my father was there just in time once.

That's where today's blaster break comes.

Each blaster box of 2021 Mosaic football comes with 32 cards or 8 packs of 4 cards. No guarantees and boxes run roughly $35.

My blaster was very weak in comparison to my father who bought five of them. Three of his five he landed a Genesis parallel, a case hit, which one was Tom Brady. That card alone sells for $500+. Not that his two others were awful either in Alvin Kamara and Cooper Kupp.
Best rookies of the box.


Another form of silver haha


Dalvin Cook Touchdown Masters insert

Tyreek Hill Green Touchdown Masters.

And a Got Game insert of Darren Waller.

Not much to show for the price, but at least it was a fun rip. I just wished I had landed at least a PC card.

Thoughts on Mosaic is welcomed in comments!

Monday, March 21, 2022

CARDBOARD REVIEW:2021 Panini Illusions Football

Every year I know specific products it seems that Panini sticks my Super Collection player in. Rodney Hampton has appeared in Select, Mosaic and today's product, Illusions multiple times. 

With this years Hampton cards being a little different than past releases, they are not autographs nor really focus on Rodney Hampton, my chase has been different. I actually almost opted not to bother but when you want the biggest,best collection around, I fell in. Speaking of this, if you want to see those Hamptons and other Hampton posts, they have been moved to Big Blue Cardboard. Follow that blog for more!

Enough with the Hampton talk, let's move onto today's review.

Each box of 2021 Illusions football comes with 10 packs of 5 cards each. Each box should have 3 autographs and 2 memorabilia cards. Boxes currently are $670 or so.

There are 100 cards in the base set. Keep in mind there is a retail and hobby version to the base set. I believe the only difference is the cardstock used as the hobby is thicker.

The design for this years Illusions sticks to its foil board player focus with a colored player in the front and a foiled one in the back. The only real difference is the font and writing on the card.

I chose to show off this Tebow card as I don't think I saw any other football products this year include Tebow or show off the fact he tried out for TE. This will make a cool card for my Tebow side PC.
Here are the card backs. No stats.

Rookie cards look like this.

Just like every product, Illusions comes with parallels. You can find the following options,
Diamond, Dots, Emerald, Galaxy, Hyper, Orange, Sapphire, Starlight, Sunburst, Bronze /499, Pink /399, Yellow Diamond /249, Teal /175, Light Blue /149, Yellow /149, Ruby /125, Red /99, Blue /75, Black Ice /50, Platinum /35, Gold /25, Green /10, and Purple 1/1.
Pink /399

Bronze /499

Light Blue /149

Blue /75

Yellow Diamond /249 (stunning card by the way)

Inserts can feature the following parallels,
Emerald, Mosaic, Orange, Rainbow, Sapphire, Sparkle, Stardust, Pink /399, Light Blue /299, Red /149, Black /50, Gold /25, Green /10, and Purple 1/1.

The inserts are printed on acetate so it takes away from all of that foil board.
Clear Shots has 20 cards to collect.

Illusionists has 20 cards to collect

Mystique has 20 cards of the top rookies

Shining Stars has also has 20 cards to collect

There are 20 cards in the King Of Cards set. This was my favorite insert from Illusions.

I also pulled three parallel cards. The Murray is a Light Blue /299, Taylor is a red /149 and Burrow is a black /50


Okay...does this one count as the worst autograph ever??!! Let me know in comments. Can you imagine paying that price for this autograph?

My boy KT!

Solid dual relic of Lawrence and Peyton. It's also a nice looking card too.

Zach Wilson jumbo relic of Instant Impact. I still want the Toney like this.

And my final autograph is a Superlatives Chris Johnson. This autograph set has some guys you don't see signing every day like CJ2K.

My box wasn't too bad. I am not sure if the return value was there, but I will say the fun value is. I like the acetate inserts, the hits were decent and the base card parallels were sharp. Would be a fun rainbow chase. If any of you have any Giants parallels from this set, hit me up!

Your thoughts are welcomed in comments!