Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Eli's Cardboard:2008 Upper Deck Football Heroes Jersey Card

They don't make jersey cards like they used to.

Most of today's jersey cards, specifically for football, are not game used anymore. Heck, most have no specifics at all.

They have become lame to even add to your collection anymore. It's sort of like a filler card at this point.

That's why I enjoy snagging older jersey cards while they were still game worn, especially when they are cheap.

Today's Eli Manning game used jersey card costed me a whole $3.25 plus .73 shipping. For less than $5, I grabbed a swatch of game worn material from Eli Manning.
The design of these cards are not bad either.

Back of the card with the game used guarantee.

In comments today, let me hear about your thoughts on relic cards from today.

Have a great Tuesday.


  1. Based on feedback I've heard from people in the know it is all a subjective novelty. I have it on good authority that several prominent athletes submit memorabilia to card companies with no knowledge as to if, when or how it was ever used. They just care if the check cashes. I think the dwindling population of unique memorabilia cards in recent releases is disappointing, it's just the same rookies and re-hashed veterans over and over. I'd like to see some names who have never appeared before in these relic sets to get me interested again at all, even with my very skeptical view of them as a whole.

  2. I'd like to see companies go back to showing the intact item on the back of the card again, but don't think that this will be happening anytime soon.