Friday, February 26, 2021

Talkin' Toys: The Grand Finale

 After doing a few of these posts, I decided I no longer wanted to do anymore.

But, don't fret fellow toy collectors, I won't leave you hanging. Which is why today is a gallery of everything else that I picked up from the Daycare sale.

Some of these items mean more to me than others as far as nostalgia, but some were grabbed simply because they were from the 90's and really cheap.

I will let the toys do the talkin' for the finale. 




Overall, I spent less than $20 on everything that I grabbed for myself however that doesn't account for stuff my wife picked up. As you can see, I scored fairly well.

I haven't decided where I will display all of these or actually any of the toys I own. Right now they are all in a tote for safe keeping for later on in life. Maybe by then I will find a cool way to show them all off.

Thoughts on my pickups are welcomed in comments below!


  1. Glad you were able to find some cool stuff for your collection. None of these are toys I played with from my childhood... but the Wolverine figures are cool.

  2. Love the ToyBiz Mr. Sinister and Wolverine! And of course too you can't ever go wrong with McD's toys.