Monday, April 30, 2018

Totally Rad Bodacious 90's Post: Printed On The First Day

If you didn't see on Twitter, I had once again started up another blog that lasted 2 days. I tried to revive a 90's blog again but told myself it simply wasn't going to work and that I needed to stick to just doing Sport Card Collectors and Snagging Cardboard (new posts coming soon). There is no way in my busy schedule did I have time to do another one despite telling myself I did. 

However, I did like the concept of the blog and decided to take that over here to begin a new series instead hence today's post. Same will go for Origins Of A Cardboard Addict which I deleted as well and new posts from that blog will appear here time to time too.

So I hope you enjoy this new series and that it takes you back. From here on out the posts will begin as follows.....

Today's post is brought to you buy the snack DunkAroos,
MMMMMMM! DROOOOOLLLLLLL *insert Homer Simpson drool face over a doughnut*

I remember these like it was yesterday. Delicious little cookies that you dunk in a cup of frosting. It's was a kids dream come true and was mine. My parents would pick up boxes of these and I would bring them to school for morning snack and feel like a king over those who would bring an apple. I had many trade offers but declined every time. This was the top snack of snacks.

I ate mine a bit differently than the suggested way to. I would eat the cookies first, then dive into the frosting after. It was one of those eat your supper than enjoy dessert feelings.

I wished they hadn't ever been taken off from the market as I still would have eaten them today. I mean kids eat cookies with frosting in them today? This is the same thing except the frosting is outsdie the cookie. I have saw on a few websites that Walmart has created their own version of this delightful snack but I have yet to see it at my local box store but will continue to check for it.

Back in the 90's, we didn't need 35 parallels. We also didn't need fancy names or complicated levels of telling what was what. Things were simple and even a caveman could collect the cards.

Which leads us to today's parallel find, a 1st Day Issue parallel from 1993 Stadium Club baseball. When Topps started producing these cards, the first 2,000 cards of each player were printed with the  1st Day rainbow foil symbol at the top and inserted into packs at a rate of 1:24 or roughly one-per-box.

Having an insertion rate like that does two things, it adds value and it makes it extremely challenging to chase down a set if you desired to.

I actually pulled this Boggs in a few pack break a couple years ago. Got lucky I guess you could say.

It is not only the parallel part of the card I enjoy, but that stunning Stadium Club photography is like no other. Here we see Boggs finishing his swing.

The card backs were also more intriguing than most today. They put complete stats of the player including height, weight, place of birth. It broke down all of his stats and where he ranked in categories. It also features a picture of his rookie card. Stadium Club may have had some of the best card backs in the hobby especially this version.
FYI, Wade Boggs played for the Yankees from 1993-1997 and won the World Series with the team in 1996 vs the Braves. Overall he played 18 years and finished his career in Tampa Bay. Most of us forget that.

Card Breakdown:
Brand:1993 Stadium Club
Insert/Parallel:First Day Issue
Player Featured:Wade Boggs
Card Number:601

Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Giant Weekend

The Giants have had a hot, hot weekend of the draft and I cannot express how excited I am for the 2018 season. Now, they just gotta stay healthy unlike last year and I think we will see a pretty solid team out there on the field.

Speaking, of a hot, hot Giants weekend, check out today's latest NY Giants adds thanks to my buddy @JGfan24ever.

I cannot express how great of a guy Michael is and how happy I am to have him as a friend. He once again surprised me with four new adds for my PC.

Up first, I know JPP has been traded to the Bucs, but I still collect anyone in a NYG uniform. We have a phrase that goes, "once a Giant, always a Giant".

Another add to my Optic rainbow for Engram, this time it's numbered to 149. I don't expect to be able to chase the whole thing down but it's fun to see how far I can get. I would love to do another rainbow.

Next is this Rising Rookie dual relic of Sterling Shepard. Not many are talking about Shepard when they speak of the Giants but I think he will play a bigger role than most expect next season. Many will be trying to cover Odell and Engram, which will leave this guy open.

And finally, speaking of Engram, a new relic add for that PC. I like the red swatch on this card.
Both the Shepard and Engram are also shiny, an added bonus.

Thanks goes out to Michael again for his continuous generosity. I really appreciate it beyond words. I have a PWE or two ready to head your way when I get some stamps.

I know that spring has just begun where I live, but I have moments today where I am already looking forward to football season, I mean fall :)

Saturday, April 28, 2018


When it comes to set collecting, I am done.


I have lost interest in base set collecting over the years especially modern day set collecting. I never thought it would come to this but it seems it has. I just don't feel like taking the time to sort out a big set anymore, try to chase down set numbers I need or actually find any of today's sets valuable enough to take my time to chase. Instead, I break up the partial sets now and put all of the cards by team.

However, there are some modern day sets I do want to finish.

I have 2014 Flair football, 2015 Score football, 2015 Panini Americana line I hope to finish up on. Those are only because I had bought multiple boxes of the product. You can find my needs for those here,

Obviously, two other meaningful modern sets I still want to finish up are my two autograph set chases in Psych that you can find here for my needs,  and Ghostbusters that you can find here,

Outside of those, I am done with modern day sets. This is where the mostly done with set collecting part comes in next.

However, I have started a Sets Of My Childhood chase. There are a lot of late 90's sets I would love to build and have spent countless hours organizing and getting number needs together on. Those are the ones valuable to me in many ways. I will continue to chase down those and any of the insert sets from the late 90's. I have a lot of focus on getting my Spx and EX lines done, but there are tons of other needs on there as well. You can find all of my Sets Of My Childhood set needs here as I massively updated it,

Well, there you have it. I have officially, mostly, announced my retirement from set collecting.

So that leads me to a question as well, how many of you chase down modern day sets anymore? Or do you stick to vintage or sets you grew up collecting?

Friday, April 27, 2018

Who Has Some Saquon Barkley Cards For Me?

As you can see by this post, I am looking for Saquon Barkley Cards. I currently have none so any would help.

I hope to add an autograph and memorabilia card at some point too.

Barkley was drafted 2nd overall by my Gmen and I am beyond excited!

This may be the most excited I have been about a pick in years so I want to chase down what I can of him.

Check out my trade bait tab for cards in return. I add more on a weekly basis.

A New Trader Over Delivers!

With temps hitting in the 50's finally and the snow starting to melt away, I am feeling pretty good right now. You know all sunshine and rainbows.

Well, besides my knee I fell on a few weeks ago and need to go see a Orthopedist soon to make sure I didn't tear anything, but that's besides the point.

My mail box was feeling better as well on Saturday with two mail days arriving including one from Gavin I posted earlier this week. Now it's time to post my second mail day, this one is from a new trading buddy on Twitter.

@CrattyPatty25 was posting cards he had FS/FT and when I saw a Giants lot I had to jump in on. I didn't have quite enough to offer him in Redskins to take the whole lot, but I did manage to get the cards I needed the most from the lot and he also threw in tons of extras.

I will discuss the extras first then move onto the main meat.

Pink refractor of Cruz, a numbered card of new Giant Jonathan Stewart and a rookie of Damontre Moore.

On top of those, he threw a couple of new Judges my way. I have been seeking that Platinum for some time now and can finally take it off from my want list. I am #AllIn on #AllRise and will take cards of the guy in my trades.

And if those weren't enough, he also threw a Paul Perkins autograph my way.
Really generous guy as you can see.

Speaking of being generous, I had mentioned wanting to trade for this Net Fusion card as well but fell short on trade bait. Well, come to find out, someone else picked up the tab for me and passed it along. Thanks @JaesCards!! Much appreciated!

Here is a closer look at the Net Fusion card. It is a throwback to the classic ones released in the late 90's early 2000's. I always had a think for unique memorabilia cards and this is one of them. Despite it not claiming to be game used or from any event. I still think it's a unique piece and I had no idea that Panini had revived them at some point.
Now we can move onto the meat of our trade.

Wayne Gallman I have major expectations for next season. He showed a lot of potential in 2017 and I am hoping unlike Perkins who I had high expectations for as well, he actually lives up to them. I snagged this nice Select auto/relic of him.

Speaking of the Giants future, up to this point it leads me to believe the next QB for the Giants could be Davis Webb. By the way, I am typing this up on Sunday the 22nd before the draft so I could be wrong by the time this is published. I see a lot of potential and I really wished the Giants could had played him in many of those terrible games they played last year to had given him some time on the field. Oh well, hoping the new coaching staff and GM will make better decisions. I do hope they don't draft a QB with this guy being unproven still.

And my final card from the trade is just plain dirty. No literally. I am obviously not a Browns fan but I had to grab this bad boy. It's not about the player, numbering or brand. It's all about that swatch. I have wanted a patch with some actual "game used" to it for some time and now I have one.

Here is a closer look at that patch.
Such a sweet card.

Thanks goes out to @CrattyPatty25 for the trade. I look forward to our next!!

Another thanks goes out to @JaesCards for your generosity as well! Much appreciated!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Nuttin But The Hits:2018 Leaf Draft Football Blaster Box

2017 was probably the least amount of football cards I have ever bought. I have so many rookie card gaps so if any of you have some extras kicking around especially of the top guys, I would be interested.

I didn't even have a single card at draft time!!! For a die hard football card collector, that wasn't easy!

This year will not be that way. At least for the draft. My wife picked me up a 2018 Leaf blaster to celebrate my million view mark.

Normally I am not much of a non licensed football fan, but, for the first products of the year I dig in some or try to.
In each box of 2018 Leaf draft blaster there are 20 packs with 5 cards per pack. So you will get a lot of cards for your $20. The problem I always have is them packing the autographs separately in clear plastic just like Sage. It leaves those 20 packs less desirable.

This year was a ton of inserts and parallels in a box. I don't even think I got a base set with so many. However, I didn't get any dupes either in 100 cards. That's something I always got with SAGE.

The base set design isn't actually bad. I kinda liked it with an open field photography look. I found all of the good rookies in my box

Including some gold parallels of some of them like this Baker Mayfield.

The inserts are not badly designed either. All around I was impressed with design. The annoying part was they made a gold parallel for each insert set as well. That's just way too much.

This was probably my favorite design of the inserts.

The autographs came packed in toploaders. I haven't seen that before.

I didn't expect to find a Sam Darnold or Josh Allen autograph and I hope you guys don't either when you bust these Sage or Leaf blasters. They don't put those guys in these boxes. It's usually the very low end guys and ones they have tons of. All  you can hope is that they are surprise stars. 

My first pull was this Fred Warner

Second is Jaleel Scott
I didn't know either player or heard of them. But, I am sure some college football fans have. I do like the Scott pull because he is an offensive player and those usually drive the market. Not that I am about selling or money when it comes to collecting but in my mind I have to tell myself it was a worth purchase now.

Overall, I got my very first taste of 2018 football and some rookies of each of the top guys. I also got some other guys mixed in as well. At least this year I should be prepared for the Giants draft and hope that I found one of their future stars in my box. And I will definitely will be watching it tonight. I am hoping they draft Barkley and if they do, that will be another whole big search I may need help from you guys with.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Another Great Trade With Gavin!

Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown was the first person to check out my Trade Bait tab and staked his claim on a few cards and we pulled off a trade pretty fast.

I had no idea what I was going to get in return which is always fun for me and Gavin didn't disappoint.

Up first, a die cut Rodney. I never turn down a Rodney Hampton card or a nice looking insert/parallel from the late 90's.
Michael Cox rookie from Panini Black. I always thought Panini Black was one of their better looking products. Especially when it comes to the autographs and the Giants blue against that black. So sharp!
I always like to add First Pitch cards when I don't have them. This one I wanted despite the uniform being showcased. Another First Pitch card I have wanted for some time is the one featuring Fluffy the comedian.

Another great looking Gavin custom. I just sorted out my Mattingly cards this past weekend and have a decent amount of him surprisingly. I may update all of these numbers like my Giants PC as well.
Also in my package were a couple of super sweet Eli Manning relics I didn't have.

Spectra to me is a high end Chrome. I think the relics and autographs look superb on a product designed like this. It took a plain white swatch and made it worthwhile.

And finally, what may be one of my new favorite Eli relics is this nice looking Great American Treasures relic.
And with that Eli, another great trade with Gavin in the books with many more to come! Thanks again Buddy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sets Of My Childood THE SERIES! Part 3:1996 Topps Broadway's Review

Welcome to the new series here on Sport Card Collectors!

I decided not only would I make a want list of each of the sets I am chasing in a tab, but I thought a little breakdown and feature may help get me more set help. I am sure many of the sets I am seeking are nickel and dime type of cards so I am hoping my trader friends can be on the lookout for any I don't have.
I will say this without a blink of an eye, Topps celebratory 40th anniversary of making football cards in 1996 put out the best inserts possibly ever from them. At least in my opinion. This is another one that will have multiple sets I am chasing on here. 

Another great thing about Topps is that you could always guarantee to find product of it somewhere.

This Broadway Joe set has Joe Namath discussing some of the top QB's in the game. The fronts feature shiny-spectacle that you would expect to see in a Broadway show. The good thing about this set is there are only 10 cards to chase and it doesn't appear many go for that much. I almost have 50% of the set so that helps as well. These fell at different rates in packs depending on what you bought.  Either 1:12 hobby or 1:8 retail are the main two sources.

My current haves are,
2,3,5, and 8,

I promise you all this isn't all going to be a series on pigskin needs, there will be some baseball and basketball posts as well. But, for now, there is a lot of football to get done.

How many of you remember or collected these?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Bill Called Me This On My Birthday

I recently pulled off another trade with my father back in March, I will show off the other part of the trade another day, for today I wanted to show off the gift he sent along for my present.

For awhile now I have wanted one of those infamous Bill Ripken cards with some special words on it to go along with the black box version I have owned forever. Now, for those of you who know me, know I don't ever swear. Yes, I am as clean as a whistle as I have never smoked, drank, or anything. But, something about that error card is kind of famous in the hobby so I always wanted a copy just to say I have one despite it's phrase I wouldn't say haha

Come to find out my father had acquired three of them from a friend of his and kept one for himself, passed one along to another friend and sent one to me in our trade package. I was pretty happy.

Here are the two copies of this card I own now side by side,

Black Box

And bad word version
Now that I have two of them including the tougher version, I kinda want the "full rainbow" of versions. Maybe I will make that chase at some point not that I don't already have enough to chase. 

Thanks to my pops, who doesn't read my blog...yet, for the birthday gift even though it wasn't very nice of Bill to call me that on my special day.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Spring Has Sprung..In My Mail Box At Least

Spring is never coming. Well, supposedly on tomorrow and Tuesday but we will see about that. For now, this is all I see, more and more snow falling. This has got to be one of the longest winters that I can remember in some time.
Please let the local weatherman be right about this upcoming week. No more snow. I want/need some spring.
At least my mail box this week had some sunshine and spring to it.

Up first, a mail day from @BrilliantCards just because I RT'd something for him. A mail day wasn't needed but is appreciated for my Derek Jeter PC.
Even came with a signed 1/1 card from himself. I think having a calling card in mail days is something I need to look into doing now.
Thanks @BrilliantCards for the Jeter! Go give him a follow for giveaways and some great deals on sport cards and non sport cards.

Up next, a surprise mail day from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog. I knew we had gone back and forth over a few things, but I wasn't expecting a mail day yet. It was fun to be buried by cards instead of snow.

The first cards in the group are cards I claimed off from his trade bait tab-speaking of which mine is finally loaded with cards especially for those hockey and basketball fans-for my 90's PC. They look even better in person!

These Donruss Studio's are 8x10's.

Here is a Portrait Proof parallel. Very shiny. Gus looks pretty mean here.
Dan Marino is a Portrait Proof gold parallel numbered to 10,000. The photo cracks me up as it would appear he is posing for a online dating service.
And a really sweet card of the group is this Stained Glass card of Michael Irvin. I thought the card sounded like something I would like but having it in hand it is amazing. I held this up to the light for this post trying to capture it's magic. It's a thin plastic stained glass card numbered to 1,000. I WANT THE SET NOW!! So for those of you who trade with me, please keep an eye out for more of these. (also they make a Griffey Jr like this as well that I wouldn't mind trading for)
The final cards for the 8x10's are these RedZone Masterpiece inserts numbered to 10,000

Up next were two team sealed bags of goodies. The cards on the outside hid the inner contents but I still liked the outside cards as well. I think Dez is talented but seeing him in a Giants uni, not sure about that. I don't care much for his character.

Some new Giants adds in this group with a lot of WR love.

I always like adding high end Giants cards in my PC since most of them I don't have. Both of these cards are numbered as well to 429.

The next group goes shiny and numbered. I am diggin' that Tiki Rated Rookie.

Then we switch to baseball for a second with this new Bernie Williams addition. I have cards like this but they are all Jeters. I don't have anyone else so this was a nice new add.
Back to Giants football with another numbered card. I don't think Gartrell had much of a chance with the Gmen and didn't with the Chargers who drafted him or the Falcons either. Only had 79 rushing yards for his career. But I like adding the oddball Giants players in my PC whether they hit the field or not.
REFRACTOR MANIA! You take my love of refractors, mix in some Giants and you have a winner.

And to finish up this mail day, a new Andre Williams autograph (not sure if he is still with the Chargers or not)

A Paul Perkins relic (this guy could be the oddman out if the Giants select Barkley)

And two Rodney Hamptons. I am not sure if the Collectors Choice is new yet til I compare with the others I have since the colors are so similar

And a brand spankin new one in this silver Pacific Invincible! Card number 536 in the PC out of 816
This mail day brightened up my snow-filled week.
Thanks to Dennis for this mail day. I have another PWE to head your way soon.
Speaking of PWE's to head out, I packed up 14 of those last weekend to head out to mainly blogger buddies so be sure all of you watch your mail boxes that will hopefully brighten up your mail boxes especially if you are still dealing with winter like I am.