Friday, January 31, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

What was found in the mail box this time was another Rueben Randle to add to the PC. Got a steal on this one as well as the bidding ended at $1.25. The shipping though probably made up for it at a whopping $3. That seemed a little steep to me, but the card came safely and was still at a reasonable price.

As always, your thoughts are encouraged!

Hobby Break 'Em: 2011 Topps UFC Moment Of Truth Hobby Pack

Recently broke a hobby pack of UFC Moment Of Truth.  There were 10 cards per pack. Packs run about $3.99 in most places but being a few years old now you may find them cheaper here and there.

I like the design on these ones. Topps captured great photography on these and the usual framed white border they use they improved upon it with a sketch type of approach. The name is right at the bottom instead of having it a third of the way up the card taking away from the action.  I wish they would use this type of design in other sports as well instead of a plain white border with a "name plate" that takes up a good portion of the bottom of a card.

Now that I have given you my thoughts on the design, now onto the break:

Not a bad design and action shots for the base cards

Gold parallel


Was nice to hit three inserts in this pack. The UFC Unlocked is a little too late to be unlocked but it's something I will keep as a collectible insert. Overall, price vs return wasn't bad here.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcomed on this break and the design.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

For fun sometimes, I scour the Jammin JDcards site to see if there is something that jumps out at me that I may want to add to my collection. As most of you know, I am a huge rookie card collector. No I am not one to need a one of one or jersey/auto patch rookie kind of person. I just want the simple rookies. Just to say, hey, I have his rookie card and that's what these two new additions are.

2007-2008 Kevin Durant Rookie

1992-1993 Topps Shaquille O'Neal Rookie

I have wanted both a Shaq and Kevin Durant rookie for some time now and am glad I was able to add these to my collection. Shaq was always fun to watch and listen to. Not to mention a Hall Of Famer I would say soon. Kevin Durant is an incredible young talented star who may be this years NBA MVP and possible NBA champion. He has a lot of career left and most likely will be a Hall Of Famer someday. Once again, like I said, two great additions!

If you are looking for something for your collection, I strongly recommend checking out Jammin JDcards first. I would be shocked if they didn't have something you need. You can check out their website HERE. And while you are there don't forget to join in on some box breaks as well! Good Luck hunting and as always comments are welcomed!

Upper Deck Card Of The Week: 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Trent Richardson

Brand: Goodwin Champions
Card Number: 96
Card Type: Base Card

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

In today's, What's In The Mail Box?, found was an Upper Deck NPN from 2013 UD Kansas Basketball. It's a gold parallel #'d to 50 of former Jayhawks coach Larry Brown. As always, these Upper Deck NPN mail days are both unexpected and very exciting because you have no clue what you are going to find hidden inside of that envelope.

As always, thoughts are welcomed!

Pawn Stars are looking for you!

Last night while doing my nightly check of my email, I came across an email that caught my eye with the subject line, Pawn Stars TV Show. Now, normally I wouldn't bother opening that kind of email thinking it was spam, but I was curious.

Upon opening the email, I found out that it was the Pawn Stars casting assistant that had contacted me. Once again, I did my research on this and found out that this person was in fact the casting assistant and the company I got the email from, Leftfield Pictures, was in fact the ones who do the show. Wow! Can't believe I just got this email from someone from the very popular TV show on the History Channel!

What was in the email you may ask? She was contacting me to let you guys know of a grand opportunity and one that doesn't always come up. I am here to tell you that Pawn Stars are looking for your unique historical items, sports items and more that you are looking to sell or pawn..ON THE SHOW! All of the information that you need is provided on the flyer (NOTE: Clicking on the flyer enlarges it for easier reading ) to possibly be on the show!
How cool of an opportunity is this? Not to mention how cool of an opportunity it was to be contacted by someone from the show? If you are lucky enough to make it on the show, please let me know! I would be excited to know that I helped spread the word to one of you and you made it!

Topps Card Of The Week: 2011 Topps Von Miller

Brand: Topps
Card Number: 427
Card Type: Rookie Card

Monday, January 27, 2014

Featured NY Giants Card

Jason Pierre Paul
Topps Prime 2013
Card #90


"Looks like I am SHAQing it up tonight!"

Product: 1997-1998 Topps Stadium Club
Card #: 47

Let's hear your CAPTION THIS for this card! (keep it clean, no language too!)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's In The Mail Box?

In today's, What's In The Mail Box?, found was an Upper Deck NPN from 2013 Tiger Woods Master Collection. It's a base card #'d to 200. This is a product that was really high end and something I had no chance of affording or owning a card of. So getting a FREE NPN from it is great. Not to mention, it's the legend Tiger Woods.

As always, these Upper Deck NPN mail days are both unexpected and very exciting because you have no clue what you are going to find hidden inside of that envelope.

Retail Break 'Em: 2013 Topps Update Baseball Hanger Pack

Was once again Puig hunting so came across a rack pack of Topps Update baseball and said, "hey, why not."

In a rack pack or what Topps now calls a Jumbo Pack, you get 36 cards for $4.99. You will find a few scattered rookies, about 6 inserts and 3 special blue border parallels in a Walmart version.  Target has exclusive red border parallels.

Now onto the break:

A good handful of commons

No Puig here!

Exclusive Walmart blue border parallels

4 other inserts. Really like the emerald shiny!

Then these were found and what I have to assume are printing errors. It feels like braille. I like to call them extra blue parallels.

In this break not much was found. A couple of cool designed inserts, some error cards and no Puig. Yet,  the price is still reasonable and you just never know what you could stumble across. I have seen others hit autographs and memorabilia before.

As always your thoughts are welcomed about the cards above or if you have broken any.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em: 2013 Upper Deck Canada Hockey 2 Pack Break

I heard a lot of great things about this product and seen some great pulls as well. So I decided, hey, why not pick up a couple of packs and see what this is all about!

In every pack of Upper Deck Canada hockey, you will find 5 cards. 1 of those cards being a base card Sp.  Each pack will cost you about $3.99 depending on where you buy. You can find some pretty nice autograph cards of stars like Sidney Crosby that are randomly inserted into hobby packs.

Now I didn't hit any autographs, but here is what I did get:

Pack One brought the following:
Upper Deck's amazing photography shines again on these base cards

Sp of Alexandre Burrows

Pack 2 had the following:

Best card I think in the two packs, an Sp of  Nazem Kadri

Overall, nothing to exciting as no hits were found, but what was exciting ,was the photography that Upper Deck used. They definitely know how to capture the game and your attention.

As always, your thoughts are welcomed and would like to hear what you think of this product.

Featured NY Yankees Card

Derek Jeter
Panini Hometown Heroes 2013
Card #92

Hobby Topic

Another post in our new series Hobby Topics. This is not so much a post for us to comment about or give our opinions on, this is your chance to let your voice be heard on a variety of topics in the hobby. We are leaving the floor open to you! So comment away! But please no language and keep your answer clean as we do have a younger following as well.

Today's Topic will be about Redemption Cards

I know there should be some serious feedback about this topic. How do companies fix redemption card problems in your opinion? Which companies are best at turnaround time? Which are worse? How many redemptions are you currently waiting on?

Let's hear your thoughts!

NOTE: All comments will be hidden due to the ongoing contest. I will get them published on here ASAP when you comment. So leave those thoughts!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Whats In The Mailbox?

A few days ago I was approached by a fan who had a card that he wanted to know if I was interested in or if I knew of someone who would be.

Now usually I am not one for trading. For one, I like to keep what I got and hate to lose pieces. For two, since my PC is so wide open, it would have to be something overly tempting for me to jump. For three, trust is the biggest factor of all. If you approach me about a trade and I don't know you, I will most likely not trade with you.

However, when Jonathan Hoffman asked me if I was interested in this card:

I couldn't turn that down. Jonathan fit the bill for all three of my rules above as well. So we made the trade. He is a huge Frank Thomas collector so I mailed him a good handful for his PC and he mailed me this David Wilson 2012 Topps Triple Threads Gold Parallel #'d to 25. It was a great trade and one that fit both of our collections.

I would like to give Jonathan a huge thanks for the trade and if you know him on Twitter and haven't traded with him, you should. Great trader and ships fast. 

As always thoughts on my mail days are always welcomed.

Results from the latest Jammin JDcards Box Break

In the latest round of Jammin JDcard breaks, they broke Elite Series basketball 2012-2013, Totally Certified Football 2013 and Select Football 2013. Once again, nice results and the Select football had some goooolllddd show up.

Now onto the results:

Elite Series Basketball 2012-2013

D Rose 44/99
Eric Gordon 83/90
Kemba Walker 17/85

Now onto the Totally Certified Football 2013:

Christian Ponder 98/99
Ryan Mathews 98/99
Bjoern Werner 388/499
Ryan Mathews 245/299
Tyler Wilson 28/99
Champ Bailey 081/299
Jordan Cameron Redemption /299 

 And finally onto the Select Football 2013 results that proved to be GOLDEN:

Nick Kasa 120/499
Jack Doyle 249/499
Ryan Nassib 078/399
And now time for some gooooooolllddd!
Jerome Bettis 03/10
If you like what you see here and haven't yet given Jammin JDcards breaks a try, please do. Good prices, great shipping time and customer service and big hits waiting to happen. You can find out what breaks are next right HERE. Good luck if you give them a try and let me know what you hit!

Hobby Break 'Em: 2010 Topps UFC Hobby Pack

Once in awhile it's nice to dive into another sport just to try it out. Now UFC isn't something I watch nor do I truly collect the cards, but I find part of the hobby fun is to dive in and give other sports a try.

In a pack of 2010 Topps UFC you will find 8 cards per pack and usually runs about $2.99 a pack. You will find 6 base cards, sometimes 7 and one gold parallel (or other colored parallel) that's thick, similar to how Bowman used to put gold parallels into their baseball products, per pack.

Thick as gold! Other than the thickness and slight touch of gold this is no different than a base card. I do like the fact that Topps included these in the product. Makes it harder for those pack searchers!!

I really liked this insert and it's of Chuck Lidell, can't go wrong there!
Overall, not a bad break. The Lidell was a sweet hit. And it was very well designed. 

As always comments are welcomed!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sport Card Collectors Super Bowl 48 Contest

Welcome to Sport Card Collectors Super Bowl 48 Contest! As with most of the contests I hold on here, it will involve a challenge as the deciding factor on who wins.

Before telling you how to enter, I will inform you of your prizes:

1 Blue Binder, ! 100 Ct box of 9 Pocket sheets and a package of Card Sleeves made possible by our friends at BCW Supplies! Make sure to go and thank them for their generosity!!

Russell Wilson inserts, autograph of Denver DT Marcus Thomas, Player Of The Day card of Peyton Manning and a Topps Chrome X-Factor of Richard Sherman

4 gold parallel numbered to 2011 rookie inserts of Cameron Heyward, Rob Housler, Ryan Kerrigan and Corey Luigit.

Now onto the rules on how to enter....

1. You MUST BE A U.S. Resident to enter. Sorry, shipping reasons.
2. Pick the winner of Super Bowl 48
3. Pick the total score for Super Bowl 48 WITHOUT GOING OVER
4. As a Tie Breaker, pick Super Bowl MVP
5. Second Tie Breaker, pick how many yards Peyton Manning will throw for

The person who picks the winner and score WITHOUT going over and tiebreakers (if needed) wins.

So your answers should look like this:
Peyton Manning

Your entries are due by February 2nd 2014 by 6:00 pm e.t.

By not following all of the rules, your entry will not count. 

Note:all entries will be hidden until after the contest

If you are new to this blog, PLEASE make sure you follow on Twitter, Facebook, subscribe to it, or become a member. Just make sure you check in on when the winner is announced. Winners have 7 days to claim their prize after announcement. So many prizes have been lost from newbies entering then never coming back. Not to mention, all of the sports card information, reviews and other contests you might miss out on as well in the future! Make sure to keep in contact!

Good luck to everyone who enters! And if you want my opinion on the Super Bowl, I have Denver winning (sorry Seahawk fans) 27-17.

Featured NY Giants Card

Tiki Barber
Pinnacle Inside 1997 (RC)
Card # 121