Sunday, May 31, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1997 Topps Gallery No Foil White Border Proof

Not to brag, but I have gotta have the most unique Rodney Hampton collection out there. How could I not?

I add anything I can with his name on it. From magazines to jerseys (only have one of these) to cards to oddball cards.

Today's card marks a new proof card I have in my PC for Rodney.

This card is from 1997 Topps Gallery. This is a proof card that is the production before they become cards. Hence the no foil and white border which would be trimmed off normally.

Back of the card intact like the real card, well besides the border.

The seller is one I have gotten my past Hampton proofs off from. Good prices and combines shipping so that is right up my alley. Another thing is he just listed a bunch more Hampton proofs that I need. I will have to wait til funding is good again but I plan on scooping them up when I do.

What do you guys think about proof cards? Like em? Hate em? Take em as they are for your PC?

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Autograph Of The Week:Wilmer Valderrama

I have seen/heard Wilmer in a lot of TV over the years, but nothing compares to his role as Fez in That 70's Show. I watched it back in the 90's in my much younger years but didn't really appreciate it until I was an adult, especially now.

Every weekend on Laff, a television channel, they re-play all of the episodes so I get the chance at a good laugh which can be needed in today's trying times.

Also, Wilmer has been on one of my favorite shows the last few seasons in NCIS playing special agent Nick Torres. It took me a little while to like his character, but it has grown on me and now I am a fan.

For some reason or another while playing on eBay, a sponsored ad for an autograph card of his popped up. At first, I had no idea he had autograph and then I knew I had to have it.

After some back and forth with the seller, we finally came to a price agreement and I landed this one pretty affordable compared to others.

It's a 2001 Topps American Pie autograph relic.

Card back with info about Wilmer.

By the way, I typed this up at the end of March so if this doesn't publish before the NCIS season finale, I don't know what could have happened to his character since NCIS is really good about hiding their plans for the finales.

Another autograph on the way next week!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:1997 Topps Gallery Gallery Of Heroes

One of my favorite insert lines of the 90's, yes I have many favorites so I use that line a lot, was Gallery Of Heroes from Topps Gallery.

I never actually ever pulled one or even saw one up close, til I bought the Griffey from 2000 Topps Gallery, but have always wanted one from 1997 THE OG of the insert line.

I have tried a few times to land a Griffey, but the prices were out of my cheap price range.

I also tried to land a Kerry Collins three different times with no good outcomes.

Til try number four.

It was cheap and I was the only bidder, so it was mine.
These inserts fell 1:36 packs on average and feature a stained glass background and acetate see-thru.

Back side of the card.

It's really hard to capture the card in a picture but I tried my best by standing it up.

Pretty happy to land this one and had landed it cheap. I don't think Kerry was featured in any of the other years of Gallery Of Heroes so I own the one and only year of it. Otherwise, those would be my next "for sure" chases.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Two Of The Best

I am not usually one for Leaf products, especially their sport ones, but I do really like their non sport ones such as Pop Century.

I have been collecting non sport stuff pretty hard over the past couple of years adding what I can when I can especially those that played a role in my life.

Today I feature two of my favorite actors who both played in a film together.

The movie, well, Caddyshack from 1980. The actors, Chevy Chase and Bill Murray.

I have always liked Chevy and all of his movies. Some are better than others, but all give me a chuckle. However, by far,  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation is his best and my Top favorite movie of all time OVER ALL OTHER MOVIES. I would watch it in non holiday times.

As for Bill, I liked some of his movies, not as many as Chevy, but my favorite roles of his is Ghostbusters, Space Jam and especially being the greens keeper in Caddyshack. I had to show my nephew Caddyshack just for Murray's character. It's just too bad he wasn't in the second movie which fell flat to the first in comparison. Though both movies had A+ stars in them.

This Prop Century relic features both Chase and Murray. Not sure what the relics are from, but it's a cool piece to have. I already have a solid Chase PC and this is my first thing for Murray. I wished he had an autograph to chase.

The only thing negative I find about this card other than it not letting me know what the relics are from, is the fact it doesn't have their faces on the front with their swatches. Instead of that award symbol, put their faces above their names. That's all I ask.

Back of the card has no specifics what the wardrobe cards are from other than being authentic. Would have been nice to find out which movie they are from.

I don't think this will be the end of my chase for Chase. I see he has other relic cards in that set with plenty of other stars.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Breakin' Wax:1995 Pro Line Classic Series 2

Pro Line was a great 90's product that had autographs and top notch photography.

One of my favorite products of 1995, there are many, was their Series 1 Pro Line Classic.

So when I saw a Pro Line Classic Series 2, I was pretty excited.

However, it was a much different product. Instead of autographs, it focused on Phone Cards. Collectible Phone Cards was where it was at in 1995.

So let's check out my next box break thanks to via Shane over at Project Pedro Blog

Every box of 1995 Pro Line Classic was numbered, cause you don't want over production. Every box had 18 packs with 6 cards per pack. Each pack came with one of those "money makers" Prepaid Phone Cards.

The base set looked much different in Series 2 than 1. The photography was still there, but the bottom of the had an added shine to it. The cards were also more susceptible to damage.

Here's a few of my favorite base cards from the 100 card set,

Dave probably throwing to the other team here

Love the background of the Giants endzone

Bretts down and dirty!

Dan busting a move

There was some fun inserts however in this product.
Images Preview Card fell 1:18 packs. Back in the 90's you would sometimes find an insert as a preview of an upcoming product. That Images product was pretty cool by the way with it's etched aweomeness.

Printers Proof on a hot top rookie!! Well, back in 1995. No odds given.

Phone Cards. These fall one per pack for the $1 ones. Odds get tougher the more they are worth.

$2 phone cards fell 1:6 packs

And this $5 one fell 1:18 packs. Not too shabby of a player either

And it's also numbered to 3577. Kind of an odd number to be numbered to, but I will take it.

Gary Vee also had a 90's magazine,

Sorry, that was a Gary Vee joke if he had a magazine in the 90's. This is what I was saying earlier about how hot Phone Cards were and why Pro Line was pushing them so hard.

This was a fun break, not very costly either. I was hoping to land a couple of the cool inserts but no such luck here. It is what it is but the Emmitt Smith was a good find.

Any of you collect Phone Cards in the 90's?

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Diamond King Delivers

One of my newer favorite blogs I discovered is The Diamond King who I guess has been around longer than myself. But, to me, it's a newly discovered blog thanks to a list of blogs from Night Owl not long ago.

It's been a fun read and he also ran an amazing promotion recently. The basic idea of the promo, offering each contestant who earned a spot 100 DK Dollars to bid on lots of cards he posts up. You have a certain amount of time to bid on those lots, just like on eBay, and hope you can bid enough and not get sniped. Like I did.

I think I was the only contestant to bid all of their money and win four lots. Three of the four lots I came home with while one I "bought" for two other collectors. I did score the two cards from that one I wanted the most though.

It was a fun game of not trying to spend all of your money thinking something could be coming up to fit your PC better while you are also not trying to lose out on stuff you may be able to use as well. I feel I did well in balancing out my money and landed some pretty cool stuff.

No these aren't real. These are reprints, but still shiny.

Da Man! First time in a long time I have added multiple Griffeys to that PC.


A Mets Schedule

Some numbered stuff

Stickers including a Jeter

Jeter reprints

And being the nice guy The Diamond King is, I was "sniped" on a basketball lot that had a Harden and Dirk rookie I really wanted. I try to collect a rookie of every player and those are two I was lacking. He knew how bad I wanted the lot so he sent these two along for me.
Upper Deck James Harden

Flair Dirk Nowitzki

That was everything for my $100 Dk.

Now comes a few claims I made for the Diamond 9 which is a freebie pick and grab promo he runs as well,

I claimed these three to send off to a buddy of mine who does so much for others in the hobby. Least I could do is pass them along. He is a big Strawberry and Doc collector.

And this McGwire I claimed for myself. A 90's insert for my PC I have never seen before. Wonder if Griffey is on one of these.

And that does it for his mail day. Great stuff I think. Thanks again to The Diamond King. If you haven't checked out his blog yet please do so and add him to your blogroll if you are a blogger.

Hope everyone has a great day!

BY THE WAY...NEW POST OVER AT CARDS OVER COFFEE!! Please check it out and add it to your blogroll people!


Not Vintage

Monday, May 25, 2020

Fireworks Sent By Wes!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

I am not sure what my plans are for the day, probably will involve some grilling if the weather is right, but I hope you have a great/safe holiday.

Today I will be remembering my grandfather who served in World War 2. I never got to meet him and only have pictures to know him by. The War took many lives including his when he got home from war with PTSD. Some day I wished I could find more answers on what he did when he served and anymore details about him. My grandmother has long passed as well and my father doesn't like to speak much about it which I don't blame him.

But, enough with that.

Recently Wes former JBF, former Area 40 and now with a new blog,The Last PC- Where the Big Boys Play sent me some goodies. Some explosive fireworks.

They were wrapped inside of a Priority Bubbler, which I think is the cheapest/best way to mail right now, and then hidden in bubblers on the inside.
I couldn't decide which one to open first so I busted open a Sticky Mystery....
Whoa! Super coooooooooooooool. Ectoplasm slime! I think it said also a figure inside. I will probably bust open two and keep one sealed. I never saw these locally.

Then came the card one....
Right off the bat, 1998 Ultra Peyton Manning!! Wooo. Someone reads my want list. Now I just need to get the Peyton from Series 1. This was a big surprise.

The next two cards I knew were coming at some point. Wes graciously helped me with my Ghostbusters Slime set. And yes, before you ask, I really do owe him my life. But I will hit him back with some "sweet" stuff don't you fret.

These slime cards do not pop up often and are extremely rare.

With these two in hand, only...

One more to go for the set. Which spoiler, I do have but it's not quite here yet. When it arrives, I will be sure to post them all together.

Thanks goes out to Wes once again for the awesome mail day. You are a great friend and always remember I got your back as well.

Once again, I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day. Don't do anything I wouldn't do, which is pretty much everything but sitting and eating, so yeah. Take care and remember our fallen soldiers who fought hard for what we have today.

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Perfect Pairing

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1994 June Beckett

I know this isn't Rodney' Cardboard, but Rodney's One And Only Beckett back cover feature seemed a tad long.

As far as I know and have seen, this is the only Rodney Hampton Beckett out there. I haven't seen any others that features him on the cover and sadly, the back cover.

On the front they featured Heath Shuler who was supposed to be the next big thing instead of featuring

What was the thing at the time. From 1991-1995, Rodney rushed over 1,000 yards, had a few double digit touchdown seasons and made two Pro Bowls. But made the back cover to Heath Shuler.

I was able to pick this up really cheap as I watched it for two years and the seller finally basically gave it away on an offer I made. It pays to be patient sometimes.

If any of you know of any other covers that Rodney was on for Beckett, let me know!

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Autograph Of The Week:Eli Manning Rookie Auto!!

It's that time again, time to show off my latest autograph addition and this one was a big one for me.

Since the beginning of Eli Mannings career, I have been wanting to add an Eli Manning autograph. But, prices were way too high and I could never find one for trade anywhere.

Well, finally one popped up at a reasonable price and with some magic, I was able to snag it.

To my surprise, the card also came along with some bonuses.
First was this Tom Brady Masterpieces. Boy, did Upper Deck do good for football. Wished we could see that again.

then came the big surprise, however, it was damaged. A 1998 Bowman Peyton Manning rookie that apparently stuck in the pack to another card.

And then came the card I wanted, a 2004 Sage Hit graded gold Eli Manning auto /100. I know it's Sage Hit and all, but it's still my very first rookie autograph of Eli after 16 years of wanting one.

I need to update numbers to see where my Eli Manning autograph is at, I believe 7 or 8, but getting closer to my goal of 10! I would like to add a real rookie autograph at some point down the road but am happy with this one for now.

Well that ties up another week and another autograph shown off.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:1998 Finest No Protector Refractor

To Peel Or Not To Peel, that is the question.

Except in 1998.

Finest came with two versions of their Topps Finest in 1998. Say hello to cards with Protector and No Protector. How will my OCD deal with that, well, it would have to deal.

I never once peeled off a peel from a Finest card. Couldn't do it. Now Topps included peeled versions already in packs as a parallel and even gave them a refractor parallel.

The No Protector regular versions fell 1:2 packs while the refractor versions like todays card fell 1:24 packs.

The cool thing about these cards is the back is as shiny as the front.

This Collins went up for bid auction and went so cheap that even I could afford it.

I need the other versions of the 1998 base as this is my start, hopefully will be able to knock those down soon.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

The Latest 90's Spx Add!

As most readers of this blog or followers of my Twitter account know, I love 90's Spx and have been trying to knock down every set/card I can from every sport.

It's not as easy as it sounds.

I have so far completed:
1996, 1997, 1998 Spx football base sets
1996 Spx racing
1997 Spx racing
1996 Spx hockey
1997 Spx baseball
1997-1998 Spx basketball
1996 Spx football Tribute cards and the Tribute autographs

And am close to these ones,
1997 Spx hockey (13 away)
1996 Spx baseball (13 away)
1996 Spx basketball (need just the MJ)
1996 Spx hockey Holoview Heroes (just a couple remain)

So there is still much, much more to go with inserts, autographs and parallels.

Today is one of those parallel sets, this is 1998 Spx football Steel which fell 1:1 packs in a three card pack. I found a 42 card lot, with 50 in the total set, for $3.24. Yes, $3 and 24 cents. That's a steal.

The lot also included a lot of big names as well.
the stack kicked off with Jake Plummer



The Favre which in itself sells for almost $4



And Eddie George.

I was shocked that this ended so cheaply and that I was able to close out most of this parallel set in one swoop.

Now I just got to find the last 8 cards to get this completed and will update those numbers on here soon.