Sunday, February 28, 2021

Rodneys Cardboard:1996 Crown Royale Silver

The second year of the crown die cut fun brought forth another round of fun die cuts, inserts and parallels.

There isn't many Crown Royale cards I need of Rodney, but the ones that I do are the parallels.

This past Christmas I say the least, bombarded by a man called Wes.

Surprises became surprises with surprises within surprises. Try saying that five times fast.

In the surprises were some long sought after Rodney Hampton cards I needed including today's 1996 Crown Royale Silver.

These silvers, were randomly inserted in retail packs only at a rate of four in 25. The only difference from this than the base is the obvious silver foil instead of the gold.

Back of the card remains the same.

Thanks to Wes for the Rodney help. There will be a few more that Wes sent along coming up in future Rodney's Cardboard so stay tuned.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Breaking Them In

This post has been a long time coming, I just tucked this post too far down in the depths of drafts. I wished I had posted this awhile ago as I promised @I_bern_em I would post this and he probably thought I was kidding.

Well, here it is and here it is a tad late in which I apologize for.

I did a couple of breaks with Adam, @I_bern_em , just to land some cards from the two newest products at the time in Mosaic and Prizm. 

I landed the Giants in the Mosaic break and the Browns in the Prizm break. Both teams were the cheapest available.

The Prizm break with the Browns didn't net me much more than base, but the cheaper Mosaic break I faired pretty well in for Giants. Fun inserts and parallels, some of which I didn't have.

Thanks to Adam for the fun break, if you haven't checked him out yet on Twitter do so. He is new to the breaking world but has fair prices and has a great time.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Talkin' Toys: The Grand Finale

 After doing a few of these posts, I decided I no longer wanted to do anymore.

But, don't fret fellow toy collectors, I won't leave you hanging. Which is why today is a gallery of everything else that I picked up from the Daycare sale.

Some of these items mean more to me than others as far as nostalgia, but some were grabbed simply because they were from the 90's and really cheap.

I will let the toys do the talkin' for the finale. 




Overall, I spent less than $20 on everything that I grabbed for myself however that doesn't account for stuff my wife picked up. As you can see, I scored fairly well.

I haven't decided where I will display all of these or actually any of the toys I own. Right now they are all in a tote for safe keeping for later on in life. Maybe by then I will find a cool way to show them all off.

Thoughts on my pickups are welcomed in comments below!

Thursday, February 25, 2021


As we close in to Sport Card Collectors, well now named Matt's Wonderful Blog Of Hobbies, 9 year blogversary on March 1st I have planned a few giveaways. One of them being today's really nice giveaway from BCW Supplies.

To enter to win what you see below...
  1. One winner, not 4 will take home the prize package
  2. The winner must be within the 48 states as stated by the sponsor, BCW Supplies.
  3. All you have to do is FOLLOW  (found on the right side of the blog. It's the one with all of the face pictures) my other blog Cards Over Coffee  (link is right there) and tell me in comments you have done so. I will be checking and asking the winner when one is chosen for proof.
  4. This contest will run roughly a week and winner will be announced in comments.

WINNER will get one of each BCW Premium Sports Card Albums (4).

If you don't win you can buy here:

Plus 8 packs of BCW 18-Pocket Pages. These are a bit different than our 9-Pocket pages. They have an extra layer, so they are double sided. These are colored, not clear and also are side-loading pockets.

If you don't win, you can purchase those here:

Give a big thanks to BCW Supplies for the contest and thanks again for reading this blog all these years! I also hope you enjoy reading Cards Over Coffee!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 50: Filling Up The Stadiums

1996 Absolute football has a great looking base set and thanks to my friend @Offbeatallstars I am even closer to completing this set.

The teams stadium in the background of the player is what makes this set and makes it really cool.

There wasn't any other set that I can think of that tried this approach for a base set. If Panini did an updated version of this I would be in love. Maybe instead of doing plain white backgrounds try this as an approach.

The rookies in the set still had their college uni's on and the background for them included some generic fans which I am okay with. I would have preferred they waited to find out which team they waited on before making them.

Also, if you didn't take note on the rookies since they are more up-close, they have two different colorings for the work Absolute. That's because this base set was layered and base cards without red were tougher to find then ones with red. They also were the first product to offer a pack within a pack concept. What does that mean? You opened your pack and found another pack within with either a blue or white base card. Whatever happened to such creativity?!

Thanks to Offbeat for the trade and set help. Hope you can dig more out and we can do another trade soon.