Saturday, October 31, 2020

Who You Gonna Call? Part 2

My Master Set chase of Ghostbusters actually began because of one trade I had. When I was able to pull off a trade with DJSeneseiNJ for the toughest autograph in the set, Dan Akroyd, that's when I thought to myself, "I could chase this set now" so I did. Originally it was going to be just the autographs but after completing the Psych Master set, I then decided I might as well tackle this one too.

Ghostbusters was a much tougher chase however.

Let's take a look at the hits in the set.

For some reason or another, the other four autographs in this set picture didn't upload but at least the Akroyd did. So sorry about not having the other ones on here! 

Overall there were 19 autographs in this set to chase.

The next part of the hits I completed were the Replica Patches.

The Rookie one was a binder exclusive.  I do wished I had the binder to store my master set in, well minus autographs.

These patch cards fell 1:72 packs.

Up next, the extremely rare and tough to find slime cards. I had to be two year patient on these.


This six card set fell at 1:200 odds each. That's 1:8.3 boxes which would require a lot of ripping and doesn't guarantee you wouldn't find a duplicate.

These hits sum up my Master Set. The next two I am showing off for fun.

There were tons of 1/1 sketch cards in the product. This is the only one I have from it.


And same goes for these animation cels . I really like these but can't ever seem to land more than this one which I got for less than $10. Most though are priced at $20 or more.

Someday I would love to add a few more sketch cards and definitely more animation cel cards just to boost this overall collection up a bit more.

I hope you all enjoyed the look at my collection of Ghostbusters and all have a safe, Happy Halloween. Don't let the boogeyman out of the closet or try to remember who to call when you do.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Who You Gonna Call? Part 1

Growing up I loved the Ghostbusters. From the movie to the cartoon series to the toys, I was a die hard fan.

Even as an adult, I still enjoy all aspects of Ghostbuters and am counting down until next year's movie sequel. It can't get here fast enough and I was saddened that Covid-19 pushed the movie off til next year.

When I heard that Cryptozoic was making a card set based on Ghostbusters, it was obvious that I needed some. How much of it would I collect? I wasn't sure. I just knew I had to at least have some and at the time I did grab some. 

Fast forward four years later from its release and I am happy to say I have tackled the Master Set.

What do I consider the Master Set to Cryptozoic Ghostbusters as? The base, the inserts, the autographs, slime cards, patch cards and promo cards. Not the 1/1's, as that would be impossible for anyone.

It took me a good year to track down all of the parallels to the base and inserts, but I finally did it. They were not easy to find and I may had taken all available ones as well. Had to order most overseas to even land them.

So in Part 1 of this two-parter, I will be showing off the base, inserts and parallels followed by the hits tomorrow for Part 2.

Let's bust this one down first,

Tricks And Traps 9 card set,


Tricks and Traps Cryptomium Parallel (very tough to find with each card landing at 1:56 packs)

Tricks and Traps Silver Foil

Sing For Your Specter


Silver Foil



Silver Foil

Behind The Scenes


Silver Foil

Characters (also the three promo cards with Gozer, Ghostbusters symbol and Stay Puft, there is no silver parallels to the promo cards but there is a cryptomium to Stay Puft that I haven't seen listed yet)




If you couldn't already tell, all of these are bindered making for a fun easy flip through and what I considered was the best way to display them.

That's it for Part 1. Tomorrow stay tuned as we take a dive into the hit portion of this set which includes a lot of fun pieces.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict: Monsters Of The Gridiron

Guess what's back...back again...The Origins Of A Cardboard's back so tell a friend...guess what's back...guess what's back...

The return of The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict series is less Eminem and more like the return of Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees. Just when you think its dead, a bolt of lightning or idea revives it. This is the first time in almost a year I have posted a new part to this series I claimed dead at the end of 2019 and this latest one will also mark the third one in a group of Halloween posts. Guess you could say I have started a 80's horror saga of it.

1994 marked my final Trick Or Treating adventure at the age of 11 which is roughly the age a lot of kids lose interest in the holiday. My last rendezvous was an interesting one as it was the only time I didn't wear a glow-in-the dark Jason mask out to get candy. Mainly because I lost mine from the previous years and there were no more on the shelves as my parents waited until the day before to look for something. Instead, I wore a hideous light blue paint with childish ghost stickers that stuck to it. It was quite embarrassing as it was intended more for a four year old, but it's all they could afford and find on the day before so in order to get candy, you have to do what you have to do.

That night we went around to the usual spots but some weren't giving out candy and others had very little. It all led to the final sign that my Trick Or Treating was coming to an end.

If only I had the same options for costumes as the NFL Players did in the 1994 Coca Cola Monsters Of The Gridiron.


A spooky sheriff Emmitt


Cornelius about to tear apart the offensive line....and you

Zorro will slice and dice!

Move over Mr.Freeze, Pat Swilling is over here Chillin'

Who didn't grow up and worry that those Scarecrows in the dark corn fields at night weren't thinking of  a way to enter your house while you were sleeping...

Snakes are one of my greatest fears. If Freddy had visited my dreams, this is what he would have looked like

Tom is a Psycho....let's hope he doesn't have mommy issues as well

When I think Hyenas, I don't picture something as scary as Hardy Nickerson, I picture the goofy cross-eyed one from The Lion King.

This is only a few of the cards in the 31 card set. These cards came as a set and were distributed at the 1995 Super Bowl Card Show VI in Miami in exchange for 10 wrappers from any 1994 NFL card set.

The ones above may have finally finished up my set chase thanks to @tmchbmatt, but I will have to double check.

With only a couple of days left before Halloween, I sure hope you have picked out your children's costumes already. Don't let them have a Halloween or final Halloween like I did.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Breakin' Wax:2020 Donruss Baseball Hanger Box

It was awhile ago when I busted this hanger box of Donruss baseball, end of August roughly, so I figured it was time I posted it.
Donruss baseball wasn't my first choice in something to open, it was the only option at the time so I was happy to find something when I had the itch.

Was it worth fixing the itch? Guess you will find out here,

There are 50 cards in every hanger box of Donruss baseball. You have a shot at autographs and relics but are guaranteed to find 6 holo orange and 2 diamond parallels in every box.

At the time, I hadn't seen any Donruss baseball up close.

but it felt like a repeat of the past few years with the same design

the terrible nickname cards overflowing

and and overused Diamond King theme.

I wasn't too impressed to start this box.

Then came the rookies,

Can't argue with Bo Bichette and Kyle Lewis who to me is the runaway ROY in the American League.

Then came more disappointment,

These 1986 Donruss design is cool, but feels like it has been in this product for years now.

Something that hasn't though is a new line of emoji parallels to hip up this product and tickle those born after 2000. Such as this On Fire of Brock Burke and also the infamous Baby Shark then Look At This,Number 1,One Hundred and Presidential Collection.
Now onto the guaranteed parallels starting with the 2 Diamond parallels of 


and Chapman.

Those inserts usually look shiny anyways, but its the diamond shapes in the shine that separate it from a base version.
Up next is the 6 orange holofoil

Cal Ripken is a nice find

So wasn't Gerrit Cole and Luis Servino

Not a terrible break overall with a couple of good rookies and a few decent parallels.

I do like what Panini does for Donruss football and wished they would take that approach to the baseball as well. Not that the baseball is terrible, but there is room for improvement. 
One of the biggest improvements I would make first is getting rid of the nickname cards.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

I Miss You Upper Deck

Upper Deck always played a role in my collecting.

I started collecting some form of their products from the beginning of my collecting era, however I haven't been buying too much in the last few years now that they don't have the rights to make MLB, NBA and NFL cards which are the three sports I collect the most.

With their only license being hockey and it looking that way for some time, it appears I won't be adding too much more Upper Deck in the near future either. Though I do REALLY like their Goodwin Champions product but I can never find it locally.

So for now I will enjoy what we once had at our fingertips and just like Saturday Morning cartoons, you never know how much you miss something once it's gone.


@JGfan24ever recently sent me a package full of NY Giants which was packed full of 2008 Upper Deck. The product that celebrated the Giants Super Bowl 42 win over the undefeated New England Patriots.

I do have all of these, but this Super Bowl was so special to me that I break out of my norm of not keeping duplicates in my collection to keeping them. 

I will never get sick of celebrating this win.

Plaxico's game winning Touchdown


The Giants defense taking it all out on Tom Brady

The Key to the city!


Shockey watching the game from the suite after getting injured in the season. But, that wasn't a bad thing as the Giants turned to Kevin Boss who made a huge play in the game.

Toomer finally reaching the ultimate destination

Jacobs plowing Patriots over. No better sound than that.

Also in the 2008 Upper Deck product came the Giants rookie class from that year,

One of these players, yes I am looking at you Mario Manningham, would make a huge play four years later when these two teams met up again and the Giants took home yet another trophy.

Looking at cards like these and my 90's Spx project makes me happy that I lived through a time where Upper Deck owned the hobby. Their photography, holograms and the way they engaged fans with their products was like no other out there.

I hope some day we will get the opportunity to enjoy all of that again just as I am holding out hope that those Saturday mornings with a bowl of Cap'N Crunch and a three hour block of cartoons will make their return as well.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:2020 The Bar Hybrid Edition

2020 has been packed with surprises, no doubt about that, even in the hobby as it has taken flight once again.

My Rodney Hampton collection as well has seen a few surprises this year pop up.

Cards I have waited years on are trickling onto eBay, he was in Mosaic as a signature and then today's added surprise when I found a listing with his named attached to The Bar product which is created by Super Products.

This "card" isn't the prettiest site in the world, but as a Super Collector, if it has his name and is legit, you gotta have it.

The card is simply a cut autograph from a 8x10 photo, which I recognized because it was in my watch list, with Rodney getting away from a Vikings defender. In the corner he signed this in the photo so Super Products cleaned cut it and glued it onto some black cardboard.

The back of the cardboard. I didn't need the authenticity as that is definitely Rodney's signature, but it's a nice touch to tell it apart as a real card and not a subject of an experiment by myself.

I was just glad the card wasn't too expensive but it does make me wonder how many of these or how many versions of it exist. I can't seem to locate a checklist for the product and since this isn't numbered 1/1 anywhere, it strikes my curiosity. 
At the time of typing this, 10/18, there are no more versions of this card to be found listed anywhere.

What do you guys think about cards like this? Yay! Nay! Let me hear your thoughts and if you would add something like this to your collection if you super collect a certain player.