Saturday, April 30, 2022

Kerry's Cardboard:2003 Fleer Mystique Awe Pairs Dual Game Jersey w/Jeremy Shockey

Kerry's Cardboard finds a new home again as the Giants only portion of my Kerry Collins collection makes it way on here.

Today, I am showcasing a game worn dual jersey card that I landed for less than $5.

Today's card features two of my favorite Giants of the 2000's. I think a lot of people forget about the impact that Kerry Collins had on the Giants passing game after signing with them. He also had an impact on Jeremy Shockey when he came into the league in 2002. They were an unstoppable force for a couple of years before the Giants released Collins in favor of Kurt Warner/Eli Manning in 2004.

So, there is a lot of cards that feature the two on them. This is the only copy I have seen of this card listed.

This is the back of the card. Only 199 of these were produced.

There are two other variations of this card which are in form of inserts. There is a base insert and a gold parallel which is extremely tough to find.

Thoughts on today's card welcomed in comments.

Coffee With Coolio

*sits down, takes a sip and get's ready for the newest post on Cards Over Coffee*

It has been a long time since I have added any autographs to my non-sports PC. WAY TOO LONG.

I have such a long list of autographs I want but haven't had the funds to grab them. That was until my birthday in March where I got a few small eBay gift cards.

Normally, I grab some cheap cards so I can land multiple mail days and stretch the mail day out as long as possible, but I decided this time to pull the trigger on a card I had my eye on for a few years that would eat up one gift card.

It was worth it.

*takes a sip*

I was never really into rap in the 90's, I was more of a pop kind of guy. But, one catchy song always came on the radio and I really liked it.

Gangsta's Paradise was released by Coolio in 1994-1995 and was featured on the soundtrack for the movie, 1995 hit movie Dangerous Minds.

I hadn't seen the movie until I met my wife, but the song I could listen to all of the time. Though I was far from a Gangsta's Paradise. Unless you consider out in the boonies just that. It was probably more like Rednecks's Paradise.

With anything that ties into nostalgia for me, I try to find a card that goes with it.
I discovered that Coolio had a signature in the 2015 Americana set and had it in my watchlist for a while. Luckily this cheaper one I had in my watchlist never sold.

Back of the card talks more about his reality TV visits than his music. Kind of odd, but will go with it.

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I have tried to listen to other songs by Coolio, but they never really caught on with me. Like I said, I don't listen to a lot of rap music especially today.

Let me know in comments your favorite Coolio song or songs in comments.

Have a Super Saturday.

*turns on Gangsta's paradise to lead out of today's post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Burbank Pickups Of The Month:April 2022 Edition

My latest mail day from Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace took me on a trip to the 90's.

I will always take that trip 100% of the time and wished it was a real-life trip.

A 90's insert trip works for now though.

It's amazing how I am lead to certain inserts or products. I don't specifically look up these inserts, they just happen to find me. If I think they are cool, I will add them to the card.

Just like these 1999 E-X Century E-Xtrodinary inserts that fell 1:9 packs. The design reminds me of the bubble insert that Topps used in its Bowman inserts. This one has more of a lenticular feel to it than those did.

There wasn't a huge selection of players but I did grab one of each they had available.

I know what you are thinking and I agree, they just don't make them like they used to. Today's inserts are way too plain. If these existed today they would be considered case hits which are the only cool inserts made now-a-days.

The next round of cards I actually needed for my set chase, but I was once again led to them as I forgot I had started this set chase.

Rookie Rising fell 1:11 packs back in 1997 Zenith, the last year of the awesome product of the 90's.

I found four I needed for my set including a Giants one I didn't know existed in the set,


And that does it for this part of the mail day. There are other cards in this mail day but they will be apart of Kerry's, Eli's Cardboard segments.

Have a great day and comments welcomed on these cards below!

Remember, you too can order from Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace and Save 10% off your orders from Burbanks Sportscards on Beckett Marketplace. Use Code: 15BURBANK at checkout to do so! Also spend $50 and you will get free shipping. BOOM!

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Friday, April 29, 2022

Got It Right

A couple of months ago there was the NFL Draft.

There was a lot of speculation leading up to the draft on what the Giants would do with so many glaring holes and two top 10 picks.

The last few years underneath Dave Gettleman, the Giants never actually drafted needs and it has led to a roster full of needs. 

Two of the biggest glaring spots on the roster is on the offensive line and pass rush. It has been a spot of needs since the Giants won their last Super Bowl.

Last night, the new regime under Joe Schoen did exactly what they have been needing to do. Fill holes on the team. Who would have thought that was such a thing?
With their first pick, the 5th pick of the draft, they grabbed pass rusher extraordinaire Kayvon Thibodeaux. I was happy to see I had a card of him to post for today.

Big Blue then went on to grab dominating OT Evan Neal with their next pick, two picks later. Rumor had it the Giants were up to trading that pick but either that was a smokescreen, or they never got a big offer for it.

Either way, I am stoked with their draft last night. I look forward to what they do for the rest of the draft.

The only unfun part for a draft like this for my team is the lack of fun offensive players to chase for cards, but maybe they will grab a WR still and that will be my main focus. I do hope to add some more cards of the Top 2 picks for the Gmen and maybe an autograph of each but I don't plan on over chasing them.

So far, I give them an A++ start to this draft and hope it continues. There are so many needs.

In comments today, let me know how your team did in the draft?

Death Of A Wallet Card

*today will need to be a three cup of coffee kind of day. takes a sip, sits down and begins today's post*

It was only a short time ago on here I was talking about my 7-year long wallet card, well, I am sad to announce, that it has passed on.

Some days my mind is shot. I have too much on it and don't think clearly. When doing laundry last week, I forgot to take my wallet out of my pocket and washed it. I guess all you can say is that I am glad I don't ever keep money in there.

Upon my realization, long after the wash cycle had ended, I pulled my wallet out of my pocket.
It was saggy as expected.

I opened it up and checked all of the contents inside, mainly old gift cards, insurance cards, and old receipts but under all of that was the wallet card.

It appears he had a rough trip.

I mean, taking a closer look at him it looks like me on a day I miss a cup of coffee.

There isn't a lot left to the card as pieces of cardstock flooded the inside of my wallet and stuck to some of the other savable items.

Even though there is some card left, I decided it was time to leave the card out and give it a proper goodbye. 

Now the question is, do I start another Wallet Card or do I leave this as the ending?

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

The card still resides on my desk until I figure out what to do with it.

I considered nominating this card for the Coffee Card Hall Of Fame just because of it's meaning, but was curious your guys thoughts. Or maybe one of you will comment and nominate it....

Let me know in comments below what you think I should do with the card.

Have a Fantastic Friday.

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

*plays boyzIImen End Of The Road for wallet card*

*takes another sip*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out for real this time*

Breakin' Wax:2021 Playbook Football Mega Box

Every week when I go to Walmart, there is no shortage of finding cards anymore.

Between the prices and the overflow, there is always something to buy.

The only problem is, these products don't come with a "don't buy me" warning.

For example today's box. It's a overpriced retail box that didn't quite provide much, check it out here,

Every mega box of 2021 Playoff football comes with 4 packs of 5 cards. Each box has an autograph or memorabilia card and each box is $50.

The base cards are kinda bland with a little action photography. They mainly focus on the player.

Here were the rookies I pulled in this break. Harris was the best one but the one I was most excited about was the Quincy Roche rookie which was my first Giants card of his.

Each box also guarantees two bronze parallels, here were mine.

I believe one of these parallels are per box as well. These look amazing, just wished I had pulled a Giants one. I may need to track one down.

Next up were my insert pulls,

(nice Fields!)

The insert designs for this product were kinda lame. Felt like filler cards or subset cards to me.

Now onto what you money banks on in this break. The hit....
Memorabilia card of Derrick Henry. Nothing too special, great player, but definitely not worth the $50 price tag.

Overall, this box was awful. I have seen this on the shelves a few times now at Walmart and left it. I don't plan on going back for another round at all.

Thoughts on this break welcomed in comments.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Would You Rather? Coffee Edition

 *takes a sip, sits down for today's latest post on Cards Over Coffee*

Welcome back to another Would You Rather? Today, I decided to go cardless on the topic and tackle a coffee one.

The game is called, Would You Rather. In this series you will be given two choices and you must make one decision sort of like The Matrix. Each decision you make will also have a problem tied into it and you will have to decide which is the better of the two choices. 

You will also have to live with your decision for the rest of your make the right one.

*takes another sip before starting today's new series*

*sits in the dark alone wearing all black clothing and sunglasses*

*in a deep voice sitting in the dark*Hello Readers, my name is Mattpheus. I am the leader of the sport card universe and can offer you the control of your future.

I have two pills to offer you *holds hand out with both pills* that will lead you on your path today. Each pill gives you both an reward and a penalty.

Today, you can take the Red Pill and be stuck with only drinking Decaf Coffee for the remainder of your life (this alone is penalty for choosing it)
Or you can choose the Blue Pill and you can only drink Caffeinated Coffee for the remainder of your life but also every cup you drink has some coffee grounds in it.


Make your decision below in the comments.

I will be awaiting your choice with my cup of coffee in the dark.

The Red Pill does not taste like cinnamon

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post*

I hope you enjoy this new segment and I hope a lot of you join in on the conversation.

Have a great Thursday.

*takes a final sip on today's post*

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Not My Usual Pickup

There are just some teams I simply don't like.

Most of those teams involve either players I don't care for or I simply don't like the team in general. I may not always have a reason for the hate either.

Most of the teams I don't like include New England teams. You know, Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, and Patriots I have pure hatred for and hope they lose every game. There are other teams out there though I just can't stand for one reason or another that I will never root for. 

On that list is a popular team among the blogosphere and Twitter in the Dodgers. Sorry Night Owl Cards and others, I just don't like your team.

Most of the time you won't see me add to my collection from those teams but sometimes I make exceptions. Especially for a unique card.

I have always been into unique relic cards, the kind of relics you don't see every day. Pants, Gloves, Football, Shoes and today's, baseball. I don't think I own a single baseball swatch in my collection so that changed recently when I picked one up.

We will just ignore the fact it has a Dodger on it. Though Brown was an awful overpaid Yankee pitcher at one point.

I thought this card was unique the second I discovered it on eBay. The swatch alone with the word baseball on it had me.

Here is a closer look at the swatch. It's also dirty so you know it was game used.

However, there was no guarantee that Brown used the ball. It was just the fact that the Dodgers had used the ball at one point in the 2001 season.

Still cool regardless.

Thoughts on today's addition and whether you own a card with a baseball swatch is welcomed in comments. I will accept comments from any team's fans, though some of you may despise me now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


*coffee is set, cards are in hand, and laptop is open for another new post on cards over coffee. let's dive in!*

I have come to realize the last few years that my favorite Topps product release is Allen Ginter. It's time to move over Topps Chrome.

I enjoy Allen Ginter for the non-sport quirkiness it brings and not so much the baseball element.

The checklist usually includes a few actors or actresses I try to chase down cards of and sometimes includes people I have never heard of.

For example, I pulled this card from a pack of 2015 Allen Ginter of some guy named Murray, I had no idea who he was so I tossed it into my Allen Ginter box for another day.

Fast forward to last year, I began watching a show called Impractical Jokers, that was suggested to me by a friend. I am not usually someone who is into "reality" TV but thought I would give it a watch since they enjoyed it so much. Watching one episode can't hurt right? 

I was hooked from the first episode I watched.

Being someone who enjoys comedy and making others laugh, it was quite enjoyable.

The show features Q, Sal, Joe and Murr who are real-life best friends and love challenging each other to the most outrageous dares and stunts ever caught on hidden camera. Some of the things they do is completely insane and has to be embarrassing at points.

Which makes it even more funnier.

*takes a sip, checks the guide on the television to see when the next episode airs, in a few minutes, guess I better move this post along. takes another sip*

I never made the connection to the Murray card I pulled back in 2015 to the Murr on Impractical Jokers until I saw a tweet from someone else looking for all four cards. That's when the realization hit....WAIT...THEY HAVE CARDS?!!?

I searched my Allen Ginter box and found the Murray card, but had no others from the set. I actually have two Murray cards now thanks to blog reader Oren, but I still lacked the other three.
Fortunately, Oren had Q in his possession as well so I had another one down.

Then came Joe. I don't remember how I got the card but thank you to the person who helped me add it.

And this left me Sal-less.

I tweeted for months looking for a copy of the card and had no responses. I also took to this blog as well looking for it and still nothing. I searched Burbank Sportcards Beckett Marketplace with no luck and then went to eBay where they were overpriced. I wasn't sure that I was going to complete the four. It was disappoing but that disappointment didn't last too long.

While working on another trade with Dennis from Too Many Verlanders Blog, I asked him if he had a copy of the Sal card or if he knew anyone who did. That's when he sent me to @flywheels on Twitter (he runs Cardboard Collections blog) because he had a copy for trade and then magic happened.
Colbey checked to see if he still had the card and did. He amazingly sent me the card as a RAK and now my four is complete. So cool!

Thanks again to Dennis for the assist and for Colbey for the card. Appreciate you both!

*takes a sip before finishing up today's post and to hurry it up before the episode comes on*

Since the show has been on since 2011, I still have a lot of episodes to catch up on. The new season also just came out and one of the Jokers is no longer apart of the show for personal reasons. I am not sure how that will go without him. If they want me to step in his place, I will.

Let me know in comments today if you watch the show at all and your thoughts on chasing non baseball characters in Allen Ginter.

Have a great Wednesday!

*Coffee Card Blogger Out*

Riding The Rookie Wave

Randomly inserted in packs of 2021 Playoff, was the Rookie Wave insert line.

As soon as I saw one of the cards, I had to see if a Giant existed on the checklist because I was hooked on the design.

On the checklist was Giants rookie WR Kadarius Toney. I knew I had to have it, so just like that I went and got myself a copy. The theme of the card along with the actual wave makes this card attractive to me.

When I found out the card also had parallels, that's when my next chase began. I told myself early on in my chase I wasn't going to do the whole rainbow look as it would probably be expensive to do so, but I did tell myself to chase as many as I can.

So I did.





Die Cut

All together at this point.

There is also a Gold /10 my buddy @90sNicheFBcard nicely grabbed for me that I will get at some point.

So all that remains is the Touchdown parallel 1/1. I didn't expect to get this close to the rainbow but now that I am there, I have to finish it right?

Thoughts on my chase, the design and if you have build any rainbows recently welcomed in comments.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Eli's Cardboard:2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes Jersey Card

They don't make jersey cards like they used to.

Most of today's jersey cards, specifically for football, are not game used anymore. Heck, most have no specifics at all.

They have become lame to even add to your collection anymore. It's sort of like a filler card at this point.

That's why I enjoy snagging older jersey cards while they were still game worn, especially when they are cheap.

Today's Eli Manning game used jersey card costed me a whole $3.25 plus .73 shipping. For less than $5, I grabbed a swatch of game worn material from Eli Manning.
The design of these cards are not bad either.

Back of the card with the game used guarantee.

In comments today, let me hear about your thoughts on relic cards from today.

Have a great Tuesday.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Bear With Me

I hope you all can bear with me.

I am still in the middle of the road when it comes to blogging.

After losing all of my posts on here, I was finally able to recover them after 100 tries of doing so. Along with doing that, I felt it was only right to "fix" this blog back to its normal state including going back to Sport Card Collectors. I loved the new name I chose, but when the link to this blog is it didn't seem fitting to have a new game go with that. 

Along with importing all of my posts, I also created new posts to fill in the days I missed. Yes, they were filler posts but my streak of never missing a day continues even though I may have cheated some to continue it. I guess I can still blame it on blogger with the issues it presented me this month as a reason for it technically ending.....or not ending.

So, it continues. Take that blogger!

Now with this blog slowly becoming what it once was, even though I did lose 14 thousand comments that will never come back from that glitch as well, I plan on giving this one another go for now. Does this mean it will stay? I don't know. Does it mean Cards Over Coffee is over? I don't know that either. Does this mean I will blog on both? Have no clue. I am more indecisive than my wife choosing a restaurant to eat at.

For now, I am just going to take everything the way it is and enjoy the ride.

But, I do ask that you bear with me while I do this.

Also, those of you who sent me mail days and are waiting for a thank you, bear with me on that as well.

To catch up on one of those due my expression of gratitude and not just ramble on post today, here is a mail day I got from @tonyaces in the past month.

Once again, he did one of his mystery trades where he will send you a card of your choosing and you return something of mystery to him. My card of choosing was this 2021 Bowman Ascensions of Jasson Dominguez. It was a new card for my PC.

Along with that card, he also sent some others he thought I would be interested in. Which I definitely was!

Andrew Thomas Optic Green Lazer

Rookie Of The Year Contenders Daniel Jones

And a Topps Chrome Sapphire of Aaron Judge. What a great looking card for my Judge PC.

Thanks again to @tonyaces for the trade.

This week there will be a new post on this blog every day to see if I can get the flow going on here again. I can't make any promises if this blog will continue or what blog will. All I hope is that you all can bear with me.

Have a great Monday.